iOS is created and developed by Apple Inc. It is a mobile operating system that has exclusive hardware. iOS is the Operating System that controls many of the company’s Mobile devices, including the iPod Touch and iPhone. IOS is the second most popular operating system globally after Android.

ARKit 2 in iOS 12

ARKit 2 is the game-changing innovation of iOS 12. It has changed the entire AR app demand with many access features where the same AR object or environment can be shared by many users all at once. So, with multiplayer now you can have all sorts of shared experiences with devices that can either be local or in the cloud. ARKit 2 is not only for gaming but also can be used for purposes like Viewing digital art projects, education, innovations, retail advertising, shared-world experiences. It is the beginning of the integration of large-scale AR experience and stepping towards a level into the future of digital reality. The current apple statement has stated that 53% of users have installed iOS 12. If you need to begin an AR app then you have to be an expert in iOS 12 development.

 iOS App Security

iOS is considered a common secure platform and there are some powerful reasons for such a claim. The fixed OS updates are one of the main methods that Apple holds its device and apps secure from all cyber attacks. Apple has an advantage over Android as there are limited users and they decline to download updates. Apple has full power over how their device and iOS work together while Android has many devices to take into account while making any changes to their OS, increasing chances of error.

Launch of Swift 5

Swift 5 is one of the most sought-after trends in iOS development. Since this version of Swift was announced, iOS developers are passionate about the booming version of the most popular iOS programming languages. There are many new articles in this version but the key point is ABI (Application Binary Interface). Older articles of Swift 4 like easier string implementation, the continuance of Unicode correctness, archiving and serialization and compiler support till Swift 3.2 will be continued. With the introduction of Swift 5, it is essential to choose iOS app developers with knowledge of the latest Swift app development.

Like to build your startup?

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