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ASP.NET MVC offers you a strong, patterns-focused method to create dynamic websites which enables a clean separation of concerns. Hence it offers you the entire control over markup for agile development. ASP.NET MVC comprises of numerous features which enable quick, TDD- friendly development for building advanced applications which utilize the updated web standards. Each and every topic is handled in such a way that not only beginners but also professional software developers discover lot of interest in exploiting from the extensive knowledge offered by FITA.

Understand the advantages of MVC design
Obtain adequate knowledge on role of Model, Controller, and View in combining them in order to build entire web application
Know how the Routing API maps appeals to action methods in controller
Study how you can reuse code giving HTML using the custom HTML helper methods
Developing custom model binders for classic conditions in which the built-in default binders are not usable
Applying and understanding validation framework for both the client and server validations
Generating CRUD operations and access data with LINQ and entity framework.
Execute security in ASP.NET MVC applications
Build views that are compatible for mobiles
Compress output with minification and bundling features
Build service centric RESTful services with web API feature of ASP.NET MVC
Run automated testing of web applications which are developed using ASP.NET MVC
Deploy and create ASP.NET MVC application to the production server

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