Introduction To PHP

The current version of PHP is PHP 7.0. PHP was created in 1994. PHP 7.0 was released in 2015. PHP is used to script the server-side. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is used to create dynamic websites. Before you learn PHP you should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The extension of PHP is “.php”. PHP is OSS. PHP scripts are runs on the server. PHP creates static and dynamic pages. PHP has a several platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X. Apache and IIS servers are used. PHP sites are very effective and dynamic. PHP supports MySQL database. PHP is an OOPS. PHP supports more frameworks. Mostly used frameworks are Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii2, Zend Framework, Phalcon. PHP is used to create a webpage API’s. The syntax of PHP is <?php ?>. PHP file has support HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX. The more you learn through PHP Training in Chennai, the more knowledge you can explore.

Introduction To HTML

HTML is used to create static websites. HTML calls HyperText Markup Language. HTML is used to create a tables, list, links, and symbols.

Introduction To CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS new version is CSS 3. CSS is used to written a style sheet in an HTML. CSS is a style sheet markup language. It has made PHP Course in Chennai a course of high demand. There is more value among retailers for PHP.


JavaScript is an open source and it is a cross-platform language. JavaScript validates the client and server side. The advanced version of JavaScript is JQuery. JQuery was simplified JavaScript language.

Introduction To AJAX

AJAX is used to without reloading the webpage. It is a server-side call. The brief explanation of AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is used to transfer the plain text or JSON text. AJAX Send the request to the server. PHP Traininghas wider knowledge imparting system.

PHP 7.0 Installation

  • Web host with PHP and MySQLi
  • Web servers XAMPP, WAMP, SAMP, and LAMP.

Current Versions Of PHP

  • Current versions of PHP is 7.0.x and 7.1.x. PHP 7.0 Updates shown below
  • Scalar type
  • Return type declarations
  • Anonymous classes
  • Generator delegation
  • Generator return expressions
  • Code Editors for PHP
  • Sublime Text
  • Notepad++
  • Dreamweaver
  • jEdit
The sublime text editor is the powerful editor to develop PHP. PHP doesn’t have the specific IDE’S. It has made PHP Course in Chennai a course of high demand. There is more value among retailers for PHP. PHP 7.0 has the many updated. Also, it has the many features. Know more about PHP 7.0 Updates through PHP Training Institute in Chennai.