According to a recent Forbes report, many global organizations have increased their investments in big data analytics and most of them have felt that it is an important step. Hadoop skills are in heavy demand in the job market as the organizations want to keep them in update and trend with other organizations. There are a lot of chances that in future many more companies might exploit this technology. We have entered into a digital world where data is scaling every single second. Data is produced by every digital process and media platforms. The amount of data that is being created and stored on the global basis is so big that it is unimaginable. Hadoop, though a sophisticated framework, it is a technology that can be trusted. It is also known for its cost sensitivity and is a scalable open source alternative to other commercial options.

 Many companies like Facebook, Twitter and eBay are using terabytes to analyze data. There is a huge demand for big data and Hadoop developers, Learn Hadoop Training in Chennai to become an expert.  The main functions of Hadoop are maintenance, error handling and security. The market or industry is not something that is short lived. Therefore there will be a continuous demand for Hadoop developers. It is necessary to add on to one’s profile Hadoop skills in order to move to the next level. There is a bigger necessity to accommodate exponentially increasing amounts of data (processing, storage, analysis). It contains progressively cost-prohibitive pricing models imposed by established IT vendors.

Yahoo tops among the international companies who are hiring trained and certified Hadoop developers with industry knowledge. The other giant companies that are in search of Hadoop professionals are Google, Tata, LinkedIn, Oracle etc. Hadoop has the capabilities of improving job value for both fresher’s and experienced.

The Hindu survey has shown that there can be a huge shortage for Hadoop specialists. This indicates that the demand and requirement for this position are too high. This also shows the scope for Hadoop and Big data training. If one undergoes Hadoop training in Chennai at a certified institution then there are lots of opportunities waiting for him/her.

Companies that are hiring Hadoop professionals are looking for various roles like Product managers, Hadoop Developers, Database Administrators, Team Leads, Software testers, Senior Hadoop developers, Engineers and professionals with operating skills. Thus, there is a plenty of job opportunities in the field of Hadoop. Some companies are even rebuilding their search engines with the help of Hadoop technology. As a result, they are looking forward to hiring more people with skills to support the search process. On the other hand, some companies are also looking for people with work experience on Open Stack with Hadoop as one of the key requirements.