Internet of things {IOT}, Information security analyst, IT consultant, and network architect and cloud engineer are the top five CCNA jobs as per the CIO survey. On a constant basis, the IT industry is facing drastic changes and bringing in specifications in each platform.  So, Computer training institutes with quality training are the need of the hour as the software industry is inclined to the training in new technologies.

The aforesaid all the IT jobs require networking skills as a part of their work. Let me see how networking is associated with these job profiles. So, as like the saying goes that “a thousand miles of the journey starts with one step” the vast learning of the software starts from basic level to the advanced level courses. There are 3 paths in the networking such as CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, and CCNA wireless. CCNA certification is meant for the beginners in the networking industry whereas CCNP certification is meant for the experienced professional in the networking industry. Let me discuss in detail about Top five Jobs in the Software Industry as of the year 2018.

IOT Technology

As per the Gartner report, 20.4 billion IOT devices will be connected in the year 2020. The skills required for IoT technology understand the IOT sensors, communicative chips, communication gateways, cloud management, security, and domain knowledge to track the problems in the IOT. IOT requires the device knowledge and cloud knowledge. Python programming knowledge is required to manage the IOT server. C, C++ knowledge is required for the device programming. So, IOT job demands for software and hardware. IoT Training in Chennai at FITA provides the in-depth training of the IoT concepts with certification. To secure the IOT devices the knowledge of IOT architecture, attacks, analyzing the risk factor, practical hacking sessions, the Knowledge of the connected products, database knowledge, and networking knowledge are required. Since IOT is about electronic devices the knowledge about IOT ecosystem like led, switch, registers, capacitors and so on are required.

Information Security Analyst

The job of information security analyst is to prevent the computer networks from hackers without stealing the critical information. The information security analyst primary job is to analyze the security of the data of the organization. There is so many software to secure the data like firewalls and data encryption. The job of the information security analyst is to prepare the reports regarding the breaches, research security trends, suggest the best practices to the organization, the knowledge of the new security products and procedures. This job also requires the networking knowledge to some extent. certified ethical hacker {CEH}, Cisco CCIE security certification, Certified information security manager {CISM}, and compita security+ are some of the courses available for the information security analyst.

IT Consultant

IT consultants should have sound knowledge in all the systems and improve the organizational structure of the organization. The job skills demand for the leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, a logical approach to problem-solving skills, fast learning, decision-making capacity, presentation skills, customer service skills, organizational skills, communicate technical information to non-IT clients, colleagues, flexibility and adaptability, and time management skills. Project management professional {PMP}, CISCO certified network associate {CCNA}, International information systems certification consortium {CISSP} and Information systems audit and control Associate {ISACA} are some of the certification available in the market for the IT consultants. CCNA is one of the courses recommended for the IT Consultant.

Network Architect

Cisco CCIE collaboration certificate, CISCO CCIE data center certification, Cisco CCIE routing and switching certification are some of the courses for the network architect. The knowledge of LAN, WAN is required for the network architect. Google, Facebook, Cisco, Microsoft are some of the famous companies where the demand for the network architect exists.

Cloud Engineer

AWS certified SysOps administrator, Cisco CCNA, certified cloud security professional {CCSP}, AWS, Azure, Google, VM Ware and certified information system security professional {CISSP} are some of the certificates available in the market for cloud engineers. AWS Training in Chennai at FITA trains the students with various certifications in the AWS Cloud platform with placement support. Financial skills, technical skills, business skills, project management skills, contract and vendor negotiation, security, database knowledge, android app development are some of the skills needed for a cloud engineer. The technical skills include the internet capabilities, programming skills, knowledge of virtualization and knowledge to use different tools for the deployment.


Networking skills form the base for many technologies like IOT, cloud, ethical hacking, security analyst, consultants and for network architect. So, taking up the CCNA Course will prepare you for the future jobs with the help of this article  Top five Jobs in the Software Industry as of the year 2018.