Today is one of the special days in the history of China and tech world. Chinese news broadcaster called Xinhua has launched an AI-based news anchor that can be live 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The news anchor will tirelessly read news from anywhere in the world. The broadcaster has synched the voice and created a digital image of a news anchor which mimics a real-life anchor who used to report the news. Here comes the Trending News In Artificial Intelligence.

The AI-based broadcaster was presented at an international internet conference held at China.  While Tech communities are happy with the possibilities and the wider application of artificial intelligence many countries are worried about the technological dominance of China.

Even though artificial intelligence was first adopted by Tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook, now AI is rapidly adopted by other industries like pharma, manufacturing sector. The world is rapidly moving towards more and more Artificial intelligence based systems from Robots that serve food to automated AI based news anchor that can read news from the text that is fed. While Artificial Intelligence might lead to job cuts in many domains, it can certainly create a number of jobs for people who are skilled in artificial intelligence programming and development. Some of the large companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft use AI heavily on many of their internal and commercial applications. You can learn and create AI-based applications using Python and R Analytics.