Web applications and websites are an interesting place where many innovative changes can be made. We can also see continuous changes in the trends of these web applications. But to understand these changes and be a good web developer on needs to have PHP Training in Chennai.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the spinal cord of today’s modern world and the technological advancements happening in it. It is the technology of future that has started making its way now itself. The future of technology is basically dependent on the field of artificial intelligence. In any industry you take, any technological advancement that is thought to be implemented, the first factor that is thought upon is Artificial Intelligence. Many top companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence techniques and incorporating these into their websites. They have understood that better the website becomes the more impressive the client becomes. Learn, Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai, it helps to gain more knowledge and necessary skills in the field of AI.

Virtual Reality

Like Artificial Intelligence, even Virtual Reality is a technology that can take anything to the next level. Companies like Mozilla and Google have started their work on APIs to implement VR technology to the web applications. When the technology improves, we tend to expect more from websites and web applications to be developed using this technology. We could find many websites with the implementation of this VR technology.

Internet Of Things

Internet of things is something in which, network connectivity is given to non-internet connected elements. This is done to send and receive data. Toaster, sensors on motors and sensors embedded in concrete to detect issues in it. Even though web developers are not directly involved in the creation of these devices, they take part in the development of applications that utilize, analyze and display such devices’ data. Buglabs and Xively have started working on APIs which can be used to communicate with IoT devices by the web developers. Web developers will face numerous challenges in regards to security of these applications.

Static Website Generators

Static website generators build websites from the plain text which are stored in files and not in databases. Sometimes static websites are very much beneficial in different factors. Certain generators like Jekyll let us enjoy some advantages like security, increased speed, handling of traffic surges and ease of deployment. APIs have become a much integrative part of the web and have made it easy for content deployment. This is the main reason many web developers feel this might be an interesting area to work on. All these web developers are trained through PHP Course in Chennai.


The trends in the design of websites have evolved a lot. The trend has affected factors like interface, typography and engaging content. When talking about interface many prefer some kind of movement based interfaces in the websites they use. It can be more fun and interesting to use such websites. Tracking.js can be considered for this purpose. Typography needs to be bolder. And last but not least, people prefer to watch content that is more engaging like videos and visuals that can convey stories.

These trends have brought in quite a lot of changes in the websites we use daily. It makes it more engaging. These trends have proved that the demand for PHP Training Institute in Chennai is really high.