Advanced Excel Training in Chennai

advanced excel VBA 2013 2016 training chennai

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tool to manage your data and make your work easier. Everyone from a Managers to business owners to scientists use Excel to manage and analyze data. Though most of us use Excel in day to day work, mastering Excel would enable you to get so much more done faster. Excel lets you to get away from walls of numbers and draw more persuasive pictures of your data. Better data visualization and understanding of data helps to make better business decisions. Whether you are new to Excel or an intermediate Excel user, Advanced Excel Training in Chennai offered at FITA will transform you to a Excel power user.

Levels of Excel Courses:

  • Level 1: Basic Excel Training
  • Level 2: Intermediate Excel Training
  • Level 3: Advanced Excel Training

Intermediate Excel Training Course Syllabus:

Advanced Excel Training Course Syllabus:

What makes the Excel Course offered at FITA unique? Excel Training in Chennai at FITA is filled with lots of data and tons of real time examples that will master you into a Pro.

Excel Training Course Fee varies based on the level. Please contact us for details.