Freshers Job Opening – 2014 & 2015 Passouts

Freshers Opening

Number of Positions: 50

Salary: 3.5 Lakh per Annum

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What is Hadoop – An Introduction to Big Data Hadoop

Hadoop was created out of necessity as the data from web exploded and ramped high beyond the ability to store in traditional systems. Hadoop is a open source software which enables processing of large set of data by distributing them among various systems and various locations. Hadoop is capable of handling not only of storing, processing & analyzing of hundreds of terabytes of data ,but it can even handle petabytes of data generated.

Hadoop introduced a new method of storing, processing and analyzing data in cloud rather than relying on hardware & physical systems. In short we can say, NO DATA is BIG for HADOOP to handle. So Hadoop helps major organizations to find meaningful data out of terabytes of data which was considered useless previously

Key Components in Hadoop:
Hadoop Common: This module contain basic & common utilities used by other modules in Hadoop
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS): A distributed File system which provide access to application data. It spans across all the nodes in the Hadoop cluster and links together to make them a big file systems.

Hadoop Yarn: Yet Another Resource Navigator. It assigns the storage space, CPU to all the applications running on the Hadoop cluster. This module of Hadoop acts as a Scheduler.

Hadoop MapReduce: A YARN based distributed processing for large set of data.

Benefits of Hadoop:
Meaning Data from All type of Source : The main benefit of Hadoop is its capability to analyse all kinds of data – structured,unstructured, image, audio, video etc from any sources like drivers, tab, laptop, desktop regardless of it native format. Eventhough different unrelated data are stored; Hadoop can fetch meaningful insights from this raw data and can help organizations with valuable analytics.

Data Available forever:
Rather than storing large set of data in multiple server which is an expensive and complicated mode of data storage, it is made easy with Hadoop because the entire set of data is stored online. Storing data online not only make it inexpensive but it make the data available for retrieval anytime even after multiple decades.

Hadoop – Helping Hand for Enterprises:
Data grows rapidly these days and about 90% of these data generated are surveyed to be unstructured data. These unstructured data is no way helpful for any enterprise. This is an era of HADOOP and its time for enterprises to give thought for better data storage & analytics. Hadoop can put right data in right systems and can help enterprises to grow their business using this data.
Hadoop professionals are in high demand these days. FITA is the best Hadoop training centre in Chennai offering multiple levels of training on Hadoop – Admin, Developer & consultant. Get trained on Hadoop and take a great step forward in career.

If you are looking for Hadoop Training in Chennai to formally launch your career in Hadoop industry, please call 98417-46595

What to Learn for Freshers – Top Technologies to Learn for Freshers

There are abundant openings available for freshers skilled in the below technologies. The conceptual knowledge on the technology and the logical thinking ability to implement the requirement will definitely gain you a good position in a reputed organization. Especially people with excellent domain knowledge are considered as the competent resources in IT industry. But getting a right kind of talent is always a key challenge for any IT company may be a small or bigger one. So we at FITA provide industry oriented training for all IT technologies there by bridging the gap between the academics and industry requirement.

As per NASSCOM report, fresher’s skilled on below technologies are critically required man power by IT industry for at least next 5 years.

Job Openings for Freshers

DATA Scientists: Dealing with million tons of data, analyzing the input data collected, applying statistical research methodology to the collected data & producing result oriented, revenue generating business model – altogether being a Data Scientists is not only a trendy job today but also provides huge career opportunity and growth.

Cloud/Virtualisation: Cloud computing is ideally a business process that resulted as the evolution and adoption of existing other technologies. The main achievement of cloud computing is, it takes benefits of all the other technologies , so any one working on cloud computing is expected just to have enough knowledge and not always required to be an expert in one particular technology. Cloud facilitates the business by letting down the cost and resolving many IT obstacles like infrastructure, Data storage etc.,

Mobile Applications: Mobile Application development involves developing application software for handheld devices like tablet, smart phones etc., The application software developed can be pre-installed/downloaded on these portable devices which enable the user to access the product/services offered by any company at ease. Mobile App development has been growing steadily and 2014 analyst report states that there are about 5,29,000 job opening across the world for people who have undergone training on android, ios etc.,

Platform Engineering: The focus of Platform Engineering is solely to improve the capacity & flexibility for any development organization, rather than handling simple and unimportant issues. This platform engineering creates more transparency in term of process for the organization by simplifying engineering communication and providing data analytics. Data analyst are high demand in existing job market as they analyze data in multiple facets and approaches ,  applying diverse technique in multiple science, social and business domains.

User Experience Design: Mobile phones and computers has become integral part of life these days. With rapid growth & usage of smart phones, the User experience design also called UXD,UED is considered highly important. This UXD is a process of enhancing your customer satisfaction by improving the usability, look and feel, ease of handling etc., In simple words one can say that UXD helps and improves Human Computer Interaction by using graphics, animations, visual design etc., Undergoing User Experience Design training and getting skilled on it definitely fetch a high paying job.

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