Manual Testing Training in Chennai

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Manual testing is the process of testing the software to identify the defects without the usage of any automation tools. There are various stages of manual testing like Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing and User acceptance or customer acceptance testing. Manual Testing Training in Chennai at FITA aims at mastering the students with the terminologies and the process of manual testing.
Manual Testing Course Syllabus:
1. Introduction

2. Introduction To Testing
– Why Testing
– Verification And Validation

WaterFall Model
V-Model Of Testing
Agile Model

4. Test Strategy & Planning
a. Test Strategy
b. Test Planning
c. Test Design
d. Test Execution
e. Test Reporting

5. Defect Tracking

6. Defect Life Cycle

7. Defect Types

8. Defect Categorization
a. Guidelines On Deciding The Security Of A Defect
b. Guidelines On Deciding The Priority Of Bug

9. Cost Of Quality

10. Defect Management Tools

11. Software Testing Techniques
a. Static Testing
b. Dynamic Testing
I. White Box Testing/ Structure Testing
II. Black Box Testing

12. Types Of Testing
a. Functional Testing
i. Unit Testing
ii. Integration Testing
iii. Smoke Testing
iv. System Testing
v. Regression Testing
vi. User Acceptance Testing
vii. Globalization Testing
viii. Localization Testing

b. Non Functional Testing
i. Performance Testing
ii. Compatibility Testing
iii. Data Migration Testing
iv. Data Conversion Testing
v. Security/Penetration Testing
vi. Usability Testing
vii. Install/Un-Install Testing

13. Automation Testing
a. Introduction
b. Why Test Automation
i. Automation Feasibility Analysis
ii. Planning And Design
iii. Test Environment Setup
iv. Automation Script Generation
v. Test Execution
vi. Defect Analysis & Fixing
c. Cost Involved In Automation
d. Automation Applied To Different Types Of Testing

14. Testing Terminology

15. Common Terms In Software Testing

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