AngularJS Developer Salary for Freshers

angular developer salary in india

Angular is a JavaScript framework that helps you build web applications. It provides an easy way of building single page applications (SPA) and mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. AngularJS is the open source version of Angular. You can use it as a front end development tool or as a backend solution. Angular developers are paid more than other types of software engineers because they have to work on complex projects with high-level programming skills.

AngularJS is a popular open-source JavaScript framework for developing Single Page Applications. AngularJS is used by several large web companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. AngularJS developer salary in India is comparatively high when compared to other countries. AngularJS jobs in India are currently in high demand due to the increasing popularity of this technology. 

Now you can be sure that AngularJS Training In Chennai at FITA Academy can help you understand the reason why an AngularJS training has become so crucial. This article will help you understand what an AngularJS developer does, how much they earns, and how they work in India.

Salary Trends of angular js developer salary in india

India is one of the most promising markets for angular js developers because of its growing IT sector and its increasing demand for software solutions. Angular js developers are in high demand across the globe. They are expected to grow at a rate of 19% over the next four years.

The world of technology is evolving rapidly day by day, and it seems like there is no stopping. As per the latest report, the demand for Angular developers is growing exponentially. This is because, according to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, almost half of the respondents are willing to work for companies that use Angular.

Salary Range Based On Different Companies

AngularJS development is in high demand these days as the framework has emerged as one of the most popular choices for building web applications. The demand for AngularJS developers is likely to increase further in the coming years, given that many large companies are already leveraging it in their projects. An Expert guide from AngularJS Online Course will be an advantage for you. The course will help you learn everything about AngularJS.  Here is an approximate salary range based on different companies shown below:

angular developer salary in india

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework that is gaining in popularity. As this demand for AngularJS developers increases, it will be important to have a guide like this one to help you learn the framework and find jobs.

Salary Range Based On Work Experience

AngularJS is used by millions of developers across the globe to build complex, scalable and interactive web applications. AngularJS has gained popularity due to its scalability and modularity. AngularJS developer salary range based on work experience in India vary from company to company, but here is approximated value show below:

angular js developer salary in india

Salary range based on skills

AngularJS is a popular web application development framework that is used by developers to build dynamic and interactive websites. The AngularJS developer salary range based on skills can be as follows: 

angular js salary in india

To gain the skills to become developer, Tutorials will teach you all the features in Angular JS and how to use them. If you are a web developer and want to learn more about this framework, then this AngularJS Tutorial is for you.

Different Roles of Angularjs Developer explain each in brief:

Front End Developer- A frontend developer works on the user interface of your application. He/she develops the look and feel of the website. A good frontend developer should be able to create responsive websites which adapt to different screen sizes.

Frontend developers also need to know about HTML, CSS, and some basic knowledge of JavaScript. In addition to these skills, they must have excellent communication skills. Even you can get JavaScript Training In Chennai so that you can become a developer and work on the frontend. Nowadays, JavaScript is becoming an important tool in many fields of development.

Back End Developer- Backend developers develop the back end of the application. They write code that interacts with the database. They also set up APIs that allow third party developers to integrate their services into your app.

They usually require extensive experience in Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, etc.

UI Developer– UI Developers are responsible for creating the user interfaces of the application. They design the layout of the screens and make sure all the elements fit together nicely.

UI developers also need to know HTML, CSS, and a little bit of JavaScript.

Data Engineer-Data Engineers are responsible for designing data structures and algorithms that store information in databases. They also ensure that the data is well organized so that it can be easily retrieved.

Data engineers often need to know SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.

Mobile App Developer– Mobile apps are becoming more important than desktop applications. The mobile market is growing very fast, and people are using smartphones to access the internet.

As a result, many businesses are now looking for mobile app developers who can build native or hybrid mobile apps.

These apps need to run smoothly on both Android and iOS devices.

Web Designer- Web designers are responsible for making sure that your site looks professional. They also help you choose colors and fonts that will complement your brand.

If you want to become a web designer, then you need to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.

UX Designer– UX Designers are responsible for ensuring that the users get what they expect from your product. They also help you understand how people interact with your product.

UX designers need to know about usability testing, prototyping, wireframing, etc.

QA Analyst- QA Analysts test software before it goes live. They check whether the software has bugs or not.

In order to become a QA analyst, you need to have strong analytical skills. You also need to be comfortable working independently.

Software Tester- Software testers use automated tools to find bugs in the software. They verify if the software functions as expected.

In order to become a software tester, you need to have programming skills. You also need an understanding of computer science concepts like object oriented programming (OOP), functional programming, etc.

From the above different roles you will have clear idea now. So to get to work with above roles AngularJS Training in Bangalore can be the best choice for you. And you will get trained with the help of our expert AngularJS trainers. We have trained many students from , which will help you in getting the required knowledge to apply.

What Skills Does an Angular Developer Need?

Angular is one of the most popular front-end development platforms for building web applications. As such, it’s important to understand what makes up an Angular developer. There are three main components to an Angular developer:

  • Angular programming skills.
  • Angular developer skills.
  • Marketable skills.

The first component includes the ability to write Angular code. This involves knowing the language syntax and best practices. In addition, there are some specific skills necessary to build Angular apps. For example, developers must know about data binding and dependency injection. They also need to understand Angular directives, templates, and pipes.

The second component is related to being able to help others use Angular. A good Angular developer needs to be able to communicate effectively and explain concepts clearly. Additionally, they should be able to work well in teams. Finally, Angular developers must have a working knowledge of the framework itself.

The third component is related to marketing yourself as a great candidate for employment. Companies want people who have the right skills, and those skills translate into job offers. To do this, Angular developers need to make sure they demonstrate mastery of the above topics.

What Do Angular Developer Responsibilities Look Like?

As mentioned earlier, Angular developers are responsible for creating high quality web applications. Therefore, they need to possess strong technical skills. However, they also need to be able to communicate their ideas to other team members. The following responsibilities are common among Angular developers:

  • Create reusable modules
  • Write unit tests
  • Implement design patterns
  • Use version control software
  • Collaborate on projects with other developers
  • Work within a team environment
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand the business requirements

Beginner tips for angularjs developer in brief

  • Learn from experts- If you want to learn AngularJS, then you can start learning from the experts. It is better to learn from someone who has been using AngularJS for a long time. Moreover, if you are willing to learn from someone who is already employed at a top company, then you can contact them directly.
  • Start small- When starting out, it is recommended that you start with smaller projects. You can choose your own project or you can join a community based project. If you decide to create your own project, then you can start with a simple application.
  • Get started- You don’t need any prior experience to get started with AngularJS. All you need is a computer and internet connection. You can simply download the AngularJS library and start coding.
  • Read documentation- Documentation is very important when developing a new app. It helps you to avoid making mistakes while writing code. Documentation will guide you through all the steps involved in building a web application.
  • Practice- Practice makes perfect. So, practice is very important when learning anything new. You can either go online or enroll in a training course.
  • Join a community- Joining a community is another way to learn. There are many communities available where you can ask questions and share experiences.
  • Build something useful- It is always good to build something useful. When you are building something useful, you are more likely to remember what you learned during the process.
  • Keep learning- Learning never stops. Even after completing your education, there is still so much to learn. You can read books, watch videos, attend conferences, etc.
  • Be patient- Learning AngularJS takes some time. But once you master it, you will feel like an expert.
  • Share your knowledge- AngularJS is a popular technology today. So, sharing your knowledge about AngularJS will benefit you. This will help others to learn as well.

Beginner-level angular js interview question and answers you should know

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based MVC framework that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to its simplicity and unobtrusiveness. If you are looking for an MVC framework to learn, AngularJS is a good place to start. Here, we will provide you with some beginner-level AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers that you should know to prepare for your next AngularJS interview.

What is AngularJS and its key features?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used to build large scale, single page web applications, especially those with complex data models. It provides developers with tools to write code that works across multiple browsers without having to worry about browser differences. AngularJS uses a Model View Controller (MVC) approach, where the HTML serves as the view and directives control how it looks and behaves. This makes it possible to separate presentation logic from functionality.

The following are some of the key features of AngularJS:

Testable – AngularJS allows you to test your views easily and quickly. You can either mock out dependencies or use a testing library such as Jasmine.

Directives – AngularJS lets you add custom behavior to HTML elements. These are called directives. They allow you to do things like display comments next to a paragraph, change the color of text based on whether it’s bolded, or even insert images into a document.

Cross Browser – AngularJS is compatible with most modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+ and Opera.

Easy To Use – AngularJS is designed to make developing web apps easier. In addition to providing many useful features, it also includes a lot of built-in support for common tasks. For example, there is automatic binding between properties and values in objects. There is built-in support for validating forms and displaying error messages. And there are built-in mechanisms for routing and navigation.

Maintainable – AngularJS encourages good coding practices by allowing you to organize your code logically into modules. Modules provide encapsulation and help keep your code organized.

What are scopes in AngularJS?

Scopes are very important in AngularJS applications. In fact, they’re one of the most powerful features of AngularJS. They allow you to organize code into logical groups. This makes it easier to manage large projects and understand what each piece does.

Scope is just another word for “model.” A scope represents a single instance of an object. For example, if you had a list of people, you might use a scope to represent that person. Each scope contains a collection of properties that define how the object looks and behaves. These properties are called attributes.

You’ll notice that we’ve already talked about controllers. Controllers contain functions that modify the state of the model. When you want to display information, you call those functions in the template.

So far, everything we’ve seen has been pretty basic. But now let’s talk about something really cool: directives. Directives are special types of expressions that tell AngularJS how to build HTML. We’ll take a look at some common directives later on.

What are services in AngularJS?

Services are singletons that provide functionality to applications. They are often used to organize or share common pieces of code across multiple controllers. Services are injected into controllers via DI. This allows you to use the same piece of code in different parts of your application without having to write it twice.

AngularJS comes with several built-in services, such as $http, $timeout, $rootScope, etc., but most developers build their own custom ones. For example, I might want to share some data between my controller and directive. Or maybe I want to cache certain information for performance reasons. These are things that I don’t necessarily want to repeat in every part of my application. So I’ll create a service that encapsulates those bits of logic.

What is factory in AngularJS?

Factory is one of the most important concepts in AngularJS. Factory is a very powerful tool to reuse code across applications. In this article, we are going to discuss about what is factory in AngularJS and how to use factory in our application.

Which browsers are AngularJS compatible?

This is essentially a trick question because AngularJS is compatible with most modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Opera, Android Browser and iOS Safari. However, it does not work with older versions of IE, such as 9 or 10. If you answered this question incorrectly, you could receive negative points.

You can also list all of browsers when you answer this questions. For example, you could say something like: “AngularJS works in all modern browsers except Internet Explorer 8”.

If you’re looking for a quick way to gain some points, try answering this question correctly.

Knowing AngularJS can help you land a job in the tech industry. If you are looking for a job that uses AngularJS, FITA Academy can help you find the perfect opportunity. Do your research and be prepared to answer AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers. Then get ready for the AngularJS Interview process and get the best Angular Jobs in Chennai to become familiar with the industry trends so you can secure a job before anyone else does.

End Summary 

AngularJS is by far the most used frontend framework. As such, there are many job offers out there for people familiar with Angular. However, before starting your job search, it is important to know what salary you can expect to earn as a new AngularJS Developer. However, Angularjs Developer Salary for Freshers varies depending on where you live and how much experience you have. The best way to determine your salary potential is to search online or contact companies that are hiring Angular developers.

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