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Are you looking for a kick-start in the IT sector? Then do not forget to enroll yourself in AngularJS Training in Bangalore, which is the most predominant course among IT companies.


FITA has the finest trainers picked out from the industry to assist our students. We prefer students to be more proficient in the course hence; our trainers update them from time-to-time.

Knowledge is valued when you get a job to evolve and recreate yourself. Thus, our institute has tie-up with 550+ companies to provide you with placement assistance.

As our faculties are industrial expertise, you will be getting real-time scenario as examples that may be helpful during the time of interview.

At FITA, we offer JavaScript Training as a complimentary course, which will be helpful once you enter the industry. Hence, your scope of opportunity extends to both JavaScript and AngularJS after the completion of AngularJS Training in Bangalore.

Our trainers test your understanding regularly in order to clarify the doubts, which you might have left unnoticed during the sessions. FITA is ranked as the leading AngularJS Training Institute in Bangalore with excellent trainers.

Course Description

AngularJS is used as front-end Model View Controller (MVC). This is considered one of the mighty and famous JavaScript framework, which has it, has gained its popularity due to its open-source. AngularJS Course in Bangalore will be advisable for all the IT professionals who are anticipating for a bright career as a front-end developer.

AngularJS Classes in Bangalore are gaining importance due to the preference of single page web application over multi-page. AngularJS is presently managed and controlled by Google. It is evident that the number of web applications built by the usage of AngularJS is increasing enormously. Hence, it is the appropriate time for you to grab the opportunity and enter into AngularJS Training in Bangalore.


Fundamentals of Java Script
Intro to Angular JS
Basics of Typescript
ES2015 Primer
Usage of Modules
Custom Directives
Advanced HTTP
Setup of environment
Component & Pipes
Dependency Injection & Service
Change detection & lifecycle hooks
Model-driven form
Working with Animation
Model-driven form
Asynchronous operations
Template-driven forms
Performance, deployment
Security & Internationalization


  • Controller
  • Scope
  • Services
  • View
  • Model
  • Testable
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Filters

Directives are the attributes, which allows in the invention of new HTML syntax, specific to an application. This aids in the execution of functions when found by an Angular compiler in the DOM. The commonly used directives are listed below:

  • Element directives
  • Comment directives
  • CSS class directives
  • Attribute directives
  • It supports both client-server communication
  • AngularJS supports MVC pattern
  • It supports animations
  • It has pre-defined form validations
  • Two ways of data binding can be done
  • ng-pristine
  • ng-dirty
  • ng- valid
  • ng- invalid

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