Technical Skills Required to be a Software Tester

What is software testing? Software Testing is the method of evaluating the functionality of a software application with the intent to identify whether the developed software meets the predefined requirements or not and to detect defects and ensure that the product is defect-free to produce a quality product. Principles of Software Testing:  The principal of […] Read More

Scope of Web Designing and Development

What is Web Designing? Web designing is an essential part of today’s IT industry. The process of creating and designing a website is called Web designing. Web designing uses images, color, fonts, text, HTML5, and other interactive elements to produce a webpage. Designers use CSS for presentation and HTML as a markup language for creating […] Read More

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

AngularJS persists to dominate the area of JavaScript frameworks. It is stated that the Angular JS framework is the most trusted and reliable framework among web developers who want to pursue their career in the web framework or web building. The demand for the Angular JS Developers is growing at a steady pace at present. […] Read More

Concept And Scope of Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical hacking? Ethical Hacking is also called as penetration Testing. It is an act of penetrating networks or systems to find out threats and vulnerabilities in that system which the attacker would have exploited and caused the loss of data, financial loss or other major damages to a business. Purpose of Ethical hacking […] Read More

What Is Android? 7 Unique Features Of Android Operating System.

What is an android? Android is an operating system based on a qualified version of the Linux kernel. It is an open-source and middle framework for smart devices. The device is user-friendly and it has lots of features and functionality. The hardware features in these devices are such as Camera, Bluetooth, Network, Audio, Wi-Fi, Sensors, […] Read More

Which Cloud Service Is The Best Aws Or Microsoft Azure?

The two biggest names in public cloud computing are Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Which is the best cloud service? Before deciding on that, let’s talk about the key differences between these two giants in cloud services. What are AWS and Azure? AWS Amazon web service (AWS) is the cloud service platform of […] Read More

Career Scope Of Selenium Testing

Attributes of Selenium Testing. Selenium is a powerful open-source automation tool. It is known for its effective delivery. It supports all the browsers that are available currently. Selenium automation framework is essential for web-based test automation. Selenium is the most popular testing tool, it provides a friendly API and it is so easy to understand. […] Read More

RPA Interview Questions and Answers

Robotic Process Automation(RPA), is anticipated to be the future of Information Technology(IT) Industries. Numerous mundane tasks can be automated and performed easily with the implementation of RPA technology. Thus, many organizations have begun to adopt this technology to expand their business activities and increase their profits. According to the report submitted by the Job Portals […] Read More

What Future Scope of Data Science and Data Scientist?

What are Data Science and Data Scientists? Data science is a multidisciplinary combination of data and algorithm improvement, and technology to resolve analytically complicated queries. Data scientists are a group of analytical data specialist who has the required technical skills to solve complicated issues and can solve the problems which may arise in the future. […] Read More

Benefits Of CCNA Certification And Career In CCNA

CCNA is Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is an IT certification from Cisco System and it provides the certification from the associate-level. Benefits of CCNA Training CCNA Training and Certification makes you an authentic developed Network Engineer. You can learn the training in the most effective manner. On completing the course you will get the […] Read More