Static Keyword in Java

Keywords in Programming Languages are the reserved words that you cannot use as a variable name or identifier because they have been already defined in the language either as a parameter or a statement. In java, there are 57 keywords or reserved names and ‘Static’ is one amongst them. Let us talk more about this […] Read More

JAVA Pattern Programs

Pattern Programs in JAVA can enhance your programming and logical skills using loops. Here we will learn some of these patterns under 3 categories: Star Pattern Programs with Java Numeric Pattern Programs with Java Character Pattern Programs with Java So let’s start with the star pattern programs Star Pattern Programs In With Java Java program […] Read More

SQL For Data Science: For Beginners

Data has become the fuel for the organizations to strategize and formulate the entire models as per trending patterns and requirements. Databases are where these data reside, but working with them requires a programming language. SQL or Structured Query Language is a primary language for working with databases. It is used widely for data analysis […] Read More

Method Overloading In Python

Let’s understand Method Overloading In Python deeply with this table of content… What is Overloading in Python Operator Overloading With Examples How To Overload Method In Python  Example Programs For Method Overloading Method Overriding Example Programs For Method Overriding Let us now learn the Method Of Overloading in Python, starting with what is Overloading In […] Read More

Top 10 Python Libraries

In this blog, I will talk about the famous 10 libraries of python with their features along with examples.  Opencv Python  BeautifulSoup  Requests Numpy Scikit Learn  Tensorflow  Matplotlib SqlAlchemy Pytest PyQt Opencv Python Opencv or Open Source Computer Vision is a library for image processing, machine learning, and computer vision applications, etc. originally developed by […] Read More

Tableau Interview Questions and Answers

Today, Tableau is one of the most crucial tools strong-handedly ruling the software and business workplaces around. In the competitive world, the more you know about the tool, the more the chances of you getting recruited. As we know that Tableau increases the weightage to your resume, here we are presenting the compilation of 101 […] Read More

SubString In Python

Here is what we have on this page today.. What is substring? String slicing. find() method. Check for a substring and count its occurrence. Splitting strings. We know that a string is a sequence of characters, but today we will learn how to get a part of any string, known as substring. Checkout this complete Online […] Read More

Linear Regression Algorithm

Linear regression is more than 200 years old algorithm is used for predicting properties with a training data set. In this blog we will learn What is linear regression Calculate statistical quantities from a training data set. Calculate linear regression coefficients from a data set. Make predictions using linear regression. Use sklearn library to make […] Read More

How To Convert List To String In Python?

You might have used lists in almost all of your programs, and suddenly required to change it to a string, maybe to print the result in a single line, or something else. So in this blog, I will share with you the various methods with which you can convert a list to a string in […] Read More

Data Structures in Python

Data Structures in python are used to store organised data.Your programs are almost built around data structures so that you can work effectively and efficiently with the data.The data structures are categorized into primitive data structures, built in data structures and user defined data structures. Primitive data structures These are the basic data structures, including […] Read More

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