Navigate the CTS Interview Process of Gen C Job Openings in Cognizant

Navigate the CTS Interview Process of Gen C Job Openings in Cognizant

Cognizant, also known as CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp) is a global technology corporation headquartered in the US with a focus on outsourcing, information technology, and business consulting. The corporate office is located in Teaneck, New Jersey. Cognizant, one of the most prosperous and quickly expanding companies in the world, is listed on the NASDAQ-100, S&P 500, Forbes Global 2000, and Fortune 500.

Cognizant employs both inexperienced workers and seasoned professionals for a variety of positions and divisions. In order to make final placements, Cognizant visits a number of college campuses, holds massive placement drives to fill the Careers at cognizant for freshers and performs walk-ins. We take you through the Cognizant Interview Process, helping you prepare for each round and land your dream job easily.

Academic Requirements: 

  • 70% or above in Classes X and XII of the B.Tech program.
  • No backlogs at the time of interview

Cognizant Openings for four distinct Profiles

Navigate the CTS Interview Process of Gen C Job Openings in Cognizant

Cognizant intends to conduct a hiring process this season for four distinct roles. The details are as follows:

  • Cognizant GenC
  • Cognizant GenC Elevate 
  • Cognizant GenC Pro 
  • Cognizant GenC Next

GenC stands for Generation Intelligent. Cognizant employs people who have graduated from college and are searching for their first job under the GenC category. They can still be pursuing their degree, have just graduated from college, or are in the process of doing so. Cognizant employs these individuals because they have a strong desire to learn. They want to dive in headfirst, take a dirtier approach, and work their way up. Since they are the company’s future, Cognizant wants to develop and hire these individuals. They are the ones who will serve as the company’s future leaders.

One of the leading IT and consulting firms in India, There are frequent Cognizant Openings which invite elite candidates for interviews. For every posting, there are multiple rounds of interviews, and you have to ace them all. To help you shine in GenC interviews, we have put together this list of Interview Questions and Answers.

Cognizant GenC: Cognizant employs people in GenC who have little to no programming experience. These are the Careers at Cognizant for Freshers. They must be capable students who can handle challenging issues and provide innovative solutions. Although not necessary, programming knowledge is appreciated. The selected technology areas will be skillfully imparted to the candidates.

Cognizant GenC Elevate: In addition to having entry-level skills and foundational knowledge of programming, Cognizant hires candidates in GenC Elevate. Following more training, business units might be given them. Along with programming expertise, the GenC package also includes a skill-based bonus.

Cognizant GenC Pro: The Cognizant Openings in Gen C Pro categorywill offer a special skill package to entry-level personnel with experience in enterprise platforms, products, or specific technologies, including cybersecurity, Salesforce, PEGA, SAP, and ServiceNow, among others. They can expedite the implementation of these business applications upon joining Cognizant. A skill premium over and above the GenC base package is included in the bundle.

Cognizant GenC Next: Cognizant employs highly skilled entry-level workers in GenC Next who possess complete stack and mature coding capabilities, can solve complex technological problems, and can clearly explain every solution. Following a three-month internship with stipend, Cognizant hires them at a different wage scale.

As such, knowing the CTS Inteview Process can help you prepare appropriately. This article contains some of the most common genc interview questions, genc elevate interview questions, genc next interview questions, genc pro interview questions, genc hr interview questions you’re likely to encounter, along with sample answers that might help you come up with the right responses.

Cognizant Recruitment Process

Interview Rounds For GenC, GenC Elevate and GenC Pro

  1. Cognizant GenC Aptitude Skill Assessment Round.
  2. Cognizant GenC Technical Interview Round.
  3. Cognizant GenC HR Round.
  4. Cognizant profile Upgradation. (Optional – Based on the performance in the above round)

Interview Rounds For GenC Next

  1. Cognizant GenC Technical Skill Assessment Round.
  2. Cognizant GenC Technical Interview Round.
  3. Cognizant GenC HR Round.

For Gen C Next

Round 1 – Cognizant GenC Technical Skill Assessment Round:

This round of testing has three distinct sections and lasts for three hours.

  • No.of sections – 3
  • Time Duration – 3 hours

Section 1: The topics covered in this section are – Object-Oriented Programming, Operating systems, Database Management systems, Java, and HTML/CSS.

  • No.of Question – 30
  • Question type – MCQ
  • Difficulty level – easy to medium

Section 2: These questions are mostly covered by the topics: Dynamic Programming, Greedy, Graphs, and Trees.

  • No.of Question – 4
  • Question type – DSA-based coding questions
  • Difficulty level – easy to medium

Section 3: In this section, they will give you the ER-Diagram of the database system and ask 2 different questions to execute the query and fetch the data from the tables. The queries are based on Joins and Nested-Query.

  • No.of Question – 2
  • Question type – fetch the data from the tables
  • Difficulty level – medium

Round 2 – Cognizant GenC Technical Interview Round:

The interviewer will ask candidates on computer basics, projects from the résumé, and coding in this phase. And also the interviewer will be interested in learning about the projects you worked on and the technology you employed. Additionally, the interviewer will ask you to write an SQL query. The interviewer will ask 2 different problems that the interviewer will give during the ongoing interview and ask you to explain the logic and write the efficient code for it. The interview will be conducted on the superset platform and the duration can last from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

  • Time Duration – 45 to 60 minutes
  • No.of Question – 2
  • Question type – coding

Round 3 – Cognizant GenC HR Round:

In this round of CTS Interview Process for Gen C, HR will ask the basic questions and generally, HR will do the document verification. You might be asked about your hobbies, favorite technology, your struggle, etc. The duration of the interview will be of 15 minutes and will be conducted on the superset platform

For GenC, GenC Elevate, GenC Pro 

Round 1 – Cognizant GenC Aptitude Skill Assessment Round:

In this round, there were questions from 3 different sections, but the Cognizant Interview Questions are jumbled up. The Online Aptitude Skill Assessment will be conducted on the AMCAT platform.

  • No. of Sections – 3
  • Time Duration– 90 Minutes

Section 1 (Quantitative Aptitude): Topics covered in Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers include average, numbers, compound interest, partnership, problem on ages, calendar, boats and streams, clock, height and distance, percentage, pipes and cisterns, profit and loss, speed, time and distance, simple interest, problem on trains, time and work, etc.

Section 2 (Logical Reasoning): The logical reasoning questions evaluate the applicant’s critical and logical thinking skills. There are two types of questions: spoken and non-spoken. There are numerous approaches to solving them, such as comprehending and reading text, identifying ideas, and providing answers. When answering nonverbal logical reasoning questions, applicants must first understand charts, diagrams, or pictures in order to choose the right answer from a list of options.

Section 3 (Verbal Ability): Verbal Ability focuses on problem-solving processes using words. In verbal ability, sentence correction, spotting-errors-2, and verbal reasoning questions are asked to test the candidate’s language proficiency. An excellent vocabulary and a good understanding of English are required to achieve good grades in this subject.

These are the Interview Questions for Freshers generally asked in the initial round of Gen C interview.

Round 2 – Cognizant GenC Technical Interview Round:

In this round, the Interviewer will look for your communication skills and technical skills. The interviewer might ask you about your projects and will observe how well you can explain the concepts that you have used in your project. Cognizant Interview Questions for this technical round will vary if the interview is for profile GenC, GenC Elevate, or GenC Pro. The interview will be conducted for 30 minutes to 45 minutes on the superset platform.

Time Duration – 30 to 45 minutes

  • For GenC – The interviewer will ask very basic questions about the computer subjects such as operating systems, Databases, Data Structures, etc. The question can also be from the basics of programming, like prime numbers, Fibonacci series, etc.
  • For GenC Elevate – The Interviewer will ask basic questions about computer subjects as well as good questions about the programming concepts. The interviewer can also give you some star patterns to code for and also coding questions related to the basic data structures like an array, strings, etc.
  • For GenC Pro – The Interviewer will ask questions about computer subjects, cloud technologies, cyber security, and also coding questions. The question level will be medium. And sometimes it may be easy also.

Round 3 – Cognizant GenC HR Round:

This round is the same as the HR round in GenC next. The HR will verify the documents and ask simple questions about yourself, your challenges, and why you want to join cognizant? Etc. This round will be of 10 minutes to 15 minutes and will be conducted virtually on the superset platform.

Round 4 – Cognizant profile Upgradation Test:

This round of CTS Interview Process will be optional and only will be conducted if you have performed well in the previous rounds. Candidates with a GenC profile of GenC and GenC Elevate will get a chance to upgrade the profile to GenC pro. You need to complete some assigned tasks and then the interview will be conducted for the GenC pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is cognizant interview difficult?

The level of difficulty of an interview is determined by how much work you put into your preparation. It will be simpler for you to pass the interview if you prepare more with our Interview Tips. The foundations of new technologies, programming languages, your projects, and Cognizant are all that you need to know. In addition to technical knowledge, interviewers are also interested in how candidates approach challenges, formulate their thought processes, and exhibit interpersonal skills like communication.

  1. What is the fresher salary in Cognizant?

The pay offered for the Careers at Cognizant for Freshers ranges from 3.3 to 4.5 lakhs. Know more about the freshers salary at Cognizant Salary for Freshers .

  1. Is there any bond in Cognizant?

The concept of a Bond does not exist. in the sense that you can end your agreement with the company at any time without having to pay any money.

  1. Does cognizant have a dress code?

There is no formal dress code. Only keep things looking nice and orderly.

  1. How can I apply for Cognizant ?

There are several ways to apply at Cognizant, including using the employee referral system, visiting recruiting drives, applying on the company’s career page, and consulting with placement experts.

  1. How many rounds are there in a Cognizant interview?

Two steps make up the CTS Interview Process:

  • online test
  • interviewing procedure (HR interview Technical interview)

For a thorough description of the interview procedure, see the section above.

  1. How is career growth in Cognizant?

Cognizant is proud of its workers’ achievements and is committed to promoting their personal and professional development by providing:

  • Well defined role enhancement programs
  • Career planning
  • Opportunities to advance their careers by pursuing further education or industry credentials.
  • Possibilities to apply for open employment at Cognizant
  1. What are the questions asked in a Cognizant interview?

Cognizant Interview Questions are related to a fundamental understanding of operating systems, database management systems (RDBMS, various keys), computer networks (particularly the OSI model and its seven layers of function, protocols, IP addresses, routers, and so on), and cloud computing. Your programming abilities will also be examined. Be prepared with the fundamentals of Java, HTML, C, C++ among other topics. The interviewer might ask basic questions regarding the candidate’s job experience, expected salary, background, qualification during the HR Round. Learn More.

Where to apply?

By using the official Cognizant site, you may quickly get to the Careers page and start the application process.

The goal of this blog is to give both new hires and seasoned professionals a thorough understanding of the CTS Interview Process by providing insights into each step. Your chances of landing a job at Cognizant with a planned compensation package might be substantially increased by being aware of these procedures and making the appropriate preparations.

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