The process of work in any organization is data driven or rule-based. Blue prism is used to interact with the application as like the regular user does. Blue prism can be used for any application and it is suitable even for the thin client like Citrix. The security and the reusable automation library are the advantages of using blue prism. To learn Blue Prism and UI Path programming language, knowledge is not needed and it opens door to multiple vacancies. The job of the blue prism is of three types such as blue prism developer, blue prism certified admin, and blue prism certified architect. It is easy to train the software and the mistakes are also restricted as the manual process is now the automation process. Take a look at Future of Blue Prism here.

History Of Blue Prism

Blue prism came into the software industry in the year 2001 and it is invented by a group of process automation experts to develop automation technology. Blue Prism is built with the help of the Dot net framework and it aims at deploying different models. RPA is the platform and there are three products under this platform. Blue prism, UI Path and automation anywhere are the three products of the RPA. Blue Prism is used for insurance, legal services, healthcare, finance, banking, public sector, etc.

Objectives Of Blue Prism

  • The business objective of the blue prism is to reduce the administrative cost of the organization. Blue Prism is done through online and off-line to process the workflow through robots. Blue Prism Training in Chennai is the best training for the beginners to enter into the software industry.
  • Blue prism provides smart tools for the business automation process.
  • The data centers and workforce management is important for any business. Blue prism takes care of the data and the work involved in the administration work.
  • Automating multiple processes is possible through the blue prism.

Some Of The Real-Time Examples Of The Companies Using Blue Prism

Some of the companies where the blue prism is used as npower, world hotels, university hospitals, shop direct group, co-operative banking group and Mid Essex Hospital services NHS trust. University hospitals have used automation for the patient self-check-in, the cooperative bank process the 10 back office processes in the banking sector, and the shop direct group process the self-service robotic automation capability. Blue Prism Training helps you to land in your dream job.

What Is The Job For Blue Prism Process Engineers?

  • Create an automated marketing campaign
  • Maintain the automated marketing campaign
  • Helps to analyze the customer behavior with the help of analytics
  • It becomes easy to achieve the target of an organization. Search for the best Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai and learn everything about this tool.


AD01 Blue Prism Developer, APD01 blue prism professional developer, ARA01 Blue Prism ROM architect, ASD01 designing blue prism process solutions, and ATA01 designing a blue prism {versions 5.0} environment are some of the blue prism certifications with the respective exam code. Windows laptop and 4GB RAM with 64 bit is the hardware requirement and windows 7 service pack1 and above, dot net framework4.6+ and SQL server 2012 express edition is the software required for installing the blue prism software. Blue Prism is automating the administration work and BPO helps to change the business processes.