Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework helps to attain all the prospects of a technical or business team. It satisfies and fulfills all their needs. The tool cucumber uses Behaviour Driven development framework for written acceptance tests for web applications. Get to know about The importance of BDD Framework in Cucumber tool by Selenium Training in Chennai. The extension of BDD is TDD and its main feature is Acceptance testing.. The framework allows the automation of functional validation in an understandable format that helps developers, Testers and much more. In cucumber, tools like JBehave support BDD framework. It is an extension of the previous framework Test Driven Development (TDD). It also supports languages like Net, Python and much more. In this below article we have listed the importance of BDD framework.

Features Of BDD

  • Universal language which is very easy to describe
  • Business Value
  • Partnership between Business Analysts, Stakeholders, QA Team and developers
BDD is familiar which can be used for test cases. For example, if you are constructing an application in this scenario, the developer will have to use Selenium and the script uses one of the frameworks. Cucumber tool or SpecFlow can also be used.

BDD Tools

SpecFlow & Cucumber are the most widely used BDD tools SpecFlow: Cucumber is the framework for testing and it supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). It defines the behavior of applications in the plain meaningful text in an understandable language.  Cucumber: This is inspired by cucumber framework on Rails world. Cucumber brings the same concept as of SpecFlow but makes the developer to express the significance the text. The feature also includes writing specification in readable human format.

Why Developers Go For BDD Framework?

Major development stream prefers BDD. The main reason is, take for an example a client’s requirements for E-commerce websites to increase the amount of sales product. This should be done by implementing some of the features of the website. The only way to solve is to convert the client into some benefits. This idea will really be awesome. But the only thing in it is, the person who gives the idea is different from the person who is developing. If both were the same, the idea maker will be the talented developer. This idea needs to be getting communicated with the owners of all business to the development teams. Some software projects have teams of several people, in this case, communication lacks among the team members. As good communication is the only way to make projects success agile software crew learned to work in small increments. This process can be an image in the form of an image. Cucumber which is a Gherkin language helps to facilitate the invention and use of universal language within the team. The Cucumber written test connects you directly to the developer. The test cases written in Cucumber are quite easy to understand with the help of Selenium Course in Chennai. It also removes all mistakes before they could create inexactness into the code. To get know more about Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) learn Selenium Training FITA Academy.

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