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Course Description

Mobile technology is taking over other technologies in the market and it is indeed necessary to be updated with the day-to-day evolution. Mobile is something, which is part of our life these days unlike in the past when it was just considered as a mere gadget for communication. Thus, join our iOS Training in Bangalore and gain more knowledge. iOS Developer Training Bangalore will be having an excellent benefits to your career on a long term.

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Basics of development MAC OS
Intro to Objective-C
Memory Management
Cocoa design patterns
Orientation and iPhone sensors
Data base persistence
Maps SDK
Objective -C ARC
Multi view applications
Multitasking in iOS
Working with table view
REST and SOAP services , XML and JSON Parsing
Social Network Integration
Core graphics and QuartzCore
Testing And Deployment


  • CGfloat: Represents a floating point value.
  • NSString: Represents a string.
  • BOOL: Represents a boolean.
  • NSInteger: Represents an integer.

B-trees are nothing but search trees, which provide an ordered key-value store with good performance characteristics.

Function is nothing but sequence of statements, which is used in order to perform tasks and once it is created, can be reused for n number of times.

Design patterns acts as solution, which can be reused for common problems in software design. It is designed in order to provide assistance while writing code. Some of the common Cocoa design patterns are:

  • Creational: Singleton.
  • Behavioral: Observer, Memento
  • Structural: Façade, Decorator, Adapter,.
  • Threads
  • Operation queues
  • Dispatch queues