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Course Description

There is enormous scope for Best LoadRunner Training Institute in Bangalore due to immense requirement in the IT sector. As client will never accept a product without any prior testing done y the manufacturer. The growth in this field is huge and few designations, which you will be evolving in future, are mentioned below:

QA lead
QA tester
QA manager

As a tester, you will be getting a lump sum amount as salary both within our country and abroad. The Load Runner Training in Bangalore will be a perfect job option for all those who are not well versed with programming language still have the aim to enter the IT sector. The experts from industry consider FITA, as the Best Load Runner Training Institute in Bangalore.


Performance Testing basics
Components of LoadRunner
Performance Test Types
Run Time Settings
Report types and final test report
Result analysis using analyzer
Pre-requisites of performance testing
Recording a script using Vugen
Dealing with Parameters
Enhancing Vuser Script
Scheduling a Load Test Scenario
Creating Scenario using Controller
Real-time Project
Error handling and rendezvous point
Monitoring test execution
Project Evaluation
Loadrunner Overview
Working with Graphs


LoadRunner is a testing tool used for the accurate measurement and analysis of the system performance along with its functionality. It is used when the load of any application is to be tested.

  • Planning for the test.
  • Creation of Vuser script.
  • Creation of scenario.
  • Running of the scenario.
  • Analysis of the test result.
  • Recording of the Vuser script.
  • Editing Vuser script.
  • Runtime setting.
  • Running Vuser script in stand-alone mode.
  • Incorporation of Vuser script into any LoadRunner scenario.

Answer :

Open an existing scenario .
Configure the scenario.
Set the result directory.
Run the scenario.

What are the different components of LoadRunner?
Ans => The major components of LoadRunner are:
VUGen- Records Vuser scripts that emulate the actions of real users.
Controller – Administrative center for creating, maintaining and executing load test scenarios. Assigns scenarios to Vusers and load generators, starts and stops loading tests.
Load Generator – An agent through which we can generate load
Analysis – Provides graphs and reports that summarize the system performance