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The most predominant commodity in the market these days is mobile and if you are thinking of taking up a career related to this enroll yourself into our Mobile Testing Training in Bangalore at FITA.


FITA has been into the teaching sector for many years and was able to earn the trust of students and organizations. We have trained almost 20,000 students on various courses.

Mobile Testing Training in Bangalore will open up the world of mobile to you and aid you in the expansion of your skill set. Learn from artistic specialist who cordially share the inside wire, approach along with a systematic workflow in almost all the topics.

The certification in Mobile Testing will be the groundwork in the realm of mobile testing, which enables the student’s to learn the core idea that includes test design techniques, mobile test process and strategy.

Course Description

There may be numerous technology development on a daily basis but getting knowledge in mobile related technology is very crucial. As mobile is the prominent object, which is bound with human beings apart from their body parts. It has roughly replaced 10 gadgets in the past and the count is expected to increase.

Mobile Testing Course in Bangalore is dependent on architecture such as server-side architecture, connection type and client-side architecture. When it comes of discussion over mobile the first thought which arises is whether its iOS or Android which are the two ruling operating system in the world. Testing on mobile is of various types tha includes input testing, interrupts testing, UI testing, functional testing, battery consumption testing and the list continues.

The necessity for mobile testing arises due to its vast usage among various age groups. For every item into the market, people expect it to be tested and certified by the authorized dealer before consumption. As mobile is the top commodity purchased by people in the market there is heavy competition prevailing in the release of new models.

Thus, mobile testing plays a vital role in determining the products quality, which in turn determines how successful the device is after its launch. If you are interested into mobile sector then Mobile Testing Training Institute in Bangalore is a right choice for building a long-term career in the mobile sector.


  • Enter a name in name field
  • Select the target API
  • Enter the required size
  • Select the skin section
  • Click on create AVD
  • Select the AVD
  • Click on start button
  • Launch it

Object based mobile testing tools:

  • Jama solution
  • Ranorex

Image based mobile testing tools:

  • RoutinBot
  • Egg Plant
  • Sikuli
  • Compatibility testing
  • Service testing
  • Interface testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Security testing
  • Operational testing
  • System test
  • Integration test
  • Unit test
  • Operation test
  • Block:Unable to do anything even though the phone is switched on unless the device is rebooted.
  • Major: Unable to accomplish a function of a specific feature.
  • Critical:Phone system gets crashed when testing particular feature in the device
  • Minor:Usually GUI bugs fall.
  • exe– Executable Files
  • prc– Palm Resource Compiler
  • apk– Android Application Package File
  • jad– Java Application Descriptor
  • Aapt– Android Asset Packing Tool
  • iPA–iOS App Store Package
  • adb– Android Debug Bridge