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Humans are never snapping pictures as long lasting memories are bound with every snap we click now. Thus, by joining Photoshop Course in Bangalore you will get a wider range of job opportunities.

Need For Photoshop

This course will enable you to edit the images with various features. Even resizing of image will not be a problem for you hereafter. If you are thinking of getting a perfect spotless image, then it is possible by manipulation.

Thus, join into our Photoshop Classes in Bangalore and get well versed with the complete knowledge in Photoshop.

Advantage Of Joining Photoshop Classes

The images we click randomly act as a part of our memory amidst our loved ones even after our demise. Thus, photography plays a touching role in our lives.

As this is the only factor, which makes our lips curve into smile even when the person in the image is not around. Thus, it would be more passion-filled work than boredom repetitive monotonous job.

You will be capable of a creating innovative web pages, infographics, and banners with professional touch.

Who Can Join Photoshop Course In Bangalore At FITA

If you are in search of creative, innovative and technical related job then Photoshop will be the appropriate sector for you. At FITA, we do not have any pre-requisite to join Photoshop Course in Bangalore, as we are here to mold your talent into skills as per the industrial requirement.

What You Will Learn

Students will be learning the usage of Photoshop tools
Editing of images
Create innovative graphic design
Manipulation of images

Scope Of Photoshop In Future

With respect to job aspect this profession will be more exciting with numerous positions. Some of the top most career, which will be easily accomplished when you are skilled with Photoshop are Web developer, graphic designer, art director, designer, Social Media Coordinator, Design Assistant, photographer, and the list continues.

Almost all the sector needs candidates who are skilled in Photoshop due to its necessity in marketing of the business or product.

In the modern era, social media is playing a very crucial role and is occupying most of our time. It has become a trend of posting status and images on social platform in order to get attention, which has gained tremendous popularity amidst the youngsters.

Moreover, we are cautious to get only positive feedback and in order to hide the flaws in the picture various Photoshop tools are used which in turn needs few basic concepts on Photoshop.

Thus, we help you in pursuing Photoshop Course in Bangalore with the latest technological updates.


This software was developed in order to create and edit images along with logos. The various parameters for changing the size of image are:

  • Background resolution
  • Type of picture
  • Size of pixels

Precise area of image is selected with the usage of Lasso tools, by tracing the outlines.

  • Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Simple Lasso Tool
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool

It is a software designed especially for photographer in order to make post-processing work easy after snapping picture.

Key features of Light room are:

  • Windows HiDPI Support
  • PNG Support
  • User Configurable Grid Overlays
  • Full Screen Mode

With light room user will be able to sort out:

  • Lens Model
  • File type
  • Aperture, ISO
  • Flash state
  • Virtual copies
  • Camera Model
  • Lens focal length
  • Keywords
  • Flag status
  • Document Window
  • Options Bar
  • Panel
  • Application Bar
  • Menu Bar
  • Tool Box