AI- Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that indicates the progress of a machine’s intelligence, working and behavior pattern like a human. AI is very popular, it is used widely and commonly discussed technology in the present business community. We are thinking that Machine learning and AI is the future technology, but just look around us it is not the future- we have to realize that it is the present technology that has made a lot of differences in our lives.

Already, we have begun to use AI technology currently. Most of the companies at present have invested their resources in the ML technology. It is assumed that there will be a rapid growth on the AI applications and products precisely.  Join Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at FITA so that you can learn more about the present technology of AI and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence is not only in the IT technology field. It is being widely used in other fields like Education, Business, Medical, and Manufacturing. Listed below are the four-strong AI solutions that are in use today.


Siri is offered by Apple in the iPad and iPhone. Siri is one of the most successful personal assistance. The users can interact with the friendly voice-Assistance. The female voice can support us to find get directions, send messages, open applications, make voice calls and attach events to the calendar.

Siri is using the technology of machine learning to get smarter and have the ability to understand natural language questions and requests. Siri is one of the most unique example of AI.


Even Automobiles like cars and motors are also moving towards Artificial Intelligence. Tesla is one of the best automobiles available currently. Tesla has features like predictive capabilities, self-driving, complete technological innovation. This technology of the car is becoming smarter day by day.

It introduced new features and develop functionality to make your Tesla safer and more capable. Autopilot has introduced safety and comfort features that are designed to assist. Autopilot allows automatic control of steer, acceleration, and brake within its lane.


There is no need for an introduction for Netflix, it is a broadly and popularly used content-on-demand service. Netflix uses predictive technology to allow support based on consumer’s interests, choices and behavior, and attitudes. Netflix uses numerous records for suggesting movies on the basis of your previous preferences. It has one disadvantage that often the small movies get overshadowed by the big movies.


Amazon launched the Echo, which has adding new features and is getting smarter. Echo is an advanced product that can help us to search for schedule appointments, switches, the web for information, thermostats, reads audiobooks, answers questions, reads audiobooks, reports traffic and weather.

Artificial Intelligence is getting popular day by day, determining the way we live to improve and interact with customer experience. In the future, AI would foresee more development, improvements, and governance. Join Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai and learn more about the advanced technology of AI.