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Even though there is innumerable course available in the market for students who are aiming to join the IT sector, Tableau has its distinct importance in the industry. The market value of candidates who are trained with Tableau Training in Bangalore never diminishes.


The skilled trainers and good infrastructure are the pillars of FITA. We are confident on the skills of our faculties as they are having years of experience in IT sector from renowned organizations. Tableau Training Institute in Bangalore is gaining importance in the market due to the following reasons:

It is compatible with various platforms.
It can do the job for any data, which may be Hadoop, excel, etc.
It makes the market to speed.

Tableau Certification in Bangalore will be great career and is advisable for Developers, Consultants, Analysts and Managers along with fresh graduates. We consider few pre-requisites for the candidates for the students who are willing to learn Tableau Course in Bangalore that are listed below:

Fundamentals in dimensions
SQL for framing custom queries
Basics of Data Visualization

Course Description

It is estimated that Tableau is to generate the highest number of job openings in the market by the year 2020. There are huge demand for the candidates who are well versed with the concepts of Tableau Training in Bangalore. Some of the top companies who are on the hunt of this talent are Dell, Applied Systems, Verizon, Facebook, Booz Allen Hamilton, NetJets, Groupon, Sunguard, Bank of America, General Motors, Sony Electronics, KPMG.

The choice of Tableau Training in Bangalore taking up as a career will really end up in the blossoming of your future with a handsome amount of money. Hence, enroll yourself into the Tableau Training in Bangalore at FITA and fly high to reach the sky of your career. Some products are offered by Tableau namely:

Tableau Desktop
Tableau Public
Tableau Server
Tableau Reader
Tableau Online


Tableau is a software used as a business intelligence tool, which allows anyone to connect to specific data, along with visualizing and creating interactive dashboards.

  • Horizontal
  • Web
  • Text
  • Vertical
  • Image Extract
  • Tableau Workbook (.twb).
  • Tableau Datasource (.tds).
  • Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx).
  • Tableau Bookmark (.tdm).
  • Tableau Preferences (.tps)
  • Tableau Packaged Datasource (.tdsx).
  • Tableau Data extract (.tde).
  • Tableau Map Source (.tms).

Filter restricts the showoff of unnecessary data. The types of filters are :

  1. Context filter
  2. Quick filter
  3. Datasource filter

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