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QTP is an acronym for Quick Test Professional. It is an automation testing tool which supports Visual Basic script to test a procedure and to control the applications which is under test. It was originally released by Mercury Interactive in the year 2006 which operates on Microsoft Windows. QTP is an automation testing tool which executes both functional and regression testing through user interface. Mostly Quick Test Professional is used for User Interface test case automation and additionally it can also automate on non user interface test cases which include testing for web services, database and system operations.

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Quick test professionals can modify two views of test script such as Keyword and Expert view. This view permits QTP to perform integrated development environment during testing process. Keyword view is arranged in table format in which each row signifies a step that can be modified. In Expert view user can add or edit the coding part using Visual basic Script and transformation of test scripts can be altered through Keyword view.

High level QTP Training Syllabus:

  • Fundamentals of automation testing and Quick test professionals process
  • Basics of Quick test professionals screen, Recording & other key elements in QTP
  • Fundamentals of Object Repository
  • How to identify object configuration
  • Explanation of descriptive programming
  • What is check points and explanation about output values
  • What is parameterization and synchronization
  • What are actions and environment variables
  • What is transaction points and how to add comments
  • Fundamentals of debugging and batch testing
  • Brief explanation about quality center
  • Different types of operators and constants
  • Getting familiar with VBScript
  • Flow control using conditional statements
  • Flow control using loop
  • Fundamentals of user defined functions
  • What is built in functions
  • Library files & loading library functions
  • Excel object model
  • What is data base object model
  • Database connections
  • Error handling in QTP
  • How to use web script
  • Getting familiar with Frameworks
  • Various keyword driven approach & framework
  • Data driven framework in QTP
  • Hybrid framework in QTP
  • OOPs in QTP

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