Python is a General-purpose High-Level programming language. Python offers various criteria like structural, object-orientation, and functional programming for software development.

Python programming language operates on the cross-platform operating system. It is mostly used to develop a broad range of applications designed for text processing, enterprise-level using scientific, image processing, numeric and data from the network.

Youtube, Dropbox, Deluge, Cinema 4D, and Bazaar are some of the Python-based applications that are used globally. Join Python Training in Bangalore at FITA and gain more knowledge about the applications of Python.

Applications of Python

Graphical User Interface (GUI)- Based on Desktop Applications:

Python language has a modular architecture, rich text processing, easy syntax, which are the tools that are used mainly to work on various operating systems, which makes the best option for developing desktop-based applications.

There are different graphical user interface toolkits such as PyQt, PyGtk, wxPython are the best tools that help the developers to design highly functional Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are several applications developed using Python includes.

Graphic Design Applications and Image Processing. 

Python is used for making 2D imaging Software like Paint Shop Pro Scribus, and Inkscape GIMP. Python also used 3D animation packages, like 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender, Lightwave and Maya, in different proportions.

Computational and Scientific Applications:

The productivity, high speed, and availability of tools, such as Numeric Python, and Scientific have made Python become an integral section of applications involved in the processing and computation of scientific data.

The 3D modeling software like finite element design software, FreeCAD, such as Abaqus is coded in Python.


Python language has several libraries, modules, and platforms that can support the improvement of games.

PySoy is one of the 3D game engines that can support Python 3, for game development, PyGame implements functionality and library.

Disney’s Toontown Online, Vega Strike, and Civilization-IV are the various games that are built using Python.

Web Applications and Web Frameworks. 

Python is used in creating, variety of Web-frameworks, including Django, TurboGears, CherryPy, and Flask, Bottle, etc. These frameworks give standard modules and libraries that analyze tasks compared to content management, Communication with various databases and interfacing with different internet protocols such as SMTP, XML-RPS, POP, (FTP) File transfer protocol, (HTTP) HyperText Transfer Protocol.

  • Plone- A content management system.
  • ERP5- An Open-Source.
  • ERP is used in banking sectors, apparel, and aerospace.
  • Odoo- It suits business applications.
  • Google App Engine- The mostly using web applications based on Python.

Business Applications

The business Applications are more different than normal applications, and the domains are ERP, e-commerce and many more. They need applications that are easily readable, extensible and scalable. Tryton platforms are used to develop such business applications.

Video and Audio Applications

Python is used to develop applications, which also multi-task and output media. Audio and Video applications like Cplay, TimPlayer, all these applications are developed using Python modules. Compared to other media they give good performance and better stability.

Embedded Applications

python programming Language is based in the C Language. It is mainly used to develop the software for Embedded applications and Embedded C. It may help to perform high-level applications on the smaller devices, which can compute Python.

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