Ethical hacking is the best career option for computer professionals. The requirement for Ethical hacking is increasing as well as internet security problems. Skills that are required to become an Ethical Hacker are mentioned below.

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Here we have mentioned 5 skills that you need to develop to become an Ethical Hacker.

  1. Programming Skills

Programming languages are meant to be the strong foundation of software and websites. An Ethical Hacker should be familiar with the programming languages, which is the backbone to develop the websites. The proper programming skills help to identify the errors which are made by the developing team. Programming Languages to Learn:
  1. C C++
  2. JavaScript
  3. PHP
  4. HTML
  5. SQL
  6. Python
  7. Perl
  1. Linux

Learn and improve the skills in Linux, to become an Ethical Hacker. Many of the web servers run on Linux OS. As an Ethical hacker, you have to access the server frequently, it can be possible if you are Linux-proficient. Join Ethical Hacking Training Program and learn how to shine in the Linux Operating System.
  1. Database Management System (DBMS)

The database is important in any organization. The documents and the information of an organization are collected in the database, which is a soft target for hackers. However, an Ethical Hacker has to gauge the vulnerabilities and exploit the security issues of varying databases. Your skills in the DBMS will prove how well you can execute the database and operate through various database engines and schemas.
  1. Cryptography

One of the main areas of interest is communication-Assuring a secured communication system so that the various team members can easily transfer messages with one another without bothering about leakage is an important job of an Ethical Hacker. This process is known as cryptography. It is the art of converting plain text into a ciphertext format and vice versa. An Ethical Hacker, have to decrypt suspicious messages to protect your company and restore them confidentiality.
  1. The Art of Networking

Computer networks act the largest number of threats. Learn computer networking skills, if you aspire to be an Ethical Hacker. Deep knowledge of the interconnection of computers and networks is greatly useful. Moreover, we suggest exploring the security threads existing in a computer network and way to manage them.

Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai will help you to shine better in the Ethical Hacking field. You can refer more blogs for the Concept and Scope of Ethical Hacking.