Today the world is constantly talking about automation and its impact on us. To design the automation first we need an RPA developer. In this blog, we’ll discuss Job trends, Salary of the RPA Developer.

RPA developers are experienced in the architects of automation tasks. They are working for the companies that are responsible for problem-solving and design the automation based on the need.

When the automation is created and rolled into the production, RPA Developers need to make sure that the created automation is reaching that desired results.

Now let’s take a look at the job trends of an RPA Developer in different criteria.

RPA Developer Job Trends

RPA Developer career opportunities will shoot through the roof, both the start-up companies and well-established companies are providing profitable salaries to RPA Developers.

RPA Developers has three main roles in the industry:

  • Automation Architect
  • Process Designer
  • A production Manager.

Process Designer – The responsibility of the Process Designer is getting the current method and observes the changes that happen after executing the feedback during the development or testing phase.

Automation Architect- Using the RPA tools, the Automation Architecture develops the RPA Project to solve real-world problems.

Production Manager- The project is moved into the production, the Production Manager assures that the processes are being triggered and all the exceptions handled.

The salary of an RPA Developer can change on the following parameters.

  • Roles-Based
  • Company-Based
  • Geographically

Let’s discuss each one by one.   To begin with, salary trends based on Roles

RPA Developer Salary: Roles-Based

Process Designer

RPA Developer also has mainly three roles in the industry, Automation Architect, Production Manager, Process Designer.

Let’s discuss the salary you will get based on these roles.

  • Fresher’s/ Candidates with experience of – 0-2 years- INR 600000 to 800000 per year.
  • Senior Role having experience of 2-6 years-INR 900000 to 1500000 per year.

Automation Architect

  •  Fresher’s/Candidate with experience of 0-3 years-INR 1000000 Per year.
  • A senior role having experience of 3-9 Years-INR 19,55,000 per year.

Production Manager

 Fresher’s/ Candidate with experience of 0-4 years-INR 701000 per year

  • Senior having experience of 4-12 years-INR 1800000 per year.

RPA Developer Salary: Company-Based

Major companies hiring for the  RPA Developers

UiPath – $71,047

Accenture – $97,631

Zymergen – $50,290

Automation Anywhere – $57,182

Ersnt and Young – $97,631

RPA Developer Salary: Geographically

The salary of an RPA Developer based on Geography

United States – $97,631

India – ₹11,0000

The United Kingdom – £52,500

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