Technical Skills Required 

Should Deal with a Huge Amount of Data

For the last few years, the number of data that is getting generated is more and increasing exponentially. Most of the data is categorized as unorganized data.

The Unorganized data is regularly referred to data that doesn’t stay in a common row-column database, which is accurately opposite to the structured data.

 The few examples of unstructured data are audio messages, photos, and videos. Obtaining meaning from the data is the main role of the Data Scientist. A Data Scientist should be able to handle huge amounts of data irrespective of its type whether they are structured or unstructured. Know more about Data Science Training in Bangalore at FITA and widen your knowledge in Data Science.

Data Visualization

The data generated in the companies should be translated into an easy format to understand and to make decisions. The data scientist can visualize the data with the help of tools like Plotly, Tableau, D3.js, and power BI.It is also necessary for a data scientist to know the concepts behind the combination of the data visually. These are the important roles of data scientists as data visualization is the only way for companies to work directly with the information.


The role of statistics is a very important one in the Data Science field. It is considered that for the statistician the discipline of mathematics provides them the required methods and tools for finding patterns and information in the given complex set of data using mathematical computations on them. The exact role of Data Scientist is to obtain meaning by analyzing data patterns, statistical knowledge is an essential skill for a Data scientist

Skills in Programming

Excel would be sufficient to deal with the amount of data generated 20 years ago. But with the amount of structured and unstructured data that are generating these days, the Data Scientist should have programming knowledge like Python, SQL, R.

While doing the data analysis, they increase their effectiveness.

  • They offer more scope with a lot of statistical techniques to train the data set.
  • With much statistical technique, they will give a range of scope to qualify the data set.

Data Manipulation

In some cases, the data which we need will be distorted and it will be tough for the data scientists to work with such type of data. Getting data, the first step is to deal with that defect. Some defect includes missing values, irregular strings like LA for Los Angeles, date formatting like 18/12/2019 and 2019/12/18. The imperfection has to be sorted before starting the training or analysis of the data.

Non Technical Skills Required

Communication Skills

A Data Scientist should have a better understanding of data than anyone else. Nonetheless, you should be able to communicate your understanding effectively with someone who is a non-technical data user in order for you to be successful in your role and for your organization to benefit from your services. As a data scientist, you need strong communication skills. If you want to know more about Data Science refer to Data Science Training in Chennai.

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