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Learning Data Science opens up a wide range of opportunity for you for both fresher and professionals. FITA provides you the best coaching for Data Science Courses in Bangalore.


There are n number of institutes offering Data Science Course in Bangalore and FITA is the choice picked up by the professionals.

The students who join us will be updated with the current trends in the market from the industrial experts. By enrolling yourself into our Best Data Science Courses in Bangalore, you will be getting exposure to data visualization, descriptive analysis, and predictive analysis along with data exploration.

Our trainers use various data science methods for providing real-time environment to the students. Choosing a career in Data Science will fetch the details that are covered in all the fields such as planning, process, extraction, which plays a vital role in the success of any organization.

Data Science Courses in Bangalore is the most happening course opted by students. Our trainers give equal importance to practical approach as theoretical knowledge so that they are independent of interview fear

Course Description

Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore is a combination of algorithm development, technology along with data inference in order to resolve complex data issue. It handles extraction, identification and representation of significant information from the source, which can be used for the development of any business.

This enhances the accuracy of any work to be completed that is complicated to be accomplished by the humans manually. There are innumerable benefits of Data Science in the industry among them few are listed are below:

  • Improved business value in the market
  • Identification and refining of target audiences
  • Deployment of less time
  • Risk analysis in an improvised manner

Candidates trained in Data Science Training in Bangalore are in search of many organizations for the development of their company. Data science engineers are accountable for the setup of a database in order to facilitate data munging and data mining.


HDFS- Hadoop Distributed File System is the distributed database, which works on top of Hadoop and is capable of both storage and retrieval of bulk datasets.

YARN- Yet Another Resource Negotiator allocates resources actively along with handling of workloads.

  • Under coverage bias
  • Selection bias
  • Survivorship bias

This technique is used while the studying of a population spread across a wide area is difficult. The probability of each sampling unit is a collection or cluster of elements is known as Cluster Sample.

  • It is not possible to use in the counting of binary outcomes.
  • Assuming linearity of error.
  • There are certain problems, which cannot be solved by this.
  • Selection of input
  • Separation of classes
  • Applying for the split of input data
  • Repeating the process of splitting.
  • Stop when the criteria is met.

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