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Why Web Developers choose AngularJS?

Presently, Every organization is excited to make an online impression. The count of the Websites is increasing, so the demand for Web Developers is also high. The number of Platforms that are available for Web Development in the market is high. Choosing the best among the available platforms is one of the smartest decisions in […] Read More

Top 5 AngularJS Plugins

Angular JS is an Open-Source Framework. It is one of the best frameworks for Web developers to design a web application. AngularJS manages the markup as the template language and it allows us to expand the HTML5’s syntax to specific application’s elements compactly and simply. Here in this blog, we shared about the AngularJS plugins, […] Read More

Advantages and Future scope of AngularJS

AngualrJS is a framework, which is used by many IT Companies that are used in developing web and mobile applications. AngularJS is composed of JavaScript Language to develop a Single Page Application (SPA). AngularJS mainly focuses on both development and testing by providing a framework to the client-side.  Learn and develop web applications with the […] Read More