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Is Hadoop a Good Career Path?

In the Big Data World, Hadoop is not a small framework. Hadoop has a broad ecosystem of related technologies. Join Hadoop Training in Bangalore and understand about the Hadoop fundamentals and make a strong foundation to get a great career in Hadoop. Hadoop Career Path Hadoop is one of the leading popular frameworks in Big […] Read More

Top Essential Hadoop Tools for crunching Big Data

Hadoop is an open-source shared processing framework that is at the center of developing a big data ecosystem. It is used to maintain predictive analytics, advanced analytics initiatives, machine learning applications, and data mining. Hadoop controls storage for big data applications, data processing and can manage different kinds of structured and unstructured data. In this […] Read More

101 Hadoop Interview Questions with Answers

Hadoop Is the trending technology with many subdivisions as its branches. 101 Hadoop Interview Questions with Answers are divided with HDFS questions, Map reduce questions, HBase questions, SQoop questions, flume questions, Zookeeper interview questions, pig questions, hive questions and yarn questions. To help the students from the interview point of view, our Big Data Training professionals have listed […] Read More

Big Data Use Cases for Retail

The retail industry is growing on a rapid basis. Also the necessity for businesses to find the best retail use cases for big data. The more you learn through Hadoop Training in Chennai, the more knowledge you can explore. Understand the big data use cases for retail at FITA. Client Behavior Analytics For Retail More profound, information-driven […] Read More

DATA SCIENCE: The Hottest Job of 2017

If you are searching for the job profile that has the highest demand, then you are at the right place. We have the answer for your query. The demand for data science talent is so huge that it has given way to a high demand for Hadoop Training in Chennai. Researches by top organizations like McKinsey […] Read More

Scope for Hadoop

According to a recent Forbes report, many global organizations have increased their investments in big data analytics and most of them have felt that it is an important step. Hadoop skills are in heavy demand in the job market as the organizations want to keep them in update and trend with other organizations. There are […] Read More