Intel Salary For Freshers

Intel Salary For Freshers

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with Intel Corporation and Bill Gates. Intel is an American top leading multinational company known for manufacturing and producing x86 bit semiconductor-based microprocessors (in Personal Computers). The company ranks 45th among 2020s Fortune 500 companies and the largest company in the United States. Since its foundation, Intel has opened numerous gateways and opportunities for modern youngsters. This article will be briefing about the various job openings, vacancies, procedures to apply, employment benefits, and Intel salary for freshers.

Who can apply for Jobs at Intel Corporations?

Intel looks for candidates with strong problem-solving, written, and verbal communication skills, risk and resilience takers. Most importantly, the candidate needs to demonstrate the ideology through passion and what subject they are discussing. Since the company is from the Bill gates foundation, candidates who are passionate, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and diligent are likely to get recruited.

Procedure to Apply for Jobs at Intel Corporation

Freshers from the national and international levels are eligible to apply for job postings at Intel Corporation. For all candidates, the following procedure is standard. But international candidates need to generate and submit an Intel U.S. immigration Visa.

  • To get your application considered at Intel, the applicant must submit their Resume or CV electronically through their Web-based tools.
  • The web interface will guide and lead you to apply their desired position based on the instructions, profile creation, and relevant filters.
  • Before applying, the web application interface will ask several questions to determine the desired position based on best-matching skills and experience.
  • A significant point is that if the applicant is applying for a particular job position, the web interface will ask relevant questions per the specific interest. Otherwise, all the pre-screening questions are general in nature.
  • Submit the application after profile creation and form filiation. The application is accepted through the generation of an acknowledgment receipt.

Immigration Sponsorship for International Students Seeking Job at Intel

Freshers from international countries seeking job postings at Intel require an immigration sponsorship visa. So, Intel sponsors work visas to all foreign nationals. Also, they support permanent resident status in the United States. Besides, the fresher’s postings at Intel are based on Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); therefore, candidates require either a Master’s or Doctorate of Philosophy or a bachelor’s degree with three years of hands-on experience.

Qualification Criteria for various posts at Intel Corporation

Freshers seeking various job positions with a good Intel salary for freshers need to have either a Master’s degree or Doctorate of Philosophy in computer science or any other field. Usually, bachelors are not eligible, but if the candidate has three to four years of prior work experience, they can go for Intel Corporation.

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Interview Selection Process at Intel Corporation

After submitting the application, a representative from Intel H.R. Team will contact the qualified professional and invite them to the interview. The interview might occur over the phone, on the internet, or in person.

Preliminary Questions to be Expected During Interview Assessment 

  • First Phase (Technical Interview) – The candidate can expect behavioural based interview assessment questions.
  • Second Phase (H.R. Interview) – In this phase, the candidate needs to address the questions like “What makes you passionate about your career?” and “What are the accomplishments or achievements you have done so far?”.
  • Final Phase (Questions Round) – Intel expects their freshers or applicants to ask questions as well to the  Intel representatives. Because the recruitment will judge your questionnaire ability.

Additional Criteria for Freshers to Increase the probability of Getting Selected

Intel Corporation aspires to hire recent graduates/candidates with excellent interpersonal skills. Problem capabilities, analytical thinking, problem analysis, outstanding presentation and communication skills, and basic computing or coding skills are all absolutely essential. Likewise, diligent, Intelligent, sophisticated, enthusiastic, and liberal candidates with work hours are much more likely to be selected. We highly recommend this criteria for candidates looking for a good Intel fresher salary.

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Intel Corporation Salary Structure

The following is a list of various positions available at Intel Corporation for freshers. However, the Intel salary for freshers varies based on the role; however, some estimates are provided below.

Intel Corporation Salary Structure    Corporation Salary Structure

Basic Required Skills, Key Roles, and Responsibilities of Freshers at Intel Corporations

The primary skills, key roles, and significant responsibilities vary for different positions at Intel. Herein we have discussed some of the crucial functions to fulfill

Graduate Intern Technical

Intel expects their interns to have master’s or bachelor’s degrees in EEE, CSE, ECE, Computer, Science, or any graduate. Besides, experience or skills in desired areas such as I/O architecture systems, software testing and development process, computer security procedures and test protocol, BIOS devices and drivers, Bash shell, CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), component design principles, computer vision, computer architecture, fluid dynamics, and digital electronics are preferred. As a technical graduate intern, the applicant has the following vital roles to fulfill

  • Computer Vision, object identification and localization, voice recognition, computational linguistics, virtual assistants, modeling, and integrative learning are all examples of computer vision.
  • In developing and using development and user systems, software, and future processor designs.
  • Collaboration with design, layout, or hardware engineers is essential.
  • Providing advice to hardware designers on machine features that have an impact on software systems
  • Identifying the requirements of computer users and reacting to client requests
  • From material science and process research through component design, production, ASIC, board, solid-state drives, and software solutions, work on nonvolatile memory is ongoing.
  • Deliver revolutionary computing solutions across all sectors, from Internet Portal Data Centers IPDCs to Consumer Client Devices like Ultrabooks and Tablets.
  • Invent, develop, sell, and support cutting-edge nonvolatile memory devices for clients.

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Internship Position

Freshers or Entrants whose qualification meets the eligibility criteria discussed in an earlier section can apply for an internship at Intel Corporation. During their roles, they have minimal responsibility to do such as gaining hands-on experience with experts and other professionals.

Software Engineer

The applicant needs to have a degree completion in software engineering,  mathematics, computer science, and expertise in computer languages such as C C++, Java, and Scala. As software engineers at Intel, they have the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Enhancing system quality through detecting issues and common patterns
  • Developing standard operating procedures for improved performance
  • Upgrading applications through analysis and remodification
  • Sustaining and Enhancing existing codebases and peer-review code changes
  •  Collaboration with colleagues to put technical designs into practice
  • Investigating, Analyzing, and employing new technologies when they are appropriate to implement.
  • Providing knowledge transfer material through documents.

Software Development Engineer

To join as Software Development Engineer at Intel Corporation, the candidate or applicant must have the following desired skills: Java, Ruby, C++, SQL, ORM, JPA2, Hibernate, JSF, Wicket, Spring MVC, GWT, and Software engineering tools. During their working hours, they have the following key roles and responsibilities.

  • Completing the entire life cycle of software development (SDLC)
  • Identify requirements and solutions to create flowcharts, layouts, and other related documents.
  • Ensuring testable
  •  codes and programs.
  • Report and Assess the Specifications of Algorithms
  • Create a fully functional software system by combining software components.
  • Create software verification plans and methods for quality assurance.
  • Maintain software functionality through documentation.
  • Existing systems should be troubleshot, debugged, and upgraded.
  • Deploy applications and gather feedback from users.
  • Observe project plans and industry guidelines.
  • Make sure your program is up to date and has the newest features.

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Basic Required Skills, Key Roles, and Responsibilities of Experts at Intel Corporations

SOC Design Engineer

Experienced Professionals looking for SOC Engineer Post at Intel must possess the following skills: Hardware design, Verilog HDL, SoC development, creating designs, Perl, Python, and Language Scripting. In addition, the candidate can have relevant experience in ARM-based system designs, ARM-system architectures, UVM, OVM, and System Verilog. As SOC Engineers, they possess the following key roles and responsibilities.

  • As creative design engineers with experience on subsystems and SoCs, they will work as part of a team to integrate I.P. and develop subsystem logic.
  • Collaborate with the project team to comprehend and analyze the subsystem architecture and produce design specifications.
  • Your primary duties will be writing microarchitecture specs, building the RTL, correcting bugs, and conducting numerous design tests.
  • Collaborate with the verification team to review test plans and assist in resolving design concerns.
  • Collaborate with the performance analysis team to assess and improve the performance of subsystems.
  • Assist in the development and improvement of the team’s design techniques.
  • Lead and support other team members as needed to ensure the project’s success.

System Validation Engineer

An experienced applicant with a graduate degree is eligible to apply for this post. The graduation must be electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and software related. In addition, the candidate must possess skills from complex engineering problems, analytical thinking, solid maths and I.T. skills, organization, and management. During their onboarding period, they have the following key roles and responsibilities.

  • Arranging equipment for monitoring and testing
  • Examining and recording test results
  • Preparing reports on compliance
  • Guiding validation activities and resolving issues with testing
  • Equipment and methods are being tweaked or improved.
  • Creating databases to keep track of validation tasks
  • Interpreting Customer requirements
  • Making schedules for validation
  • Validation technicians are being trained, and their work is being monitored.
  • Keeping up with industry norms and regulations maintaining instrumentation and equipment

Physical Design Engineer

Applicants seeking a good Intel package for freshers for the post of Physical Design Engineer must have the following requirements: years of professional experience in physical design, engineering, knowledge on HDL languages, Verilog, design flow process and control systems, excellent collaboration and communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills. After the selection for this post, applicants have the following critical roles at Intel.

  • Project and stage planning for integrated circuit and processor design.
  • Working with the design team on circuit engineering tasks.
  • Layouts for processors and controller architectures are designed.
  • Examining product specifications and logic diagrams.
  • Prototypes are being developed, circuit designs are being tested, and output is being optimized.
  • Allowing for simple routing, as well as limiting delays and fixing bugs.
  • Maintaining layout automation features and macros in layout entry tools and developing scripts.
  • Performing evaluations and adjustments on semiconductor devices and components.
  • Physical design processes are documented, such as circuit layouts and device specifications.
  • Keeping up with the latest advancements and innovations in the field of physical design engineering.

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Senior Software Engineer

Experienced applicants looking for this job post must possess the following computing and coding skills: Framework testing, Python, C, C++, Java, J2EE platform, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and other software testing platforms. As a senior software Engineer, they have the following key roles and responsibilities which are

  • Create high-quality software architecture and design.
  • Tasks in the software development life cycle should be identified, prioritized, and executed.
  • Produce clean, efficient code to create tools and apps.
  • Use proper tools and scripts to automate processes.
  • Review and troubleshoot code
  • Test, Verify, and Validation Procedures
  • To troubleshoot and enhance, collaborate with internal teams and vendors.
  • Keep track of the stages of development and keep an eye on the systems.
  • Ensure the company’s software is up to date with the most recent technology.

Software Developer

A Software developer with relevant experience needs to have a solid background in any technical fields such as computer science, computer software engineering, software programming and development, engineering, mathematics, electronics, and physics. During their presentation at Intel, they have specific roles and responsibilities to fulfil

  • Research on Software programme, design, management, and implementation
  • Create a new programme for evaluation and testing.
  • Detect areas in existing programmes and attempt to improve
  • Writing, developing, and implementing effective codes
  • determining the feasibility of the operation
  • DevelopingDeveloping methods for quality assurance
  • Software tools, processes, and metrics are being deployed.
  • Existing systems must be maintained and upgraded.
  • Users’ education and support.
  • Collaboration with other programmers, UX designers, and business and systems analysts

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Design Engineer

To join as a design engineer at Intel Corporation, an experienced applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in any technical area. The areas like design engineering, product design, and other relevant fields. Besides, the candidate must have three to four years of hands-on experience. In addition, the entrants must be proficient in M.S. Office and popular design software. As a design engineers, they have the following key roles and responsibilities to fulfil

  • Drafting blueprints, engineering designs, and visualizations based on your research.
  • Creating prototypes for testing.
  • Determining the way to increase manufacturing efficiency.
  • Creating new product models and drawings using design software.
  • Maintain the engineering records and designs that already exist.
  • Examine all engineering prototypes for flaws or dangers.
  • Calculate new design cost constraints and budgets.
  • Ensure that all designs are manufactured correctly.
  • Work with other engineers, management, and the creative department to coordinate your efforts.

Employment Benefits for Freshers at Intel Corporation

  • Work from Home (WFH) – Intel Corporation also sustained its work-life balance during the covid pandemic situations through the Work From Home (WFH) option. This option has created numerous opportunities for freshers as well as experienced professionals. It opened a new period of ideas, opportunities, and strong workforces.
  • Vocation Trips – Intel also affords international and national vacation trips with full sponsorship from Intel Corporations. The trips were to engage company workers in their routine professional tasks.
  • Health Care, Life and Other Insurances – The company also provides life and health insurance for the benefit of employees in their emergency and critical situations.
  • Fantastic Salary package with excellent bonus – Intel can afford salary increments for their employees based on their passion for work and performance.
  • Cafeteria for Refreshments – Employees at Intel corporation are gifted with a cafe for refreshments and energizing during their work hours.
  • Free Transportation System – Like other I.T. companies, Intel facilitates complimentary transportation systems for their employees to travel from workspace to home or vice versa.
  • Education and Study Assistance – Intel is best known as the promoter of education all over the world. So, for Intel employees. It provides and donates full educational assistance to their children.
  • Children Care Centres – To look after the employees’ children, Intel provides daycare support to children of their employees.
  • Overseas Relocation – Since we know that, Intel is one of the most significant I.T. sectors in the world and has innumerable multinational offices around the globe. So, any Intel employee can relocate their job location based on their preference.

Exciting Areas to Dive in at Intel Corporations

  • Products – Intel Corporation is globally famous for manufacturing semiconductor devices, especially processors. So, exciting areas were
    • Processors
    • System and Devices
    • Servers
    • FPGA and Programmable Devices
    • Structured ASIC’s
    • Chipsets
    • Graphics Processing Units
    • Memory and Storage Devices
    • Wireless and Ethernet Products
  • Product Support – Intel also afford drives and hardware solutions to all of their semiconductor products.
  • Diverse Industries – Intel corporation serves the following type of industries: broadcasting services, communications, consumer FPGA, creative content solutions, education, finance and banking services, gaming, and health care management.
  • Smart Industries – like government, public relations, test and management, transportation, wireless networks, smart cities, and hospitality services.
  • Top leading sectors – like 5G connects, advanced analytics, artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, high-performance computing, internet of things, computer vision, machine learning, security, robotics, and Intel I.T. solutions.
  • Development of Applications – Intel has been affording developers services to all industries. The developer’s support includes developing tools, software catalogues, download centres, design tools and services, software registrations, resources, documentation, learning, topics & technologies, artificial Intelligence, client management, cloud, game development, IoT and 5G solutions, and developer programs.

Types of Industries Served Through Intel Corporations

Intel corporation has been serving a wide variety of industries. So freshers looking for an exciting job career at Intel choose any area to work and serve. Some of the interesting sectors are

  • Agriculture Management
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Communications and Support
  • Space and Defence
  • Education and Learning
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Finance, Banking, and Insurance
  • Gaming and development
  • Government
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Hospitality and Restaurants
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • NGOs and other firms
  • Professional Business Services
  • Real Estate, Rental, Leasing
  • Retail and Store Services
  • Software Development and Management
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Warehouse

National and International Opportunities at Intel Corporations

Freshers seeking job posting with a good Intel package for freshers have innumerable opportunities across the world. Intel stands as the most and top leading I.T. company around the world and has multiple international offices across all the nations. So, freshers as well as experienced professionals have diverse jobs and are exploring opportunities at Intel.

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Synopsis on Freshers Benefits at Intel Corporations

  • Lots of Freshers Opportunities at Intel Corporation with a good salary package.
  • Unique Hands-on experience with certifications
  • Optimal for an excellent work-life balance and work from home opportunity during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Covered Health, Life, and Policy Benefits
  • Complimentary Travel, Food, and Vacation Trips
  • Excellent work environment too with with
  • Opens-up gateways to start an advanced I.T. career
  • Opportunities to have collaboration with I.T. experts
  • A magnificent place to start a featured I.T. and passionate career

From IT to engineering, our modern world offers a plethora of work choices. We have extensively explored the Intel fresher salary and its multiple job positions in this post to help emerging I.T. aspirants for Freshers. Intel Corporation is suggested for freshers seeking fantastic work prospects. Because of their exposure and experience, professionals will be in great demand globally and will be engaged by international firms all over the world. So, visit Intel Corporation’s career website to see the most recent employment openings and seize the opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does Intel Corporation pay to its Freshers?

Intel salary for freshers varies for a different post, and the package usually ranges from 3.3 to 19 Lakhs Per Annum.

2) Is Intel an excellent company to start a featured IT Career?

Intel is an excellent global company for freshers to start their featured careers. It pays its employees with a good salary package and numerous employment benefits.

3) Do interns get paid at Intel Corporation?

Yes, Interns at Intel are paid on an hourly basis. According to the average estimate of Glassdoor, a fresh intern at Intel gets 33 USD per hour.

4) Do jobs at Intel have a good work-life balance?

Intel’s past and present employees have rated more than 4.1/5 for work-life balance. So, based on the review rate and our research, Intel provides its employees’ more outstanding work-life balance with lots of financial benefits.

5) Does Intel provide a Work From Home opportunity?

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the company continues to support a small number of workers for full-time work from home (WFH) with a loss of pay. So, Freshers can also avail this option if they have any concerns over onsite jobs.

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