Python was created by Guido Van Rossum, and the first version of python was created in 1990. It is Object-Oriented and a high level interpreted programming language. It is mainly used to develop algorithms and programs for different domains.

PHP– Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, it was created in 1995. PHP is a server-side scripting language, essentially used for building effective HTML content over the web. It is commonly used for creating Flash animations, XML documents, Graphics and PDF files.

Ease Of Use

Python is more powerful, open-source, compact and it is easy to use and learn. Python has many features and its syntax is simple. Python’s code is more readable and flexible compared to other programming languages, like C, C++, PHP. Learn Python Training in Bangalore, and learn more about its advantages. 

PHP is used mainly for producing effective web content with HTML. And to make the work of Website functions easy to use. Join PHP Training in Bangalore, and learn more about PHP advantage.

PHP vs Python 





PHP has a large number of mature frameworks. The most popular frameworks in PHP are Slim and Laravel. 

Python has less number of frameworks, The popular frameworks are Flask, Django. 


Language of choice in the web development field

Python is broadly used in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Community.


Compared to Python, Syntax is uncommon. The built-in library has a large range of naming conventions. 

The Python syntax is easy to identify, as like the human language. It is extremely clear and compact.

Key Features

Open-Source, Constant Improvement, Easy Deployment.

The limited line number of code, Dynamic Typing, and Rapid Development.

Database Connectivity

PHP has more than twenty various databases. 

Compared to PHP, Python does not support database connectivity broadly.


PHP is difficult to maintain. 

Python is easier to maintain.

Community Support

PHP has wider community support.

Python is currently growing at a fast pace.

Learning Curve

PHP is straightforward to get started with new projects. 

Python is great in the long-term plans


PHP is a highly documented language, it follows a classic approach.

Python is more readable than PHP. It uses section enforcement which is quite strict. 

Python Features

  • Easy to read, maintain, and learn.
  • Using the same interface, Python can run different hardware platforms.
  • Python gives an excellent structure and support for large programs. 
  • Python support for the collection of automatic garbage. 
  • Python maintains an interactive mode of debugging and testing.
  • Python Programming language can be combined with C, C++ and Java Programming Code. 
  • It supports Dynamic type checking and provides high-level dynamic data types.

PHP Features

  • It supports many Database Integration, such as MySQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Compared to other scripting languages, PHP is easy to Use. 
  • PHP programming language is quicker than other scripting languages, like JSP and ASP.
  • PHP has a predefined error reporting constant, to generate a warning.


Both the Python and PHP programming languages are mostly chosen. PHP is based on Object-Oriented programming whereas Python is procedure-oriented and Object-Oriented Programming Language. PHP is used only for backend web development, not for general-purpose programming. Both Python and PHP are easy to use and learn.

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