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    The Salesforce Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy is precisely customized by Expert Salesforce CRM professionals to make the learners proficient with the Cloud-based Salesforce CRM software and its environment. During the Salesforce CRM Course, you will become well-equipped with the essential concepts such as the creation of reports and dashboards, data handling, workflow rules, validation rules, and security model. The Salesforce Trainers in Bangalore at FITA Academy provide training for the various global certifications namely – Salesforce Admin, Apex Development Platform, Salesforce App Builder, and Salesforce Lightning Development.

    Course Highlights and Why Salesforce Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy

    The Salesforce Coursewares are tailored in perspective to obtain industry-wide acceptance of your Expertise
    The Salesforce Course modules are designed by Salesforce CRM Experts in adherence to the global certification standard that is set by the Salesforce CRM
    An Extensive understanding of the Salesforce CRM software and its feature
    Able to Configure the Salesforce CRM and collate, retrieve and analyze the key details that are associated with a customer
    Know-how to develop different kinds of Report with the help of the Report Builder
    A holistic understanding of the Salesforce Validation, Objects, Field Types, and Rules
    Become Proficient with the Lightning components and develop solutions efficiently
    Capable of Implementing the Security features and Automation feature
    The Salesforce Trainers prepare the learners for the global certification exams namely - Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Lightning Development, Apex Development Platform, and Salesforce App Builder
    The Salesforce Training program at FITA Academy prepares the learners with the required technical competence and make them incorporate the professional skill sets and knowledge

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    20-01-2022 Weekend Thursday (Monday - Friday)
    22-01-2022 Weekend Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)
    Salesforce Training In Bangalore Batches

    Classroom Training

    • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the FITA Academy branches near you
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    Instructor-Led Live Online Training

    • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Training. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
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    • Understanding What is Salesforce
    • Why use Salesforce?
    • Different Salesforce Modules
    • Salesforce Data Model 
    • Salesforce Navigation Methods
    • Developing a Simple HTML Document
    • Viewing the HTML Document with the aid of Browsers
    • Getting to know kinds of Web Browser - Chroma, Safari, IE, Mozilla, UC Web browser
    • Webpage Vs Website 
    • Understanding the URLs / Domains 
    • Learning about Web Servers 
    • Learning about Web Hosting 
    • Learning and Handling the Company Profile Settings
    • User Interface -Configuration
    • Configuring Activities
    • Configuring Calendars
    • Knowing and Configuring the Search Settings
    • Knowing and Setting the Chatter Groups
    • Knowing and Handling the User Profiles
    • Handling the Users in Salesforce
    • Learning about the Chatter Free Users and Invites
    • Learning and Troubleshooting the Login Issues
    • Become familiar with the Users and Profiles
    • Learn about the Roles and the Permission Sets
    • Get acquainted with the Sharing Rules
    •  Control the User Logins
    • Learn about the Standard Objects
    • Learn about the Custom Objects
    • Understand different Groups
    • Understand different Teams
    • Handle Field Level Security
    • Standard Field
    • Custom Fields
    • Handle the Standard Fields
    • Create Custom fields
    • Picking up Lists and Searching for fields
    • Learning and Creating Fields with Formulas
    • Learning the Business Processes
    • Learn about the Record Types
    • Ensure the Data Quality
    • Working with the layouts of the page
    • Getting the data from the different sources
    • Understanding Import Wizards
    • Working with the Data Loader and Data.com
    • Managing the Mass Transfer of Data
    • Restore Data
    • Backup of Data
    • Getting to know the Reports and Dashboards
    • Learning and Using the Report builder
    • Developing New Reports
    • Modification of Reports
    • Using of the Report Filters
    • Using the Visual Summaries
    • Printing Reports
    • Emailing Reports
    • Exporting Reports
    • Building and Handling Reports
    • Learning and Using the Process Builder
    • Creating and handling the Workflow rules
    • Usage of Email Templates
    • Learning the Support Process
    • Customization of the Support Process
    • Handling the Support Cases and Resolving them
    • Automation of the Support Process
    • Application of the Salesforce Console Service
    • Knowing the capabilities of the Core CRM Objects
    • Limitations of the Declarative Customizations
    • Know when to use the Programmatic Customizations
    • Creating the requested Data Model
    •  Defining Relationship Types
    •  Impact on the Record Access 
    • Modifying the Field Type
    • Learning and Using the Schema builder
    • Importing of Data
    • Exporting of Data
    • Managing of the External Objects
    • Learning the Customization options
    •  Exploring Record Types 
    • Creating Links, Actions, and Custom Buttons
    • Understanding List Views 
    • Exploring Social Features 
    • Following Best Practices for UI Design
    • Knowing the Formula Fields
    • Advantages of the Formula fields
    • Knowing the Summary fields and their kinds
    • Developing and Handling the Validation rules
    • Restriction of Object Access 
    • Restriction of Record 
    • Restriction of Field Access 
    • Extending Access to Object, Field, and Record
    • Providing Clear Solutions for Sharing Data 
    • Getting acquainted with the Process Builder in Salesforce 
    • Working on the lightning Process Builder 
    • Using Workflows for Process Automation
    • Exploring Business Process Automation 
    • Handling Field Updates 
    • Learning and Implementing Recursion 
    • Learning the Application Life Cycle in Salesforce 
    • Functioning with Sandboxes 
    • Functioning with Change Sets 
    • Understanding Managed Packages
    • Understanding Unmanaged Packages 
    • Creation and Implementation of a suitable Deployment Plan 
    • Creating Reports using Advanced UI 
    • Understanding Various Report Types 
    • Creating and Managing Dashboards 
    • Incorporating Lightning Components using Declarative Options 
    • Customizing Salesforce1 User Interface using Declarative Options 
    • Knowing the Limitation of the Declarative Tools
    • Learning about AppExchange
    • Learning about Apps from the AppExchange
    • Need for the Programmatic Solutions
    • Functioning with Objects and Fields
    • Learning of the Objects in Salesforce Platform
    • Various kinds of Objects
    • Learning about Standard Objects
    • Learning about the Custom Objects
    • Learning and Handling Custom Fields
    • Creation of Fields with Relationships
    • The necessity for the Formula fields
    • Learning and Creating the Custom Formula Fields
    • Comprehending the Roll-up Summary
    • Developing fields with the Roll-up Summary
    • More on Record Types
    • Learning the Capabilities of the Record Types
    • Getting to know the APEX Platform
    • Learning the Apex Builder, Apex Code, ApexAPI
    • Key aspects of understanding the Apex 
    • Knowing the difference of Apex from other programming languages like C# and Java
    • Learning Apex Development Process
    • Write Simple Apex Code
    • Execute Simple Apex code
    • Using Variables and the Data Types in Apex
    • Learning the sObject Data Type
    • Learning Primitive Data Types
    • Comprehending and Working with the Control Statements in Apex
    • Learning Governor and Governor Limits for the Apex Transaction
    • Learning about Classes and Objects
    • Using the Class Methods and Variables
    • Learning about Constructors 
    • Learning about Access Modifiers
    • Learning about Interfaces
    • Understanding the usage of Annotation and Keywords
    • Learning about SOQL
    • Writing the Basic Queries and Using the SOQL 
    • Write the Dynamic Queries
    • Learning about Relationship Queries
    • Learning about Parent-child Relationships
    • Learning about the Queries which traverses
    • Traversing Child to Parent Relationship with Queries 
    • Traversing Parent to Child Relationship with Queries 
    • Learning about the DML statements
    • Using the DML Statement for Insert, Delete, Merge Records, and Update
    • Different Methods for Invoking DML Statements using the Apex
    • Writing the Apex code for performing Data Manipulation
    • Learning about Triggers
    • Advantages of Triggers
    • Learning about Syntax of the Trigger
    • Become familiar with Before and After Triggers
    • Get to know about Bulk Trigger
    • Learn about the Trigger Exceptions
    • Operations that shall not Invoke The triggers
    • Understand and Use the Trigger Context Variables
    • Learning about List Declarative Mechanisms
    • Learning to implement the Complex Business Logic by using the Triggers
    • Methods for improving the Programming Solutions that use the Declarative Functionality
    • Learning about the Trigger Order of Execution
    • How the Order of Execution has Impacted on the Triggers
    • Learning about the Lifecycle of the Apex Transaction
    • Learn about the Lifecycle of the Static Variables
    • Working more on the Visualforce Pages
    • Display of Data
    • Working with the Standard Controller Actions
    • Learning of the Controller Extension
    • Building a Custom Controller
    • Defining the Properties of the Custom controller
    • Developing Custom Methods
    • Invoking the Custom Methods
    • Learning the Standard List Controller
    • Creation of SOSL Query
    • Learning the necessity for the Custom List Controller
    • Handling and Creating the Custom List Controller
    • Identifying the Possibility of the Declarative Solution of the Problem
    • Learning the General Governor Limits
    • Learning about the Security Concerns and Limits
    • Testing of the Visualforce Controllers
    • Learning how the Visualforce Controllers Interact with the Views
    • Writing the Test for Controllers, Getters, Action Methods, and Setters Properties
    Salesforce Training In Bangalore Details

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    Trainer Profile

      • The Salesforce Developer Trainers in Bangalore at FITA Academy provides the right approach to the Conceptual and Practical Aspects of the Salesforce tool
      • The Salesforce Tutors in Bangalore at FITA Academy are Certified professionals with 10+ years of Experience in the Salesforce platform
      • The Salesforce Instructors at FITA Academy trains the students efficiently on the Salesforce Software and its environment 
      • The Salesforce Mentors at FITA Academy equips the aspirants proficiently to take up the global certification exams that are conducted by the Salesforce to enhance their career scope
      • The Trainers at FITA Academy are Expert Salesforce Professionals who have worked on above 25+ Salesforce projects
      • The Salesforce Tutors at FITA Academy Supports the students in the Profile building process and provides them with the necessary Interview tip and training
      • The Salesforce Instructors at FITA Academy provides equal individual focus to all the learners and train them with the necessary technical skills
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    Real-Time Experts as Trainers

    At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

    LIVE Project

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    Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

    Affordable Fees

    At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


    At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

    Placement Support

    Tie-up & MOU with more than 1200+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

    Salesforce Certification Training Institute in Bangalore

    About Salesforce Certification Training Institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy

    Salesforce Training In Bangalore Certification

    Salesforce Certification Training Institute in Bangalore

    Upon the completion of the Salesforce Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy, the participants of the Salesforce Training Course will be rewarded with certification. This Certificate acts as an authentic proof for validating your skills and knowledge gained during the training course. Showcasing or mentioning this accomplishment certificate aids in your resume or professional network helps in boosting your profile significantly. Besides, earning the credentials of the FITA’s Salesforce Certificate, obtaining a global level certification helps immensely in accelerating your career path in the Cloud-based CRM domain. The Salesforce CRM Instructors in Bangalore at FITA Academy assist and guide the students in clearing the Salesforce global certification exam such as Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Builder, and Salesforce Developer Certification. Our trainers impart the students with the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed for clearing these Certification exams.

    Salesforce Training In Bangalore Reviews

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    Job Opportunities After Completing Salesforce Training in Bangalore

    Salesforce Training In Bangalore with Placement Support

    Recently, all the organizations have laid more emphasis on customer needs and satisfaction. Businesses have shifted from the notion of customer acquisition to retention & constant. And this notion has mandated the business to increasingly embrace the CRM tool for serving the customers round the clock. For any business to sustain itself in the marketplace they need a customer for that matter whether it is a small or large scale firm at end of the day the products and services are being utilized by the customers. Thus, knowing and understanding your customer needs is one of the best attributes for a business. Over here, Salesforce aids the enterprises with the best platform to manage the customer interactions and all concerns of the business on a single page. It is a platform with more than 800+ functionalities with a rich ecosystem that consists of customer and workflow management, continuous monitoring, analytics, social media, collaboration, email, IoT Integration, Lead Generation, and Sales forecast tools. Further, the other benefit of using the Salesforce tool is that this tool is deployed on the Cloud platform.

    It indicates that it requires less installation or hardware costs are charged at the time of adopting the Salesforce application as the CRM tool. Also, the Salesforce software is curated in the aspect to cater to the recent technologies namely – Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing. 

    Based on the recent survey collected from the Business Insiders, it is stated that by the end of 2024, Salesforce is anticipated to create more than 4.2 million jobs globally. Further, according to the independent survey reports by 2022, the demand for skilled Salesforce developers is anticipated to hit 3.3 million with more than 200,000+ companies switching themselves to the Salesforce platform. From the above statistics and reports, it is clear that the career path for a Salesforce developer is lucrative and also the packages offered for the Salesforce developers are extremely good. 

    The median remuneration offered to the Salesforce Developer is Rs. 3,70,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 yearly. The titles offered upon the completion of the Salesforce course are – Salesforce Developer, Salesforce consultant, Salesforce Business Analysts, Salesforce Platform Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Technical Architect, and Project Manager. The Salesforce Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy provides intrinsic training on the Salesforce platform and its environment under the mentorship of Expert professionals. By the end of this Salesforce training, you will have obtained the top-notch professional and technical skill sets that are needed for a Salesforce developer. 

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    Student Testimonials

    Mahathi Iyyer

    The Salesforce Training @ FITA Academy was good. The Coursewares were up to the industry standards. I took Salesforce Administrator Training. The trainers were highly efficient and they thought everything in-depth! Also, the classes were highly flexible! Really, good work FITA Academy!

    Iyyenar E

    Completed the Salesforce Course @ FITA Academy! The course contained everything that a newbie must know. A special appreciation to my Salesforce Trainer who ensured that all the students of the training course were able to cope up with his flow. He didn't rush into the concepts! A good understanding of the Salesforce tool and its environment was obtained!

    Ananya Seth

    I did my Salesforce training in Bangalore @ FITA Academy! I liked the learning and training practices followed here! A wider focus on the different editions of the Salesforce tool was provided. The program had a special Interview training session which was highly insightful to the fresher candidates like me. Overall an excellent training program and I will refer it to all freshers! Thank you FITA Academy.

    Bennet Joseph

    I did the Salesforce App Builder training at FITA Academy! Neatly composed syllabus with a maximum practical approach helped me to understand the concepts easily. Also, My instructor was so proficient that he made us understand how the environment of a Salesforce App builder would be in a workplace. Glad that I took the training here! Nice work FITA Academy!

    Salesforce Training In Bangalore FAQ

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    Salesforce Training in Bangalore Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

    Salesforce is one of the popular Cloud Computing Services which helps companies to specialize in Customer Relationship Management. The Salesforce software allows businesses to make use of the Cloud technology to enable better connection with potential customers and partners. This Software also helps in integrating the various operations of an organization such as sales, commerce, marketing, IT teams, and services from anywhere across the globe with the aid of customer 360. Also, it is stated that this Software occupies the first position in the CRM domains and on the prospects of customer satisfaction.
    It is stated that the Salesforce Platform has outshined the global market with around 1, 50,000 companies are empowering their progress of business with the help of Salesforce. Right from the small scale companies to the well-established MNC's like Google & Facebook are utilizing this suite for their products and services to operate their businesses. Also, industries of the broader range have adopted this platform for their day-to-day process and work needs. The job opportunities for the Salesforce skilled professionals are abreast in the market & some of them are - Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Business Analysts, Salesforce Consultant. The average remittance offered for a Salesforce Developer is Rs. 3,70,000 to Rs. 4,80,000 yearly
    The Salesforce Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy can be opted by aspirants of any walk of life. However, the Salesforce Course is ideal for Graduates and Professionals namely - App Builders, Analysts, Software Administrators, IT Manager, Developers, Sales Managers, and Executives
    Yes, FITA Academy offers Weekend classes for the Salesforce Course in Bangalore.
    There are no specific requisites that are needed to be fulfilled. However, the aspirants who have coding knowledge or experience will be of added advantage for you to comprehend the concepts at ease.
    The Salesforce Trainers in Bangalore at FITA Academy are Certified Expert Professionals with more than 10+ years of experience in the CRM domain. We assign you only the Trainers who have undergone a rigorous interview process. The Salesforce Mentors at FITA Academy train the learners efficiently of the Salesforce software and prepare them to take the global certification exams to accelerate their career path in the CRM platform.
    We have flexibly scheduled the classes for the Salesforce Developer Training. You can opt for the Salesforce Online Training or the Offline mode of learning for the Salesforce Course.
    You need not worry about missing up a session. FITA Academy helps and assists you in re-scheduling all your missed sessions for the Salesforce Course. All you have to do is give a call to our help desk number.

    Additional Information

    Flourishing a business is not an easy job; it needs persistent efforts for boosting sales. However, you can not measure the growth of the businesses by selling their products or services to their existing customers. A business is termed to be successful only when it has the methodical and potent way of collecting the leads so that they can be ultimately converted into sales & customers. Earlier to perform these operations the organizations required enormous time and more workforce to execute. However, with today’s technically advanced world all these things shall be covered with the help of the Software.

    Earlier the CRM Software solutions were provided only on the “on-premise” model 15 years ago. The companies installed this software into their server and perpetuated it in-house. And with the on-premise CRM, the companies had to take more technical responsibilities like Infrastructure, System Design, and Server Management. This caused more disruption to the work schedule. The organizations were seeking the alternative method that would assist them and it flagstoned the novel kind of CRM which is the Cloud-based CRM. Also, in any of the Cloud-based CRM, you can see that applications are completely hosted by a Vendor and the organizations shall obtain access to the data via the web without any apprehension of the technical aspect of handling it. 

    Over time, the Cloud CRM has become popular and has outperformed the concepts of the On-premise CRM model as it does not incur any software licensing fee, and also the enterprises were not mandated to designate a specialized IT PRofessional to look at the infrastructure and the other technical aspects. This significantly benefited in the reduced cost and accelerated the way for increased sales and business expansion. The enterprises were direly in need of the Cloud CRM to deal with all kinds of customer service and streamlining their business operations to sustain the market. Undoubtedly, in the arena of the Cloud CRM domain, the Salesforce software has remarkably stood out in its performance, and also it is the global leader in the Cloud CRM platform. 

    Salesforce is the Cloud-based CRM tool, which is primarily developed for the purpose to enable organizations to operate efficiently and gain profit by cutting down the cost of the hardware infrastructure management. Further, on the deployment of the Salesforce CRM, the organizations were benefited from a wide range of attributes namely – Customer Support, Marketing, Training, Application Integration, and Management. 

    Customer Support Team – The Salesforce software helps the organization to keep the track of different customer issues, concerns, queries and address them immediately with quick solutions to retain their customers. 

    Marketing – The Professional edition of the Salesforce software assists the marketing team of an enterprise in creating and documenting the marketing campaigns to quantify the success ratio and rapidly give the leads to the respective sales team of the enterprise.

    Training – The Salesforce Software provides the enterprises the companies with dynamic support and training features that are above the benchmark standards. Any Salesforce developer shall easily find the answers to their queries with the aid of extensive online help and manual provided. 

    Application Integration – Salesforce is capable of unifying with the other system for extending its functionality via the Salesforce Business App store, i.e, the AppExchange. Salesforce has more than 2 million customers which also consists of the popular giants namely Facebook, Vodafone, and L’oreal. Salesforce is the market leader in Cloud-based CRM. 

    Management – With the feature of the Extensive Reporting Dashboards and Visual Dashboards, the Salesforce software assists the management of the enterprise with clarity on what’s happening in various teams of an organization. 

    The Salesforce Institute in Bangalore at FITA Academy provides a comprehensive understanding of the Salesforce CRM software and its applications proficiently with the guidance of Expert Mentorship. The Salesforce CRM Tutors at FITA Academy incorporate the required technical competence that is needed to sustain in the industry.