DevOps is one of the prospering careers at present and it is the frequently listed job profile in most of the Job portals site in India. In this blog, we have mentioned the 5 major skills that are required for a DevOps Engineer.

  1. Linux fundamentals and scripting 

Linux is an open-source and most reliable operating system amidst software professionals. When compared with other operating systems, Linux is one of the best operating systems that provide security and the most preferred OS as well. Several organizations have set up their environment in the Linux based System because of its extensive features.

At the time of the Configuration Management stage, most of the DevOps tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet develops the architecture based on the Linux Master Nodes.

These kinds of tools automatically help in managing the infrastructure with the help of scripting languages like Python and Ruby etc. Join DevOps Training in Bangalore, and gain more knowledge of DevOps skills.

Fundamentals of the Linux and Scripting language skills are more important when you begin with the Infrastructure Automation in the DevOps concept.

  1. Knowledge of different DevOps technologies and tools 

DevOps is always executed with the help of tools, but most of the time DevOps is understood as tools. Always remember the great quote from Scott Hanselman ” The most important tool we have as developers are automation”

DevOps’s main aim is to add value to the customers at a quicker pace. A Technical report about tools is an added benefit for you to embrace DevOps. Mentioned below are the DevOps tools that are divided into 10 Sections

  • Monitoring tools
  • Continuous Testing tools
  • Package Managers
  • Analytics tools.
  • Collaboration tools
  • Source control management tools
  • Application Life management and Issue Tracking tools
  • Continuous Integration and continuous delivery tools
  • Release orchestration tools
  • Cloud/Iaas/Paas/Serverless tools
  1. Infrastructure as Code

The advanced practice in the DevOps field is IAC (Infrastructure as Code). The features of source code are used to the infrastructure of applications like tracking, control, and storing in repositories, etc. By the development of IAC, the days of standard configured infrastructure and shell script are gone. The developer can develop infrastructure as code to produces less error and secure infrastructure.

  1. Security skills

DevOps is known for its automation, speed, and quality. When we increase the speed we end up with vulnerabilities and this gets to developed fastly into a code. DevOps engineers should be able to write code in a protected form to overcome different attacks. This is usually directed to the DevSecOps team, where features are combined from the beginning rather than at the end.

  1. Decision-making

Decision-making is one of the key elements. The developing nature of code should be handled by the person, who can be able to make quick decisions. The distribution of new code and quick delivery can provide a faster return to the clients and affords quick reviews from the end-user. It may lead to customer satisfaction.

You should focus on client’s satisfaction than local optimizations. Also, you should be technically strong with good knowledge of DevOps tools. Join DevOps Training in Chennai,and learn the technical skills of DevOps to become a professional DevOps Engineer.

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