TCS Salary for Freshers

TCS Salary for Freshers

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the leading multinational IT companies in India and abroad. In India, it is the second-largest IT company by market cap which provides the most trustable IT services around the world. TCS is known for the variety of services that it provides its clients, including the latest and advanced technologies. The services include Analytics and Insights, Blockchain, Cognitive Business Operations, Cyber Security, Enterprise Applications, Quality Engineering, Automation, AI, Cloud, etc. Some of the Industries that it provides its services are Banking and Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Communication, Media and Technology, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Public Services, Travel, Transportation, and Hospitability.

TCS Salary for Freshers is considered high compared to other companies which is a high advantage for employees working in TCS.

Why Choose TCS for your Career Growth?

We know that TCS is a dream company for many aspiring developers and professionals, who are waiting to work for the tech giant. Let us see some of the top benefits of working in TCS and let us move on to the main topic.

  • Work-Life Balance
  • We all want a healthy work-life balance where we can concentrate on both our life and work at the same time having healthy policies. In that factor, TCS makes sure that its employees get a good and healthy work-life balance. 23% of its employees have approved that TCS provides a good work-life balance for them. TCS provides around 33 days of holidays per year for all of its employees which is a lot higher than other IT companies.

  • TCS is a Brand
  • TCS promotes career growth for the employees by allowing and helping them to learn about the new technologies and tools through its Ievolve platform. Employees have access to this platform 24*7. There is no heavy load of work for employees as they are given work that can be handled per day. TCS also has created the Purpose4life platform through which employees can contribute to society by doing CSR activities. There is also a cab service available for employees doing the night shift. TCS also appreciates its employees who have done any achievements regarding the project by proving them GEMS through which they can buy things online. Since all these perks are provided, it is really a golden opportunity to work in TCS.

  • Work Environment
  • Work Environment and Work Culture are a couple of the factors that every employee looks forward to. TCS provides the same for its employees and has a diverse work environment where people from many parts of the country work together. A major percentage of the TCS employees approves TCS work environment as healthy and good. The TCS Company Salary purely depends on your skills, expertise, knowledge, and proficiency in technology.

  • People/Colleagues
  • As the employees who work in TCS are from different parts of the country, you can very well understand our country’s different cultures and diversity.

  • Leave Policy

TCS maintains a very good leave policy and thus the employees get paid leaves on special occasions. Pregnant women get 6 months of paid leave and other long leaves are also entertained.

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TCS Salary For Freshers

Mostly TCS is known for hiring experienced professionals but now TCS is open to hiring freshers also with a good amount of technical knowledge. Let us see the roles available in TCS and the TCS Company Salary for freshers and how much they are getting paid for their roles and responsibilities.

1. Assistant System Engineer Trainee

This is the first position that will be provided to you after you complete your graduation and got hired in TCS. The people given the positions of Assistant System Engineer are also called ASE Trainee. Let us see the roles and responsibilities of an ASE Trainee.

  • Building and maintaining Java application and Java Web-based services.
  • Get hands-on experience in Mainframe and Database Management, SQL, COBOL, DB2, and Unix.
  • Get trained in Unix, C++, and Oracle Technologies.
  • Build a web application using Java/J2EE and Websites like HTML, CSS 3, JavaScript, and Jquery.
  • Improve Customer Account Profile Usability by deploying reusable components using JavScript Prototyping and CSS.
  • Perform Data Cleansing and Data Conversion from legacy system to the Oracle ERP Database.
  • Examine the different phases of Systems Development Life Cycle – Requirement Engineering, Software Development, Software Testing, Deployment.
  • Create Scripts for automating the testing process of web pages using Selenium.

The salary of an Assistant System Engineer Trainee in TCS is around Rs. 3,36,877 per annum which is the TCS Starting Salary For Freshers as well as the TCS Highest Salary for Freshers.

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2. Assistant System Engineer

Once you gain one year of experience as Assistant System Engineer Trainee you will be promoted to Assistant System Engineer where you will be assisting the System Engineer with projects and works. Let us now discuss the roles and responsibilities of an Assistant System Engineer.

  • Help in providing day-to-day operational support for server, storage, or network infrastructures.
  • Develops, Patches, Tests (Analyse for compatibility issues, conducts QA) and implements systems and platforms, delivering clients’ needs and specifications.
  • Deploys Changes to infrastructure with the aim of improving performance.
  • Helps with storage and server data backup, data migration, and disaster recovery operations.
  • Helps with Software and Operating System upgrades and tracks system licensing.
  • Helps with configuring system settings and giving permissions for groups and individuals.
  • Offering Technical support to users by getting rid of problems related to network or platform performance.
  • Records normal procedures and troubleshooting procedures related to systems/networks software and hardware.
  • Preserve Office and Production Software, Support Utility Software and hardware. (ie) perform virus malware protection, office application suites, and application software.

The Salary of an Assistant System Engineer in TCS is around Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs per annum.

Students can also choose Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and become the Automation Testing Engineer which is also one of the popular roles in TCS.

3. System Engineer

Becoming a System Engineer is the highest position you can reach as an Engineer. Employees can reach this position only after two years of work experience. Employees positioned as System Engineers will directly work under the team lead, tech-consultant, or project manager. The roles and responsibilities of a System Manager are,

  • Checking existing systems to make sure the Structural Integrity is right.
  • Check the development and installation of new hardware and software.
  • Launch Operating Systems and other software and daily check the launched software for glitch detection and other issues.
  • Offer technical direction to other IT Staff.
  • Make sure you provide constant availability for technical resources.
  • Design and Deploy security systems and redundant backups to maintain data safely.
  • Write customized scripts to lessen the human intervention.

System Engineers have to work in the same position for the next 3 to 4 years to learn in-depth about the technicalities of the position. The salary of a System Engineer in TCS is around Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs per annum.

Learning the Software Testing Training in Chennai at FITA Academy will help the aspirants to be the best Manual or Automation Testers in TCS.

4. IT Analyst

After having experience of 6 to 7 years, you will be promoted to the IT Analyst position. The IT Analyst requires one to do the analysis job and give recommendations to the development team. The IT Analyst is no longer required to do the development job. The roles and responsibilities of an IT Analyst are,

  • Launch and set up hardware and software components
  • Enhance Systems to enable compatible software
  • Launch and Enhance Anti Virus Software
  • Test and Analyze New Technology
  • Complete Tests on new Hardware and Software
  • Evaluate IT requirements and provide the correct advice on the use of IT
  • Create new user accounts and profiles and take care of password issues

In TCS, the salary of an IT Analyst ranges from 5 to 8 lakhs per annum.

The TCS Package for Freshers varies from professional to professional as it depends on experience, skills, and knowledge.

5. Assistant Consultant

Employees are promoted as Assistant consultants after having 7 years of experience in TCS. The Assistant Consultant’s roles and responsibilities may differ based on the project. The main responsibility of the Assistant consultant is to consult with many clients and assist the other clients for the next few years. Let us now see the other roles and responsibilities of an Assistant Consultant.

  • Take over short-term and long-term projects and handle a variety of issues and needs.
  • Arrange a meeting with management to understand their requirements.
  • Utilize surveys etc to collect the essential data.
  • Perform Data Analysis to find and understand a problem or issue.
  • Present the findings to the regarding staff or executives.
  • Offer advice or recommendations to improve according to objectives.
  • Devise plans to deploy suggestions and overcome objections.
  • Provide training to people.
  • Analyze the situation in a timely and do adjustments when needed.
  • Update your knowledge of the industry, products, and field.

The salary of an Assistant Consultant ranges from 11 lakhs to 14 lakhs per annum.

As we know the TCS Salary for Freshers is one of the most considered factors by the freshers, we have set the syllabus and provided training to help students gain more proficient knowledge that helps to shine well in their working environment.

6. Associate Consultant

Once you gain a maximum work experience of more than 10 years, you are eligible for the Associate Consultant role. The Associate Consultant role is fully performance-based. In TCS, there is more than one consultant as TCS is generally a Consultant company providing IT services. Moving on to the roles and responsibilities of an associate consultant.

  • Assessing the project requirements based on the Client’s Specifications.
  • Developing requirement specifications and detailing processes.
  • Analyzing recommended solutions and researching alternatives.
  • Enhancing operations by leveraging processes, protocols, and policies.
  • Developing detailed project strategy and executing risk mitigation.
  • Helping the project team with deploying the project.
  • Reaching out to clients and discussing the project scope and its progress.
  • Arranging client meetings to discuss project issues.
  • Carrying out regular quality assurance checks on activities.

The salary of an Associate Consultant in TCS ranges from Rs. 16.6 lakhs to 23.6 lakhs per annum.

The TCS Salary for Freshers will be revised and increased once you move onto the high level and gain more experience.

7. Consultant and Senior Consultant

The job roles of a consultant and an associate consultant are similar, but a senior consultant’s responsibilities vary from that of the consultant, including the salary.

  • Handling Content Development.
  • Solving client queries and problems.
  • Handling and guiding junior consultants.
  • Assisting in business development activities.
  • Carrying out financial analyses.
  • Checking computing needs, drawbacks, and requirements.
  • Governing daily operations within the department.

Some of the skills required for the senior consultant role are a great understanding of IT infrastructure and security, proficient organizational and leadership skills, excellent communication, and analytical skills.

The salary of a Senior Consultant in TCS, having more than 12 years of work experience ranges from Rs. 21 to 24 lakhs.

8. Principal Consultant

The Principal Consultant is the supreme role in the technical domain. He/She is responsible for leading many consultants and allocating the tasks for each consultant. Their primary responsibility is to communicate with higher authorities like Vice President and CEO.

  • Find and reach out to new potential clients for new business engagements.
  • Develop strong business relationships with existing customers for repetition of business.
  • Continue frequent client communication, client visits and make sure of client satisfaction.
  • Organize meetings with clients and management to discuss project scope, budget, and timeline.
  • Create business proposals, Statement of Works (SOW), and other reports if required.
  • Discuss project terms and conditions with clients as needed.
  • Deploy product development initiatives to meet future client needs.
  • Find project risks and challenges to develop solution plans.
  • Arrange regular client meetings, prepare client invoices and assess engagement letters.

The salary of a Principal Consultant in TCS ranges from Rs. 30 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum.

There are many job roles and designations in TCS apart from the job roles discussed here. So kindly explore the other job opportunities and make the best of them.


The TCS Salary Structure For Freshers varies according to the job roles and the domain. But after some research about the salary for freshers in TCS, TCS does provide a good salary for them for their skills and qualifications. The Fresher Salary in TCS purely depends on the knowledge, skills, job role, and responsibilities. There are many job roles and designations in TCS apart from the job roles discussed here. So kindly explore the other job opportunities and make the best of them. To join the TCS company, enroll in FITA Academy and learn any of your desired courses like Software Testing Training in Chennai and make use of our first-class training and placement support.

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