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Difference between Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI are the two predominant terms of Computer Science. These technologies are used for designing many intelligent systems. The present technological world is paying a lot of attention to Machine Learning and AI techniques. AI and Machine learning have more differences in their algorithms, approach, and logical terms. This article discusses the […] Read More

Scope and Career Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence- ” The Science of making Intelligent Machines, especially Intelligent Computer programs”. It is the process of making a machine to think like a Human and copy the way they would do. AI is primarily designed for understanding how humans work, think, and how they can face a problem and these features are instilled […] Read More

Real-Time Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI- Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science that indicates the progress of a machine’s intelligence, working and behavior pattern like a human. AI is very popular, it is used widely and commonly discussed technology in the present business community. We are thinking that Machine learning and AI is the future technology, but just […] Read More

Top 5 Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Before thirty years, Artificial Intelligence was a stand-alone technology. The application of Artificial Intelligence technology is now popular in every circle of life. Learn Artificial Intelligence training at FITA and gain more knowledge in the latest technologies. Let us discuss the Five latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence. Natural Language Generation More than a human brain […] Read More

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

AI becomes one of the important parts of Science. It applies a highly complicated mixture of mathematics, computer science, and other complex science. Complicated programming supports these machines to replicate the cognitive capacities of human beings. Artificial Intelligence Course helps you to attain a deeper understanding and necessary skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence. […] Read More

The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence In Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence is the possession of simulated human intelligence by machines, it is synonymous to machine intelligence. It is programmed and designed by developers and it can act and think like a human. AI becomes one of the important parts of daily life. In a wide area of day-to-day services, AI technology is used. This […] Read More

Trending News In Artificial Intelligence

Today is one of the special days in the history of China and tech world. Chinese news broadcaster called Xinhua has launched an AI-based news anchor that can be live 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The news anchor will tirelessly read news from anywhere in the world. The broadcaster has synched […] Read More