Google Salary For Freshers

Google is an american multinational and top most information technology company. The company mainly focuses on artificial intelligence, digital advertisements, cloud-computing, search engines, computer softwares, quantum computing, consumer electronics, and e-commerce services. Since, the company stands first and smartest among all the technological firms, it has wider opportunities and career benefits for freshers with a great google salary for freshers.

Through this blog, we are going to discuss the company’s prospects, rapid growth, career opportunities for freshers, job roles and responsibilities, employment benefits, and their annual salary package for freshers.

Applicable Candidates for Google Jobs

Candidates who are passionate about artificial intelligence, cloud-computing, online advertisement, computer softwares and applications, quantum computing, electronic commerce, sales and retail services, search engine, and consumer electronics are best suitable candidates. If any of the candidates are interested in these core areas, then google is the ideal place to dive in. Besides, applicants who are keen about learning new things and innovate novel ideas are eligible for google freshers jobs with an excellent google salary for freshers. As the company is majorly focused on AI, we urge freshers to learn Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai. This course may enrich you with the tremendous amount of artificial and machine learning strategies to implement innovative ideas.

Application Procedure to Apply for Google Freshers Jobs

Google allows enthusiasts or freshers to go through six stages of preliminary and significant interview, and selection process to hire. Some of them are given below

  • Identify Potential – This is the first and preliminary stage of the interview process, where Google advises fresh graduates to identify their potential capabilities before searching for different job roles. Through this option, every candidate is allowed to detect their own potentials which are very essential for google freshers jobs.
  • Searching for Best Job Roles – In this stage, google urges the applicant to search for the desired job roles which matches their qualifications and meets their acquired skills.
  • Submitting the Resume – In this stage, google enthusiasts are encouraged to submit their recent or updated resume to their official web-page for further consideration.
  • Online Application – Through this mode, the candidate needs to fill all the particulars, along with their important qualifications for successful submission.
  • Interview Selection Round – After the application shortlist, the candidates are allowed to attend various stages of the interview process for skills and quality assessment.
  • Decision and Offer letter Roll-out – This is the final stage of the applications selection process, where the qualified and selected candidates are offered with an appointment letter for onboarding.

Qualification Criteria for Google Freshers Jobs

Applicants need to meet some qualification criteria to apply for various job posts at Google. Some of the significant qualification criteria are as follows

  • The candidate needs to possess a relevant degree in computer science or any other information technology related field.
  • The degree must be BCA, MCA, B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech or relevant degrees,
  • The candidate must possess an average score percentile of 65% or above throughout the academic semester ( in terms of CGPA, it must be greater than or equal to 6.5 GPA).
  • The candidate should not have years of gap from the date or year of graduation to the year of employment, a minimum of one year is acceptable in Google Inc.
  • The applicant should not have any kind of academic backlogs throughout the past or present academic semester.

Make you qualified for all the google job roles through completing and earning a certification Data Science Courses in Bangalore at FITA Academy. This course will teach you with all the necessary strategies to gather and process data for a company’s growth and prospects. In addition, data science courses and certification may lead to increased Google Package for Freshers.

Google Application and Selection Process

Google assesses the skills and talents of freshers through 3-4 rounds of interview assessment process which are as follows

  • Online Written Assessment – In this phase, all the candidates are provided with some fundamental questions related to google and information technology, where the candidate needs to answer and submit the assessment.
  • Virtual Chats – Before moving into the critical interview assessment interview round, in this phase the applicant needs to answer some few questions either through chats or short videos.
  • Assignment of Project Works – Rarely or sometimes, the applicants are assigned with small project works, where the candidate needs to complete and submit the assigned work in due time. So that the project files can be assessed and results can be updated.
  • Critical Interview Selection Rounds – In this section, all the shortlisted candidates are allowed to attend the technical interview round. Here, they are assessed with some sort of technical or aptitude questions. Through this test phase, the intellectuality, innovative mind, quantitative, and reasoning skills are all assessed through the recruiters or company’s representatives.

Google Salary Structure for Freshers

The google package for freshers varies from freshers to experienced professionals. It depends on the years of hand-on experiences the candidate possesses, the skills and type of job roles. Here, we have approximated some average salary of a fresher at Google in the below chart.

Freshers who want to hike their basic salary package, they can complete a certification in full stack through Full Stack Developer Course in Bangalore. This skill may increase the probability of the highest Google Fresher Salary.

Basic Skills, Job Roles and Responsibilities of Frehsers at Google

Escalation Engineer

Escalation Engineer is responsible for affording technical support to all the technical departments and aids in resolving the issues faced by the clients. Freshers seeking this job role with an excellent Google Salary for Freshers are required to possess the following key skills: good understanding of computer hardware and software systems, proficiency in hardware problem troubleshooting, ability to resolve complex technical issues along with good interpersonal and communication skills. As a escalation engineer, they are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Responding promptly to the customer complaints and issues raised by them.
  • Conduct research on issues and attempt to identify the solutions.
  • Investigate and Engineer both the product and platform issues.
  • Detect, Propose, and Implement the faster escalation process through adequate improvements.
  • Record and archive all the customer service calls through the customer relation management system.
  • Perform software testing procedures to test the fundamental softwares for the improvement of performance and reliability.
  • Afford technical support through providing tools, and needy solutions.

In order to become an escalation engineer, learn Software Testing Course in Chennai. This course will teach you with all the testing strategies required for developing error-free applications.

Information Technology Manager

Information Technology managers are responsible for the supervision of information on computing needs, effective systems operations, and relevant hardware and computer software systems. Freshers seeking this job role with feasible Google Salary for Freshers are required to possess the following skills: any hands-on experience in network and network installation, proficiency in computer hardware, installation capability, wireless technology, IT security, Microsoft Azure, Windows, and excellent management skills. As a information technology manager, they are associated with the following key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Management of staff through hiring, training, and making them meet job requirements.
  • Evaluating the company’s annual budget and ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the products.
  • Screening and Supervising the daily reports on work basis which includes hardware, software, and operating systems management.
  • Integrating the installation technologies and upgrading the application with recent versions and tools.
  • Identifying the new technologies and selecting the reliable products for the replacement of old products and services.
  • Involved in testing, detecting, and modifying the issues raised as a result of a corrupted operating system, and attempting to resolve those issues.
  • Ensuring all the activities goes well with optimal performance, application laws, codes and fundamental regulations.

Become an exceptional information technology manager through learning RPA Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy. This course will teach you significant robotic based processing techniques and automation procedures.

Performance Tester

Performer tester affords expertise in testing of system performances, the potentiality to use tools for improved performance, utilizing the Load Runner, J-Meter, and Blazemeter to enhance the system performance. Freshers seeking this job role with an affordable Google Salary for Freshers are required to possess the following skills such as software testing, software engineering, and relevant experience in monitoring the system performance and testing their performance. As a performance tester, they are concerned with certain key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Study the business scenarios for better insights to business solutions.
  • Understanding the non-functional and functional requirements.
  • Reviewing the objectives of the business level agreement.
  • Developing and testing the software scripts for error-free services.
  • Detecting the critical processing parameters for testing purposes.
  • Interpretation of analysis results and represent it in a graphical format.
  • Detecting issues and suggesting improvements for better performances.

Enhance your performance testing skill with Selenium through enrolling for Selenium Training in Chennai. Since, this course is associated with software training and testing, it will add supplemental merit to the performance testing.

Product Support Engineer

Product Support Engineers play a crucial role in the supervision of plants and factories. They tend to support engineering teams, define safety protocols, report issues to the company managers, and develop strategies to increase the efficiency and profit prospects. Freshers seeking this job role with a feasible Google Salary for Freshers are required to possess the following skills: proficiency in computer aided design, expertise in microsoft related products, microsoft excel, and critical problem-solving skills. As a product support engineer, they are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Overseeing the manufacturing and production process, and ensuring the product quality.
  • Collaborating with other employees for developing newer plans for increased production process.
  • Detecting and resolving the identified problems along with proper solutions.
  • Connecting the safety procedures and protocols for the products.
  • Analyzing the faults and issues of all the production process and suggesting other countermeasures to improve it.

Become an exceptional product support engineer through learning Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. This course will enrich you with all the digital marketing strategies to improve the company’s business and trading.

Search Engine Optimization Executive

The SEO Executive is concerned with enhancing the company’s website and the client’s website for increasing the web-traffic. Usually, they tend to do keyword research and limit the content repetition. Freshers seeking this job role with a feasible Google Salary for Freshers are required to possess the desired skills such as expertise in SEO, extensive knowledge current, google analytics, and web-designing. As a search engine optimization, they are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Perform both on-site and off-site analysis for web-based competitive contents
  • Utilizing the google analytics to gather performance.
  • Developing and managing high-quality content for better SEO optimization.
  • Affording support for the development of blog content.
  • Identifying the better volume keyword for the optimization nfo blog content.
  • Closely work with Search Engine Marketing Strategies and protocols.

SEO Executives always play with keyword tools and keyword searches, therefore we urge you to pursue and earn additional certification in SEO through SEO Training in Bangalore.

Employment Benefits at Google Inc

Freshers and experienced professionals at Google are provided with a variety of employment perks and benefits which are as follows

  • Employees are provided with free foods and snacks during their work hours.
  • It also offers cooking classes to all the workers for the benefit of a social well-being family in terms of cooperative cooking and home management.
  •  Google also covers the health and family life care management along with numerous life and financial insurances and policies.
  • In order to keep their employees fit and healthy, Google also offers free gymnastics and coaching classes to keep them engaged, fit, and healthy throughout the years.
  • Then, it also provides massage centers for better massage and herbal treatments.
  • In case of medical or emergency situations, Google also facilitates on-site medical staff for healthcare and treatment.
  • Google also covers financial compensation for accidental death, and unforeseen circumstances.
  • It also provides paid leaves for maternity and paternity.
  • It also provides free transportation services for the free movement of employees from the home to workspace and vice versa.
  • Google also affords international relocation opportunities for all the workers wishing to work from any nations. Avail all the international benefits and fast-process your visa application through earning a certification in foreign language through IELTS Coaching in Chennai.

Job Satisfaction Rate

Google is an amazing company whose job satisfaction rate is found to be 85%. We have considered the salary and benefits, work-life balance, work satisfaction, career growth, and job security are some of the factores, we have considered for estimating the average job satisfaction rate. The following chart shows the average percentage.

With a reference to our research and review on Google Salary For Freshers, we have found that this firm remains a leading international company with a tremendous amount of freshers’ benefits. The company has also started to focus on the ever-demanding areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to transform the current digital technologies. In future, Google also intends to deliver AI robots and AI-based web-applications and softwares. Therefore, we urge freshers as well as experienced professionals, to look for various job roles and open positions in Google Inc with excellent Google Fresher Salary.

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