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Why is Java highly suitable for mobile application?

Android phones run on Linux operating system. Java safeguards the native code from memory leaks and each platform in the Java language is used to compile for different functionalities in the Android development. Android apps can be developed using the different programming languages like Java, C, C++, HTML, python etc. There are so many new […] Read More

101 Important Java Interview Questions for Freshers

Java is a programming language and computing platform. It hits the top list of all the programming languages and has a wide range of job opportunities. The following Java Interview Questions for Freshers have been created specifically to get you familiarize with the nature of the question you can experience during your interview for the […] Read More

Latest 6 Code and framework to be followed in 2018

2018 is going to be the biggest year for developers for creating the landmark in many programming ecosystems. The entry of AngularJS 2 moved Node.js towards neutrality. Many developers felt JavaScript as fatigue, but others considered fatigued complaints as fatigue. Due to modularity controversy, Java 9 version was delayed. But Go 1.8 has entered into […] Read More

Habits of highly effective developers

Developers are the brains behind the most complex coding. Developers implement a combination of coding skills to achieve the desired results. One can become a good developer through Java Training in Chennai. There are certain habits of highly effective developers that make them the best in the market. Four-Hour Coding At first look, this tip looks […] Read More

Learning Techniques for JAVA

Java has been a technology in the frontline of the Information Technology world. This technology has been enjoying this position for quite a few years. The scope and demand for Java can be better experienced from within a company’s Information Technology development. Java is the first option that comes to the mind of experts when […] Read More

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