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Date class In Java: Formatting dates in java

In this blog, we will learn about the date class of the java, customizing the date formats along with the example programs, with this table of content… Date Class in java Constructors of the date class Methods of the date class Formatting dates with the DateFormat class Converting date to a string in java Formatting […] Read More

Length attribute in Java: Finding the size of an array

You might already know from the previous blogs that an array is a list or collection of homogeneous elements or a collection of elements of the same data type, So in this tutorial, we will look into how to find the length of an array and few useful practice programs for you where you will […] Read More

String Arrays In Java

In this blog, we will dive deep into understanding string arrays in java with this table of content… String Arrays in Java Declaring A String Array In Java Initializing String Array In Java Size Of A String Array Iterating In A String Array Searching Through A String Array Sorting A String Array Converting String Array […] Read More

OOPs In JAVA: Object Oriented Programming Concepts With Examples In Java

In this, we understand the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm of Java, deeply with this table of content… What is Object-Oriented Programming and Other Programming Paradigm Classes in Java Objects in Java Methods in Java Static and Non Static methods in Java Getter and Setter Methods in Java Major Concepts or Principles Of Object Oriented Programming […] Read More

Data Types In Java: Primitive And Non Primitive Data Types In Java

In this blog, I will drive you through the primitive and non primitive data types of java with this table of content… Data types in Java Types of Data Types Primitive Data Types In Java Non Primitive Data Types In Java Differences between primitive data type and non primitive data type of Java Check out […] Read More

Java Strings: String Functions In Java With Example Program

In this blog, we will cover in depth knowledge of strings in java using this table of content… What is a string? How strings are stored in java? Ways to define strings in java String as an array. So let us jump in to understanding String functions in java, starting with the strings in java… […] Read More

The Control Statements In Java

In this blog, I will explain control statements in java, when and how to use them with example programs. Let us first understand what are control statements in java, and their categories What are Control Statements in Java As statements give instructions to the program, control statements constraints the flow of the program. Control statements […] Read More

Threads and Multi threading In Java

In this blog, we will dive deeper into understanding the Threads in Java, with these steps… What are threads in Java? Thread Life cycle of Java States Of A Thread New state Runnable state Blocked or Suspended state Waiting state Terminated state Main Thread of Java Creating a Thread in Java Create thread using the […] Read More

Comparable and Comparator Interfaces In Java: Differences and their use case

In java, the behaviour of a class is specified by the implemented interface.There are two such interfaces as follows: Comparable in Java Comparator in Java For example consider you have an Employee class, with attributes as salary, days worked, name, bonus earned etc., and now to sort the list of employees based on the number […] Read More

Java programs For Practice

Here are the 13 java programs for you to practice and hone your programming skills with java. Basic program in Java Java Programs on numbers Programs on strings in Java Advanced Java Programs Programs on Arrays in Java Recursion Programs In Java Searching/Sorting Program In Java Java Programs on numbers Fibonacci Series Program In Java(without […] Read More