Cisco Salary For Freshers

Cisco Salary For Freshers

Cisco Systems is an international conglomerate company popular for outsourcing information technology services. The second investment hike allowed the company to occupy a leading position among all the emerging tech firms across the world. Now Cisco has thousands of job openings with excellent Cisco Salary for Freshers.

The company has been grasping global technologies to afford better solutions to information technology and networking. Cisco grows exponentially with youngsters and innovative candidates through providing different job roles, and responsibilities to them. This blog will consult you with effective information to get placed into Cisco Systems in India and worldwide.

Applicable Candidates for Cisco Job Roles

Ciscos is a great platform for the candidates who are passionate about information technology, and networking services. Besides, freshers who are intelligent, innovative with good verbal and communication skills; and ability to adapt for any work hours are eligible to apply. In addition to this, freshers with good problem-solving skills and ability to work collaboratively with both internal and external teams are also eligible to apply for various job roles which gives you a feasible Cisco Fresher Salary.

Application Procedures to Apply For Cisco Job Roles

To apply for various freshers’ roles at Cisco, applicants have two ways to submit and register the application. The procedures are as follows

  • Cisco allows freshers to locate and navigate for various job roles at their official career’s page of Cisco website, where the applicant can register and submit their application for the interview process.
  • The second option is to apply via online and attend the interview offline. The procedures for applying online involves the following process of steps: register with email or mobile number; enter basic candidate’s details, enter the verification pin received into your mobile or email, and submit and register for the off-campus interview round.

Upon successful submission of either of the applications. The application undergoes a series of review processes, where the human-resource team will communicate the shortlisted candidate and will let them know about the venu, and the dates of interviews. Earn additional batches through completing Python Training in Bangalore. It will increase the weightage of your resume and application.

Qualification Criteria for Freshers Job Roles at Cisco

 Applicants seeking numerous fresher roles with feasible Cisco salary for freshers must meet certain academic and qualification standards. They are as follows

  • Applicants must have completed any bachelor’s degree from engineering, technology, arts, and commerce.
  • Similarly, post graduates with any discipline are also eligible to apply.
  • The candidate must not hold any kind of backlogs throughout their academic career.
  • The candidate must possess a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in their academic semester or 6.0 to 6.5 of cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
  • No work experience is preferred for Cisco roles, but experienced candidates may get higher positions with the highest Cisco Fresher Salary.

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Candidate’s Selection Process

Cisco selects fresh candidates through a series of interview rounds. Any candidate who gets selected in the first round will go to the second round followed by the third round. The series of interview rounds are as follows

  • Written Interview Phase – Candidates are exposed to the written test where their quantitative, analytic, and logical reasoning are evaluated.
  • Technical Interview Round – Here, the selected candidates from the first round get evaluated and exposed to face-to-face interview rounds with company’s representatives.
  • Human-Resources Interview Round – In this phase, the candidates are interviewed directly with the Human-Resource Manager. Upon successful completion of this interview round, the selected candidate will receive an offer letter from the recruiter at the earliest.

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Documents Needs to Be Produced During Walk-In Interview

Important documentation must be produced during the interview. Candidates must bring the following important documents with them to a walk-in interview or an off-campus drive. For the application to be processed, the documents are required.

  • A current and up-to-date resume is required of the candidate.
  • To establish their identity, they must present an Aadhaar Card or another government-issued identification card, as well as recent passport-size photographs.
  • In addition, the applicant must possess a PAN card, passport, or voter identification card.
  • Photocopies should be made of all essential certifications, consolidated and original marksheets, and other important documentation.

Cisco Salary Structure

The Cisco Package for Freshers varies from freshers to experienced professionals. It also varies based on the years of practical experience and the application’s appropriate skill set. The chart below depicts the estimated freshers’ salaries at Cisco Systems.

Cisco Salary Structure

The salary package for freshers mentioned here is tentative and can vary in accordance to the company’s location, type of job roles, and the years of hands-on experience. Enroll in an Artificial Intelligence Course in Bangalore today to learn more about the profession and improve your chances of generating more revenue. The course attracts greater compensation focus in all IT sectors.

Fundamental Skills, Roles and Responsibilities of Cisco Jobs

Technical Interns

Technical Interns are the freshers who are hired to gain additional hands-on experience in information and technology and other IT services. For this intern role, the applicant must possess desired skills in significant programming languages such as Java, Python, Selenium, IT tools, and utilities. As a technical intern, the applicant is responsible for the following key roles and responsibilities

  • The applicant will be working with innovative technology with a particular focus on Cisco’s global clients.
  • The applicant needs to collaborate with industry’s leading engineers and tech experts.
  • Need to create a significant impact in network, cloud, and mobile security.
  • Archiving and Resolving customer’s issues with a focus on troubleshooting.
  • Troubleshooting customer’s technical issues in real-time and trying to fix them.

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Recruiting Sourcer

The Executive Talent Acquisition Sourcer/Coordinator will be in charge of locating possible VP+ candidates through web databases, contact lists, internal databases, and other market research.The ideal candidate will be smart, hardworking, and have 1-5 years of experience in a research/analytics-focused capacity. Experience working in Management Consulting (i.e. retained executive search), Strategy Consulting, Market Research, or other Professional Services contexts is preferred, but not necessary. Experience with HR or client-side Executive Talent Acquisition is optionally preferred. Exposure to the technology industry is advantageous. As a recruiting sourcer, they are concerned with the below listed key roles and responsibilities

  • Conduct confidential research and talent discovery inside the sector to identify Best-in-Class talent.
  • Work with ETA’s Executive Recruiters to generate ideas, utilize resources, and share information that will help you conduct a successful executive search.
  • Establish and support a more rigorous procedure for internal VP+ searches by providing external benchmark candidate suggestions.
  • On market/competitive intelligence initiatives, collaborate with the rest of the organization.
  • ETA’s extended ecosystem manages and distributes pertinent articles, analyst reports, and other industry competitive knowledge.

Marketing Engineer Trainee

Marketing campaigns and goods benefit from the technical expertise of technical marketing engineers. They work with sales teams to generate marketing materials, give technical product assistance to sales teams and clients, and take part in product demonstrations. Applicants who are willing to join market engineers with a feasible Cisco salary package for freshers must possess the desired skills in the following domains: which are SQL, Java, C/C++, .NET, and other IT experiences. As s marketing engineer trainee, they are bounded to fulfill the following key roles and responsibilities at workspace which are

  • Working on product development and campaign strategies with the marketing team.
  • Identifying the technical scope of potential projects and offering technical assistance.
  • Predicting technical product requirements and incorporating desired features into the design.
  • Creating technical marketing materials and products, monitoring product performance, and fixing faults are all tasks that must be completed.
  • Product specifications and functions are being taught to marketing teams.
  • Providing support to marketing teams at marketing events, product launches, and client sites.
  • Performing product demonstrations and giving presentations.
  • Answering client questions and providing technical product support are two of my responsibilities.
  • Process documentation and user manual compilation for the marketing team and clients.
  • Researching industry trends and associated technology to contribute to marketing plans.

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Data Science Analyst

A Data Analyst is a professional that gathers and analyses data from many sources across the organization in order to make educated decisions or to assist other team members and management in making sound decisions. Freshers seeking to this job role with good cisco salary for freshers must have acquired desired skills in the following domains: work experience in business data analyst; data models, data structures; MySQL Databases; Programmings, XML, Javascript, ETL Frameworks, SPSS, SAS and other relevant services. As a data science analyst, they are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities which are

  • Data should be interpreted, outcomes should be analyzed using statistical approaches, and reports should be sent on a regular basis.
  • Develop and deploy databases, data collection systems, data analytics, and other statistical efficiency and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Gather data from primary internal and secondary external sources and keep databases and data systems up to date.
  • In complex data sets, identify, analyze, and understand trends or patterns.
  • To detect and solve code flaws, filter and “clean” data by evaluating computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators.
  • Work with management to determine the most important business and information requirements.
  • Find and specify new opportunities for process improvement.

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Hardware Testing Engineer

Throughout the manufacturing process, test engineers inspect and report on product quality. They may employ different criteria to check quality depending on the product, such as functionality, durability, safety, and speed. Freshers who want this job role with excellent cisco starting salary for freshers are encouraged to apply for this position. Before that, the applicant needs to possess desired skills in quality management system, troubleshooting, networking and additional technical experience. As a hardware engineer, the person is responsible for the following key roles and responsibilities, they are as follows

  • Collect product specifications (e.g. functionalities, speed, safety standards)
  • Examine raw materials and machinery for flaws and faults.
  • Observe all stages of production to ensure that safety procedures are followed.
  • Carry out quality checks on both the components and the end products.
  • For all mechanical and electrical systems, create test environments and test cases.
  • Analyze test data, look for problems, and figure out what’s causing them.
  • Make suggestions for improvements and corrections.
  • Keep track of technical concerns and remedies.
  • Create automated testing systems that can be used on a regular basis.
  • Ascertain that our products and procedures adhere to industry best practises (e.g. ISO)

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Employment Perks at Cisco Systems 

Cisco System affords numerous perks and employment benefits to freshers as well as experienced professionals in order to keep them engaged with workspace. Some them are

  • Through the employee discount program, all the employees are provided with numerous discount vouchers for product purchases.
  • Freshers are always encouraged to work freely with flexible work practices.
  • For increased interactions and team bonding, Cisco affords sports and gaming practices to all workers.
  • Paid-off leaves and holidays during vacations and occasional trips.
  • Health and Life Insurances and Policies to all employees.
  • Adult Care Centers and Parent Support with Children’s Educational Assistance.
  • Prior to hiring freshers, Cisco affords soft-skill training and apprenticeships.

Freshers Job Satisfaction at Cisco

Cisco affords a great job satisfaction rate to freshers, which means that freshers are offered with numerous salary benefits parallel to reliable work experience. According to an employment survey the rating, salary benefits, work-life balance, work satisfaction, and job security is always greater than 80 percentile, whereas the career growth is equivalent to 78 percentile. Cisco’s job satisfaction is excellent compared to other IT firms, so it’s a great place to start a prospective career. Further, the estimated job satisfaction rate is represented in the below chart.

Freshers Job Satisfaction at Cisco  

All of the important guidelines and application methods for freshers to join Cisco with a competitive Cisco Salary for Freshers have been discussed in this post. The organization has a strong worldwide recognition and remains a significant resource for emerging information technology professionals. Candidates will take advantage of the environment’s innovative and enthusiastic atmosphere, which will help them progress effectively. Based on our extensive research, we highly urge freshers to approach Cisco and apply for numerous job positions. The applicant’s professional skills and qualities will make them well-known in any IT organization throughout the world.

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