Java Training in Bangalore

Java Training in Bangalore

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Course Description

We are living in a world, which completely rely on the Internet and data. Hence, it is very crucial to individuals trained in a programming language, which is portable, secure and simple to use. Thus, Java is getting its importance amidst the industry.

Java has made a revolution in the field of web development. There is no pre-requisite required to join Java Classes in Bangalore.

This course will be constructive for both graduates with a computer background and experienced professionals looking for domain change.

Core Java

In core, Java students will be learning about design, a compilation of codes. Java administers a huge library along with automatic memory cleanup. Java is independent of the platform on any operating system.

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

EJB is server-side application programming interface (API) for Java platform. The components are known as servlets. It is of two types: session and entity beans. It is used in the simplification of distributed applications.


Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition can be used in the development of web using various API services. Pure HTML and Java applications are supported in J2EE.

When compared to other positions in any IT company Java developers are filled in a matter of no time due to its demand in the market. Thus, getting a job will not be an issue for both fresher’s and professionals.

Curriculum of Java:

Core Java:

Data types, Variables, Methods and Operators
Object Oriented Programming concepts
Java Basics
Objects and Class
Access Levels
Access Specifiers & Modifiers
Exception Handling
Java I/O
Wrapper classes
Collection Framework
Java Threads
Java Beans
Garbage Collection
Java Networking
String, String buffer, String Builder


Entity beans
EJB transaction attributes values
Implementation of EJB in component level
Enterprise JavaBeans components
Component types of EJB
Stateful and Stateless session beans
EJB container services




Java is not a complete Object-oriented programming language. Illustrate.

It is due to the usage of eight primitive datatypes which are byte, char, Boolean, int, double, float, short and long, which are not objects.

Mention the types of loops.

  • For Loops
  • While Loops
  • Do While Loops

Mention the various access specifiers used in Java classes.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Protected
  • Default

How to generate random numbers in Java?

  • With the usage of Math.random() you can generate random numbers in the range greater than or equal to 0.1 and less than 1.0.
  • Also with the help of Random class in package java.util.