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FITA is to be considered as an option by professionals and students when choosing Java as a career. As we have chosen the best faculties from the industry to train our students. Java is used for web development overall platforms irrespective of the device used by the public to be viewed.

FITA aids the students to get their dreams to be achieved in a fun-filled environment. Our faculties have entire knowledge about the course, which is coordinated with the industrial requirements.

There is no value of learning Java as an additional course if the student is unable to resolve the issues ongoing in a company. Hence, the real-time experience is given equal importance to that of theory of the course. Best Java Training Institutes in Bangalore is an emerging trend in the IT industry.

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Course Description

We are living in a world, which completely rely on the Internet and data. Hence, it is very crucial to individuals trained in a programming language, which is portable, secure and simple to use. Thus, Java is getting its importance amidst the industry.

Java has made a revolution in the field of web development. There is no pre-requisite required to join Java Classes in Bangalore.

This course will be constructive for both graduates with a computer background and experienced professionals looking for domain change.

Core Java

In core, Java students will be learning about design, a compilation of codes. Java administers a huge library along with automatic memory cleanup. Java is independent of the platform on any operating system.

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

EJB is server-side application programming interface (API) for Java platform. The components are known as servlets. It is of two types: session and entity beans. It is used in the simplification of distributed applications.


Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition can be used in the development of web using various API services. Pure HTML and Java applications are supported in J2EE.

When compared to other positions in any IT company Java developers are filled in a matter of no time due to its demand in the market. Thus, getting a job will not be an issue for both fresher’s and professionals.

Curriculum Of Java:

Core Java:

Data types, Variables, Methods and Operators
Object Oriented Programming concepts
Java Basics
Objects and Class
Access Levels
Access Specifiers & Modifiers
Exception Handling
Java I/O
Wrapper classes
Collection Framework
Java Threads
Java Beans
Garbage Collection
Java Networking
String, String buffer, String Builder


Entity beans
EJB transaction attributes values
Implementation of EJB in component level
Enterprise JavaBeans components
Component types of EJB
Stateful and Stateless session beans
EJB container services



Interesting Facts About JAVA 11

Java 11 is widely used for the microservices and it is suitable for the containerized application. The change in the version shows that it is not as easy as the previous versions like Java 9 or Java 10. The syntax and semantic level of understanding of Java are the same irrespective of the version change. In the case of python, the meaning of the data type keys and the syntax are bringing in changes due to the version change. When using the python it is essential to decide about the version as the respective library and the coding part are totally different. The programming part of java is the same irrespective of the version used for the different projects. Let us discuss the modularization with java by the version change. Join the Java Training in Bangalore at FITA to know the standards that are rich with the focus towards the job industry.

Virtual Machine

The Grall is the new java JIT compiler and it shows that the usage of C2 jit is coming to end now. The new compilers are connected to the JVMCI compiler interface. Graal is the new virtual machine which supports more languages than JVM. GrallVM is used along with Java 11 for 30 to 40 percent. C2 is not added with any changes in the recent days and the maintenance part of C2 has become hard. It is believed by the Java community followers that bringing change into the C2 design is difficult. As it is difficult to integrate the changes required periodically the Oracle Corporation created the new Grall in Java. FITA is rated top among the Best Java Training Institutes in Bangalore. Step into the center and feel the excellence with your experience.

It is easy for new learners as it has a low difficulty level for beginners. Security and memory are enhanced. Java Course in Bangalore is designed for the studious students with in-depth syllabus coverage. It works much faster with the prototyping. The compiler works independently along with the hotspot and is fast in nature.

JVM intrinsic is the new feature in Java which takes advantage of the hardware capabilities to process. The hotspot supports a few intrinsic. This supports the specific functions or architecture of the operating system. The advantages of the new compiler are as follows.

Run Time Environment

Open JDK is introduced in the place of Oracle JDK and more than 50 percent of the applications are using open JDK by this year 2019. JDK folder is available with the java and JRE folder is not available in the latest version of java. JRE and JDK both look like duplication and it is a waste of time for the developers to use the JDK. Java Training Institutes in Bangaloreshows the interest of the technical people in Bangalore to support the workforce all over the world.

If the developer is using GUI desktop and working on a mobile development project then modularization is essential to use Java 11. System admins and developers will install JDK constantly and these installations are no longer required. Java applets and java web start are used in place of the JRE. The support for the Java will come from the non-oracle authorities like Red Hat, Amazon, multi-vendor and Azul systems as the ownership of open JDK is given to the red hat. FITA is the best place to explore programming language among the Java Institutes in Bangalore.

Release Of Java 12 And Java 13

Java 12 is expected with many new features like a low pause new garbage collector, create the microbenchmarks, the switch expressions are like statements or expressions for the pattern matching. This will reduce the burden of everyday coding. The constants that are loadable are used to nominal the key class file and run time artifacts. On the 64 bit platform to generate a class data sharing (CDS) the JDK build process is generated. If the G1 memory exceeds the paused target then it is aborted. When the G1 memory is idle it returns the memory which is excess to the operating system. Java Classes in Bangalore is conducted with a balanced syllabus which provides the basic knowledge and provokes the interest towards the advanced level knowledge.

Java compiler is used in Java 13 with intrinsic to fulfill the translation strategies. The objects hash and the string format is invocated with the java 13 version. The JFR streaming will catch the events through continuous monitoring. API is available continuously for the in process and out of process applications. As like the non-streaming the record is conducted with less than one percent over head. Event streaming is conducted with disk and memory based. Join FITA which is the Best Java Institute in Bangalore to bridge the gap between the conceptual knowledge and the practical knowledge.


It is due to the usage of eight primitive datatypes which are byte, char, Boolean, int, double, float, short and long, which are not objects.

  • For Loops
  • While Loops
  • Do While Loops
  • With the usage of Math.random() you can generate random numbers in the range greater than or equal to 0.1 and less than 1.0.
  • Also with the help of Random class in package java.util.

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