Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers

Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers

Machine Learning is also a competitive and demanding sector in the information technology era. It comes after Artificial Intelligence (AI) which utilizes the analytics data to create a mathematical model comparable to human intelligence in computers. The sector is concerned with the study of computation algorithms learned through studying different patterns of data, in order to predict the data modeling. All these valuable tasks are performed by a Machine Learning Engineer. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss the significance, demand, and future scope of a machine learning engineer along with a feasible Entry Level Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers.

About Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that relies on using data and algorithms to reflect the way humans learn, intending to improve steady accuracy.

Machine learning is a key component of the fast-growing area of data science. Algorithms are trained to generate categories or predictions through analytical techniques, providing key insights for data mining projects. Alongside this, these insights drive moral choice within applications and businesses, intending to influence the significant growth of key performance metrics.

About Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for creating a data model from the source data which can be deployed and scaled to our convenience and marketing scenario. In addition, they collaborate with Data Scientists to organize structured data for easy modeling and analysis. Also, they used to create computer algorithms, and machine learning programs for both computers and robots for enabling the fastest data process parallel to identifying data patterns.

Besides, they play a significant role similar to the Data Scientists and are familiar with data science and management of the larger set of data. In most cases, data scientists used to afford a set of patterned data whereas the machine learning engineer validates and ensures the data model. As a result of their collaborative concert, Data scientists can predict an accurate model. Since Big Data is growing exponentially, the IT demand for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers will increase in upcoming years with a significant increase in Machine Learning Salary in India for Freshers. Let’s discuss the qualification and eligibility criteria to become a machine learning engineer.

Qualification Criteria for Machine Learning Engineer Jobs

Freshers aspiring to become a great Machine Learning Engineer Roles must possess certain qualification criteria. So that you can apply for various job roles through different IT companies. Some of the significant qualification criteria are as follows

  • The applicant must have completed their graduation or post-graduation in computer science from the relevant field such as data science, machine learning, and database management.
  • The degree should be BCA, B.Sc, B.Tech (in terms of graduation) or MCA, M.Sc, M.Tech (in terms of post-graduation) from any recognized universities or colleges.
  • For freshers, no experience is preferred, but any relevant experience in machine learning, data science, and data structures is highly appreciated at many IT companies. Hence, experienced candidates are given more preference compared to non-experienced aspirants.
  • Further, an impactful portfolio in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science is greatly appreciated.

As the qualification criteria covers the most significant skills, freshers can expect a good and affordable Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers in India. Empower your qualification criteria through enrolling for Machine Learning Course in Chennai as this course will teach you wider concepts and algorithms related to Machine Learning and Data Science.

Add-on Skills Considered for an Exceptional Machine Learning Engineer

Apart from qualification criteria, Machine Learning aspirants need to acquire the following key skills to become an exceptional candidates against all the competitors. And Java, Scriptwriting, and computer vision are the mandatory skills. The other following skills are as follows

  • Understanding of Computer Fundamentals – This covers knowledge of data structures, computation algorithms, complexity and computability, and computer architecture. In-depth, a proficiency in stacks, queues, graphs, dynamic programming, code optimization, algorithms, memory, and caches, bandwidth are highly preferred.
  • Knowledge in Statistics and Probability – This subject covers a fundamental understanding of conditional probability, likelihood approach, independence, and the Markov Decision Process as part of probability. Similarly, knowledge in mean, median, variance; uniform, binomial, normal, and Poisson’s distribution method through ANOVA and Hypothesis are greatly considered.
  • Evaluation of Data Models – Proficiency in database modeling through correlations, eigenvectors, and clusters. Effectuation of the proper estimation process and cross-validation are given more preference.
  • Effectuating Machine Learning Algorithms with Libraries – Implementing developed algorithms to database libraries such as Theano, Spark MLib, and TensorFlow. The fundamentals of regression models, genetic algorithms, bagging, and boosting are significant skills required for a Machine Learning Engineer.
  • System Design and Software Engineering – This includes engineering software products and applications, the ability to work with libraries, REST APIs, databases, and Queries holds additional merit to get your application considered.
  • Proficiency in Programming or IT tools – Finally, the applicant need to have desired skills such as Proficiency in Java, Python, R , C++, Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, Flume, Machine Learning Frameworks, Tensorflow, Keras, ML Libraries, ML Packages, SciKit, Theano, Matplotlib, Cafe and miscellaneous.

Proficiency or Expertise in the above mentioned skills may increase the chances of getting recruited with an excellent Machine Learning Fresher Salary. In order to enhance your additional skill set through learning Java Training in Bangalore.

Different Types of Machine Learning Engineer Roles

Machine Learning Engineers serve their duties through four different roles which are

  • Machine Learning (ML) Software Engineer
  • Azure Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Core Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst

Let’s discuss each role in brief along with their essential key roles and responsibilities.

Machine Learning (ML) Software Engineer

Freshers willing to join for this particular job role with a feasible average Machine Learning Engineer Salary are required to have proficiency in Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Structures, Data Modeling,  and Artificial Intelligence. As an ML-Software Engineer, they are responsible for accomplishing the following roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Developing Software and Applications for robots to execute machine learning algorithms.
  • Modification, Improvement, and Upgradation of existing software applications for the sake of the machine learning process.
  • Involved in management and bug fixing services to ML software and AI applications.
  • Collaborate with both Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists for the effective development of newer software for the IT market.

Become an extraordinary Machine Learning Software Engineer through pursuing Data Science Course in Chennai. This course will enrich you with all the fundamental concepts of data structures and data modeling which is significant for a Machine Learning Engineer.

Azure Machine Learning Engineer

An engineer who utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve business challenges and provide customized solutions. Freshers seeking this job role with an excellent Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers are required to fulfill the following key roles and responsibilities which are

  • Allow data scientists and developers to create, implement, and maintain high-quality models more quickly and effectively.
  • Improve time to value ratio for faster Machine Learning operations for the industry.
  • Integrating open-source tools for better business solutions.
  • Implementing novel and innovative machine learning algorithms for secured and trusted platforms.
  • Build and Train for the development of faster data models.
  • Optimizing the scaled data models for simplified operations.
  • Delivering quick and responsible solutions to business clients.
  • Innovating machine learning in a secure and hybrid platform

Be a notable Azure Machine Learning Engineer through enrolling for AWS Training in Bangalore. This course will cover entire concepts related to cloud and cloud-computing services.

Machine Learning Scientist

Machine Learning Scientist remains in a key position in the whole IT industry. However, this position requires additional hands-on experience parallel to proficiency in data science and modeling. Freshers willing to apply for this particular job role with an affordable Entry Level Machine Learning Engineer Salary must take an internship or work with multiple machine learning-related projects with an add-on skill in graphical models, artificial algorithms, Hadoop, and Tensorflow. As a Machine Learning scientists, they are concerned with the following key roles and responsibilities which are

  • Develop scalable ML solutions for business.
  • Collaborate with Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists.
  • Utilize data and machine learning algorithms for creating graphical models.
  • Ensure the accuracy of data prediction from a profit-making perspective.

Improve your research methodology as a Machine Learning Scientist through various approaches trained by FITA Academy’s Hadoop Training in Chennai.

Core Machine Learning Engineer

Freshers willing to become a pure machine learning engineers with an affordable Machine Learning Fresher Salary in India are required to possess the following skills such as proficiency in Python, R Programming, Java, C++; knowledge in Big Data, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Flume; and fundamental understanding of Machine Learning Frameworks, Matplotlib, Caffe, Theano, and Tensorflow. As a core machine learning engineers, they are associated with the following key roles apart from ML roles which are as follows

  • Converting the data into data science prototypes.
  • Develop and Design Machine Learning Schemes and Systems.
  • Train the Machine Learning Systems consistently.
  • Research, Analyze, and Implement appropriate Machine Learning Algorithms and Tools.
  • Visualize the data models for an effective understanding of impact and performance.

Integrate Python Scripting skills with Machine Learning algorithms for better business solutions through learning Python Training in Bangalore.

Data Analyst

A data analyst gathers and processes data on sales numbers, market analysis, operations, communications, and other activities. They use machine learning algorithms to ensure that the data is of good quality and accuracy. Then, they analyze, structure, and display it in ways that help assist businesses and companies in making smarter decisions. Freshers seeking this job roles with a feasible Machine Learning Fresher Salary are required to possess the following skills: proficiency in database query languages (such as SQL, Java, Hive, Pig, Scala, Python, and C++) and machine learning math. As a Data Analysts, they are concerned with certain key roles and responsibilities which are as follows

  • Mining and Extracting Data from valuable data resources.
  • Create and Optimize classifiers through machine learning tools.
  • Preprocessing of uniform or structured data followed by unstructured data.
  • Improving the methods of data collection and process with appropriate analytic tools.
  • Processing and Validating the integrity of data and their data models.
  • Implementing advanced prediction models and machine learning algorithms.

In order to become an incredible Data Analyst, we suggest you take a Data Science Courses in Bangalore so that you can learn multiple perspectives related to data science and database handling methodologies.

General Roles and Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

Until the last section, we have briefed the appropriate roles and responsibilities of various machine learning engineers roles. Here, we outline the general roles and key responsibilities which are as follows

  • Study, Review, and Process the prototypes of Data Science.
  • Design and Deploy Machine Learning algorithms to systems and schemes.
  • Conduct various Statistical analyses and Excellent Data Models for better results.
  • Identifying online reliable resources for training purposes.
  • Consistent Training of the Machine Learning Systems and Models.
  • Design and Develop Machine Learning applications based on the client’s needs.
  • Conduct research studies, and implement effective tools for machine learning purposes.
  • Analyze the problem-solving potential of developed algorithms and rank them accordingly.
  • Create and Visualize an impactful data model which could be differentiated in terms of data distribution and performance.

Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers

The average Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers ranges from 3.0 to 5.0 Lakhs Per Annum and is found to be the highest paying job among all the IT positions. And the salary value will keep on increasing through next decade. It usually varies depending on the work location, experience, company, and acquired skills. Let’s discuss this in brief in the following section

  • Company-Based Salary – Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers differs from company to company across the country. The graph below shows our estimated salary package for a Machine Learning Engineer.
Company-Based Salary
  • Salary at Top Leading Industry – Apart from usual IT companies, we have estimated an average salary of a machine learning engineer at top most IT companies in the below chart.
Salary at Top Leading Industry
  • Work Location-Based Salary – Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India varies according to the work locations where the organization is located, just as it does in other countries. The cost of living in the given metropolitan area determines the freshers’ salary package. In the figure below, we’ve calculated the average salary for Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India.
Work Location-Based Salary
  • Experience-Based Salary – Candidates who have completed an academic or industrial internship and have relevant experience in machine learning have a better chance of earning a higher Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India.
Experience-Based Salary
  • Skills-Based Salary – A Machine Learning Engineer’s usual salary in India is also influenced by the applicant’s skills as well as all other salary factors. The graph below depicts the typical salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in India.
Skills-Based Salary

Increase the chances of getting a higher salary increment through earning a certification in Artificial Intelligence through Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai.

  • Job Role-Based Salary – Furthermore, the salary structure of a machine learning engineer also varies depending on the type of job roles the candidate accepted. But, we have shown an approximate Machine Learning Salary in India for Freshers in the below chart.
Job Role-Based Salary

The average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer stands in peak as compared to other IT Job roles. So, freshers willing to choose a career with machine learning have numerous prospects in the future. Learn Machine Learning Course in Bangalore to kick-start an amazing career.

Potential Tips to Become an Exceptional Machine Learning Engineer

Looking into the future and emerging demand for Machine Learning Engineers with excellent Machine Learning Fresher Salary and their interest in pursuing a featured career. We intend to deliver the most effective paths to becoming an excellent Machine Learning Engineer. Hence, the potential steps to becoming an ever-demanding integrated Machine Learning engineer are as follows

  • Earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or any other IT field.
  • Apart from an academic degree, earn a Machine Learning Online Certification Training to increase the weightage of the applicant’s resume during application submission.
  • As part of Machine Learning, we suggest freshers obtain Data Science Certification to add additional value to their desired position.
  • Besides, pursuing AI Online Course can help to get a maximum salary increment at the entry-level.
  • Test and Implement the acquired skills into numerous ML projects to understand the applicant’s capability.
  • Undertake a variety of online mock tests in the coding platforms or forums to enhance the experience in successful coding.

Furthermore, gain additional Machine Learning Experience through completing Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai at FITA Academy. The premier institute seems to be well suited for the successful placement of Machine Learning aspirants into various IT firms.

Benefits of a Machine Learning Career

Freshers who are presently looking for Machine Learning engineer roles with a reasonable Entry Level Machine Learning Engineer Salary or in the future have wider scope and opportunities. Let’s discuss some benefits of becoming an ML Engineer

  • A Good Starting Salary Package for Freshers with a guaranteed salary increment.
  • Evergreen global demands and opportunities across any nation.
  • Top-level reputation against all IT developers and workers.
  • Have futuristic demand in all kinds of information technology sectors.
  • Opportunity to learn and enhance the skill set about advanced machine learning models.

Top Most Interview Preparation Tips 

With a wider prospect for next-generation Machine Learning Engineers and to encourage modern IT aspirants, we have compiled a set of Best Interview Tips for Freshers who are willing to attend any kind of interview selection process in the upcoming days. Further, we have also prepared the most reliable Best Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers for effective preparation before appearing for Interview or Online Aptitude Tests. These materials, resources, and tips will lead freshers to get into their desired companies with their desired roles along with excellent Machine Learning Engineer Salary for Freshers. As the resources were compiled and verified by numerous ML experts and employees. We believe that through using these resources, you will be better prepared to face a wide range of technical interview processes.

This blog article has covered all the necessary information, application procedures, and effective guidelines to become a featured Machine Learning Engineer. We have also discussed the salary packages from entry to the experienced level along with various Machine Learning Engineer roles and responsibilities. Given that, the growing demand for Machine Learning engineers has made all the information technology sectors to open numerous opportunities to work full-time job roles. Therefore, we suggest freshers to look over various open positions and pursue Machine Learning Online Course. As this course may lead you to know more about the fundamentals and advanced concepts related to Machine Learning Algorithms. Finally, we hope that our blog has provided reliable and useful information to both freshers and experienced professionals to kick-start a featured Machine Learning Career with a magnificent Machine Learning Salary in India for Freshers.

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