Network Engineer Salary For Freshers

Network Engineer Salary For Freshers

Network Engineers are the backbones of effective communicational bonds in companies. The Network Engineer Salary for Freshers is breathtaking in India. Networking is absolutely a promising career in the future and is worth considering. A Network Engineer works with the infrastructure of a company’s network system and ensures effective communication within the sections of the company. A Network Engineer salary in India for freshers varies based on a few parameters like company location, education, additional skills and experience.

Network Engineer

A technical individual who plans, designs and manages different types of networks like DAN, PAN, LAN, WLAN, and VoIP for effective and smooth communication in wireless network services, data, videos, and voice is called a Network Engineer. They play a vital role in the IT Sector as they provide the necessary hardware and software tools to effectively and rapidly connect through different areas. Though the designation has recently developed many new roles and vacancies, its existence and importance had been long forgotten.

It is the technology by which communication has become efficient, more secure and faster. Besides the huge vacancy for network engineers in the industry, the hardware and networking salary in India for freshers is satisfying. Some of the widely used network types include,

  • MANs – Metropolitan Area Networks
  • LANs – Local Area Networks
  • PAN – Personal Area Network
  • SAN – Storage/System/Server Area Network
  • DAN – Desk Area Network
  • CAN – Campus/Controller/Cluster Area Network
  • VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol Network
  • WANs – Wide Area Network
  • WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network
  • GANs – Global Area Networks

Join Networking Courses in Chennai to learn more about modern networking technologies and build a new network infrastructure for all kinds of networks available in India. This could be an interesting career option to take up. Maker your choice wise!

Network Engineer Salary for Freshers

Network Engineers are well-paid in the IT sectors of India knowing the need for effective communication and networking within the company. This is essential for the daily routines of a company to take place productively. Popular companies like Cisco System Inc, Tata Consultancy Services, Airtel, BSNL, Tech Mahindra Ltd., Accenture, Infosys Limited, Capgemini, IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Cognizant and HP Enterprise Services. A chart of how fresher Network Engineers Salary in India differs from companies is given below.

Network Engineer Salary for Freshers  

The Increasing Demand for Network Engineering

The growing technology and invention of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets made people used to the lifestyle of living close to the people in faraway places. Apart from this, we can encounter industries and companies growing their technical aspect with the help of this tremendous growth in technology. This creates a surge in the demand for computer networking. We got into the circle of endless sharing, storing, communicating and much more with the networks and their growth.

This massive growth in technology highlights the demand for Network engineers. They are essential to enhance the working of the organisation by maintaining the data up-to-date with recent advancements. Since working with networks is a budding profession in the IT sector, most people are not aware of this designation. This creates a disequilibrium in the vast demand for the job and the available workforce for the work. This could be a better chance for freshers to grab the CCNA Course Online at FITA Academy and get started with this career. The certification also helps you to enjoy the CCNA salary in India for freshers.

Choosing a different career from a crowd of typical people gives you recognition and might also fetch you a high salary due to the increasing demand for the role all over the world. Network Engineering is a promising career as there is no way back to the period when we lived our lives with telegrams. The network is one of the major aspects of everyday life and even in the growth of technology.

All of these could be the reasons for the amazing Network Engineer Salary in India for Freshers. Acquiring necessary IT demanding soft skills like Teamwork, Leadership qualities, Critical thinking, Decision making, Effective time management, problem-solving and work ethics might help in promotions and appraisals in your work.

Network Engineer Salary for Freshers based on Location

The Network Engineer salary for freshers varies depending upon the geographical location of the company an individual joins. This location differential pay is due to the variations in the cost of living in different geographical areas. Relocation is yet another influencing factor when the company hires an individual from a different location far from the company. Below is a chart of differences in salary based on the location of the companies.

Network Engineer Salary for Freshers based on Location  

You can also take up a Networking Online Course to upgrade your skills and earn appraisals and promotions as a reward in a short period of time. Earning additional certificates can always help you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • A Network Engineer is responsible for establishing and maintaining network performance.
  • Involves in building net configurations and connections.
  • One of the major roles is to troubleshoot the network problems that arise in the company.
  • They do auditing for IP Addresses.
  • They design the system configuration and direct the system installation to establish the network environment.
  • The system standards are designed, documented and enforced by Network Engineers.
  • Through troubleshooting, they maximise the performance and perform scheduled upgrades.
  • Configuration of routers is yet another responsibility of the Network Engineer.
  • The role of updating data servers and network equipment belongs to them.
  • They optimize networks by collaborating with network architects.
  • Policies are established and enforced to secure the networks.

Demanding Skills to become a Network Engineer

A basic understanding of any domain is crucial before entering into a different arena. Earn as much knowledge as possible before making the choice. Knowledge of the working of an operating system like Linux, Windows and macOS is the foundational base for learning network engineer. Rather than considering this as a side skill, this is one of the must-possessed skills to become a network engineer.

Learning Python, Perl, JAVA or C++ might help in boosting the Network Engineer salary for freshers. Enrolling in Python Training in Bangalore is significant as it is considered one of the critical skills for Network Engineering. It helps in building scripts for the automation of complex network configurations. Learning other codes might help in thinking of creative solutions while working with tools and technology. Join JAVA Training in Chennai to learn the most popular programming language in the IT industry.

To increase the security, speed and efficiency of the data, learning basic pieces of knowledge in Cloud Computing is vital. Cloud Computing is one of the results of the massive growth of technology in this digital age. It requires knowledge of the major cloud computing tools like AWS, Azure and GCP. Scalability and adaptability are the two major things that make the AWS tool special from others. The tool also offers high security and unlimited redundant file storage service. You can now join AWS Training in Chennai to gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing tools.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the most sought-after certification for a Network Engineer. The certification is the validation of the candidates’ knowledge in installing, securing, operating and troubleshooting a company’s networks. They also work on the infrastructure of the network at times for an effective communicational network. Join CCNA Course in Bangalore to earn the necessary certifications from a renowned academy. This could help you to increase the CCNA salary in India for freshers.

The role of a Network Engineer is not limited to ensuring network security. Gaining knowledge in the security protocols, processes and methodologies of the network system. A solid familiarity with the different types of networks especially in WAN and LAN is essential in becoming a professional in Network Engineering.

Network Engineer Salary based on Experience

The longer you work for an employee higher the level of trust between you and your employer. The level of trust and your hard work is directly proportional to your salary package. Every job role and every company works on this principle of pay scale and promotions. Given below is a chart of the pay scale for Network Engineer based on experience.

Network Engineer Salary based on Experience  

Network Engineer Job Roles

Learning Network Engineer skills can also help take up other roles in the IT sector as listed below.

Network Administrator

The role of a Network Administrator is to keep the computer networks running smoothly. All network hardware, software, and communication links must be planned, developed, installed, configured, maintained, supported, and optimised by them.

Network Technician

An IT expert employed by a business entity to assist with creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting current and future computer network hardware and software products in support of business operations is known as a computer Network Technician. A Network Technician is in charge of setting up, maintaining, and upgrading networks and resources, as well as preparing presentations to inform management of the need for network resource upgrades.

Network Analyst

Businesses hire Network Analysts to help them optimise their IT network operations. Their responsibilities include analysing network requirements, installing computer hardware and software for effective network connection, and setting up computer networks in one or several locations.

Wireless Network Engineer

Aspirants who want to work as independent Wireless Network Engineers should be familiar with wireless equipment, wireless LAN (WLAN) standards, design, and protocols. Job descriptions for Wireless Network Engineers will necessitate strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. They should also be able to communicate effectively because they will be working with vendors, network technicians, and customers.

Network Manager

A network manager is in control of an organization’s computer systems. They maintain computer networks with regular software updates and hardware upgrades, giving technical support, and training other staff on best practices are among your primary responsibilities.

Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer defends computers against cyberattacks such as bugs, viruses, and hacking attempts. Learning Ethical Hacking Courses in Chennai for added credits while you apply for this post in a company. The IT expert should be able to spot existing problems and put in place protections to prevent future dangers. It is necessary to test and configure hardware and software systems. Cyber Security could be another additional skill required for this designation. Possessing additional skills always help you with promotions and payscale increase.

Network Engineer Salary Based on Job Roles

The Network Engineer salary for freshers varies based on the different designations an individual can attain after acquiring the skills of a Network Engineer. This again shows the wide range of job opportunities that are available for a network engineer in the modern era. A chart of the variation in salary based on job roles is given below for better understanding.

Network Engineer Salary Based on Job Roles  

Who can become a Network Engineer?

There is much debate on whether a network engineer needs a bachelor’s, master’s, or any other degree. Although a scholastic degree is not essential to work as a network engineer, many employers prefer those who have one. You may consider it a factor that distinguishes you from the competition. A network engineer may have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the discipline of networking.

  • Network Security Management
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Computer Science
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Systems Engineering

Check out these Networking Interview Questions and Answers which might help you while preparing for an interview. Because apart from the educational qualifications, the candidate should also perform their best in all the rounds of an interview to get placed.

Network Engineer Salary based on Education

Since Network Engineer skills don’t require complicated coding or tool knowledge, it allows a wide range of people to enter the domain despite their educational qualifications.

S.No. Educational Qualification Pay Scale
1 Diploma/Certificate 2.0 to 2.3 LPA
2 Bachelor’s Degree 3.0 to 3.5 LPA
3 Master’s Degree 3.8 to 4.3 LPA

From the above statistics, an additional certification along with your bachelor’s degree can fetch you 52% higher salary package than the salary of an individual who has completed a diploma. Certification along with a Master’s degree can get you a salary package of 42% more than the salary of a Bachelor’s degree.

Join CCNA Course in Chennai and increase your pay scale as a Network Engineer. This is an entry-level Information Technology (IT) Certificate issued by networking hardware company Cisco. Gaining this certificate shows your continued interest in learning and achieving professionalism at your work.

Network Engineering could be a fruitful career in the future with the massive growth of technology. Think about this growing job sector in IT before falling into the usual job roles that most people would fall into. Stick to the right choice which can help you grow!

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