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Learners have exposed to an understanding of Networking based technologies. CCNA Course in Bangalore aims to gear up the students with thorough understanding of the roles of a network engineer in today’s world of networks.


Millions of people around the world share the similar dream of entering into the IT industry. Unluckily, most of these dreams are simply lost into the mist due to improper technical knowledge and training.

FITA aids its students to achieve their dream by expediting their interest not only with the bookish knowledge but also with hands-on experience.

Our trainers provide thorough knowledge about the Cisco products along with the networking knowledge during the CCNA Training in Bangalore. At FITA, the curriculum is in accord with the global standard, which will be helpful for the students during certification.

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Course Description

CCNA Course in Bangalore is a very popular course all over the world due to its wide usage among every industry. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certified network engineers are given preference over others amidst the leading companies in the IT sector.

Students will be trained in building up of networks, operations, and troubleshooting over IPv6, implementation of security features, basics of switches, configuration and troubleshooting of Routers, Ethernet basics, LAN and WAN.

The requirement of well-trained individuals in CCNA is on its verge of increase in the upcoming years in the industry. In the current scenario, recruiters are looking for versatile and talented candidates for their company. Enrolling yourself in the CCNA Course in Bangalore offered by FITA is the first step towards your dream accomplishment.

There are many roles associated with CCNA certification among them few are listed below:

Network Technician
Network Systems Engineer
Network Administrator
Network/Information Systems Manager


Data Link layer checks whether the messages are sent to the right device. In addition, the other function of this layer is framing.

  • Physical layer
  • Data Link layer
  • Network layer
  • Transport layer
  • Session layer
  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer

Its occurrence happens when many users are attempting to use the same bandwidth. This happens in big networks, which do not resort to network segmentation.

  • NVRAM used in the storage of the startup configuration file.
  • DRM is used for storing the configuration file, which is being executed.
  • Flash Memory used for the storage of Cisco IOS.
  • Tree
  • Bus
  • Mesh
  • Ring
  • Star
  • Hybrid