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Android Training in Bangalore is the looming technology, which is offering a wide range of opportunities. Android is a divnux based OS, which is developed by Google, as Google has already overtaken all the other existing browsers the need of Google has been on a verge of increasing.


FITA has always been filled with skillful faculties who are picked from the industries to provide the correct guidance to our students.

We give equal importance to theoretical and practical sessions to build up the confidence in our students. At FITA, we ensure our students are fearless to face any interview at any point in time.

Android Course in Bangalore is predominantly increasing due to the massive increase in the usage of mobiles among the youngsters. Android mobiles have changed the whole perspective of mobile phones as it is at a reachable point to every individual due to its customizable interface.

Our trainers will provide you with in-depth knowledge of Android course with real-time examples. FITA is one of the best Android Training Institutes in Bangalore with 100% placement assistance.

Course Description

It is very difficult to find a person without mobile in the modern days. In addition, Android is the second top operating system used in mobile phones after iOS. It is evident that most of the business occur across multiple domains divke enterprise and retail products.

It is considered that Android phones are going to take over the world market over mobiles working on other operating systems. Hence, this is the right time for you to choose Android Classes in Bangalore as your career path.

As Android appdivcations written in Java language, we consider Java knowledge as the pre-requisite to learn Android Course in Bangalore. Our country has been ranked second, in the usage of mobile phones around the world and is still expanding largely. Due to the occurrence of continuous evolution in the telecom sector, it is expected to gain a firm grip amidst the other commodities.

The three stages of Android development are:

Appdivcation development
Appdivcation testing
Deployment to Android App store

Android has become the driving force for appdivcation development at a lower cost that leads to the huge demand in the global market. The open platform and customizable options according to the business requirement have increased to its demand. The effortless upgrade along with its easy interaction is the added advantage.


Module 1: Introduction to Android
Module 2: Basics of Android installation
Module 3: Core Java
Module 4: Building blocks & components of Android
Module 5: Activity Lifecycle
Module 6: UI design
Module 7: Layout techniques
Module 8: Application emulator & development
Module 9: Android application structure
Module 10: Services
Module 11: Data storage
Module 12: SQL & SQLITE
Module 13: Broadcast receivers
Module 14: Web services
Module 15: Working with media
Module 16: Connectivity
Module 17: Advanced Android concepts
Module 18: Third party integration
Module 19: Publishing your app


Android is a stack of software for mobile devices that includes an Operating System, middleware and some of the key applications.

ADT refers to Android Development Tool, which is useful in the development and testing of the applications.

A fragment is a piece of activity, which is helpful in turning the application 360 degrees when desired.

Sleep mode is the time when the CPU is sleeping and denies in accepting any commands from android device except Radio interface layer and alarm.

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