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Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad

If you are looking for an Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad to get trained in the field, join FITA Academy, ranked as the No 1 Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Hyderabad.

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The Artificial Intelligence Course at FITA Academy incorporates comprehensive theoretical content and a series of demonstrations on crucial Artificial Intelligence concepts. The topics will incorporate deep learning, and machine learning, along with providing mastery in programming languages, which are necessary to gain proficiency in this field. The integrated curriculum will help the trainees to get industry ready for Artificial Intelligence as well as data science job roles. Moreover, the course will impart other significant concepts like the essentials of statistics required for Data Science, Python programming, and machine learning. The professional faculty of FITA Academy will teach appropriate implementation of Python libraries like Numpy, Scipy, Scikit, and other significant machine learning techniques.

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Course Highlights and Why Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad at FITA Academy?

Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad at FITA Academy will provide comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence principles and techniques.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The professional faculty of FITA Academy will familiarise the trainees with AI fundamental issues along with state of the art models and algorithms to resolve such issues.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The rigorous training in AI will expose students to the frontiers of AI-intensive computing and information systems.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The training-oriented curriculum of the AI course will help students to experiment with machine learning models for simulation and analysis.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The integrated curriculum of our AI Courses in Hyderabad Artificial Intelligence will introduce our trainees to the contemporary scope and potential, drawbacks and application of Intelligence systems.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad After meticulous training, the students will be able to manifest capability in generating applications in Artificial Intelligence language or data mining tools.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad Manifest mastery in implementing scientific methods to models of machine learning.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The students will be familiarised with significant terminologies used in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad The professional experts of FITA Academy will render a proper understanding of symbolic and statistical learning methods of machine learning.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad After rigorous practice and training provided at FITA Academy’s Artificial Intelligence Course Hyderabad, the trainees will be able to use different machine learning techniques to design AI machines and envelop applications for contemporary world issues.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad More than 75000 students are trained by FITA Academy over the last decade.

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Classroom Training

  • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the FITA Academy branches near you
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Instructor-Led Live Online Training

Artificial Intelligence Course Objectives

  • Understand the basic concepts of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as well as their applications in a wide variety of industries.
  • Learn how to extract, manage, and analyze data in Python, including data extraction, data management, and statistical analysis, as well as the Python history and version differences.
  • Exploit exploratory data and extract insights from it using libraries like Numpy, Scipy, and Pandas.
  • Familiarize with the principles of machine learning, including how to choose, train, evaluate, and optimize the best model through our AI Courses in Hyderabad.
  • Utilize support vector machines, decision trees, boosted trees, random forests, logistic regression, naive Bayes, and k-nearest neighbours to analyze supervised learning.
  • Understand unsupervised learning techniques such as K-means clustering, PCA & LDA dimensionality reduction, and hierarchical clustering.
  • Understand normalization, statistical tests such as T-tests & ANOVA, null & alternative hypotheses, and machine learning hypothesis tests.
  • Learn about the components of reinforcement learning and the trade-off between exploration and exploitation.
  • Using TensorFlow, create chatbots and facial recognition software using neural networks, forward & backpropagation, and popular deep learning models.

Artificial Intelligence Course Trainer Profile

  • The top notch experts of FITA Academy possess a decade of experience as an AI instructor in a wide range of IT industries.
  • The professional faculty of AI certification holds certification in specialised fields like machine learning, neural network, expert systems and speech processing.
  • The proficient experts of FITA Academy have delivered over 2000 sessions and workshops to over 3000 students annually.
  • The mentors of artificial intelligence certification conduct special classes for placement preparation to equip our trainers for future interview and job evaluations.
  • The experienced professionals of FITA Academy aim to impart both in depth theoretical knowledge and a series of demonstrations on the crucial concepts of artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad Details

Student Success Story of Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad

Prakash, a B.E CSE student, briefly worked in a Business Process Outsourcing company after graduating from college. However, he harbored a strong ambition to establish himself in the technology industry. While exploring his options, his friend, who had previously attended FITA Academy, recommended the institution.

Upon reaching out to our coordinators to inquire about available courses, Prakash’s coding and mathematics background led them to suggest the Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad. After enrolling in the program, he attended the classes regularly and learned everything taught by our trainers dedicatedly. He progressively acquired knowledge of various Artificial Intelligence concepts as a result. Upon completion, he successfully finished the Capstone Projects and earned a certification.

Prakash actively participated in our placement training session, which provided him with valuable insights into the interview process for AI-related job roles. Consistently attending interviews, he secured job offers from Team Everest and In22labs within a few months. Ultimately, he chose In22labs, where he currently serves as an AI Engineer, enjoying a competitive package of 5 LPA.

Features of Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad at FITA Academy

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

LIVE Project

Get an Opportunity to work in Real-time Projects that will give you a Deep Experience. Showcase your Project Experience & Increase your chance of getting Hired!


Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Fees

At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

Placement Support

Tie-up & MOU with more than 1500+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

Why Learn Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad at FITA Academy?

Live Capstone Projects

Real time Industry Experts as Trainers

Placement Support till you get your Dream Job offer!

Free Interview Clearing Workshops

Free Resume Preparation & Aptitude Workshops

Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad Certification

Artificial Intelligence Certification Course in Hyderabad

Students will be granted a certified testimony by FITA Academy after completion of the AI Courses in Hyderabad at FITA Academy. The degree provided will act as an attestation of the industry relevant skills and comprehensive knowledge acquired during the study of the course. The certification will facilitate the trainees a professional recognition of their knowledge and skills. Moreover, It will reflect the student’s practical performance and scores in theoretical evaluations to provide an overview of their proficiency in this field. The Artificial Intelligence Course at FITA Academy holds a noteworthy position and value in the market and is highly recognized by numerous companies and universities. The addition of this certification to your previously acquired educational qualifications will tremendously boost the merit of your resume. You will become highly eligible to show up for distinct job positions in a broad range of IT industries where the certification will provide testimony to your proficiency in skills and knowledge. The Artificial Intelligence Course Hyderabad at FITA Academy holds remarkable value for its rigorous practices and holistic training with the utmost utilization of advanced technology and tools.

After meticulous training in best practices, the trainee will be able to develop distinct software applications with the help of AI language without any further supervision from a senior. The integrated course in Artificial Intelligence aims to strengthen the capabilities as well as enhance the instinctive skills of our trainees. Acquiring the Artificial Intelligence Certification in Hyderabad at FITA Academy will improve your expert profile at a phenomenal level, thereby ensuring the extension of your career opportunities. The remittance of a fresher who has completed the AI Courses in Hyderabad varies according to the job position they hold and the company’s predefined standard. A fresher possessing an experience of zero to one year can expect to get remuneration varying from Rs. 4,75,000 per annum to Rs. 5,75,000 per annum. On the contrary, a professional holding experience of three to six years can expect to get a remittance ranging between Rs. 6,75,000 per annum to Rs. 8,75,000 per annum. The field of Artificial Intelligence carries a blazing scope and a huge payoff. With the procurement of extensive experience and proficiency in skills, the professional can expect to obtain remuneration up to 10,00,000 per annum.

In addition to the certification provided by FITA Academy, there are several other globally recognized certifications. FITA Academy’s Artificial Intelligence Course Hyderabad trains its students to clear the certifications.

IBM Certifications

  • IBM AI Engineering Professional Certification
  • IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certification

The IBM AI Engineering Professional (IAP) Certification demonstrates your expertise in deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML). This certification verifies that you are an expert in concepts such as recommender systems, clusters, regression, and classifications. It also verifies your ability with Apache Spark to scale machine learning on large datasets.

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

The IBM Applied AI Professional Certification showcases a comprehensive comprehension of AI, its applications, and diverse use cases. Upon obtaining this certification, you will possess the skills to design, build, and deploy AI-driven applications. You will also be proficient in creating AI-powered chatbots, and the best part is that you will not need any prior programming experience to achieve this proficiency. The certification also imparts knowledge about the APIs and services offered by IBM Watson AI.


  • Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate

Azure AI Fundamentals

Azure AI Fundamentals certification is a certification offered by Microsoft to demonstrate your fundamental Artificial Intelligence skills. The exam consists of 40-60 questions. The duration of the Azure AI fundamentals exam is 60 minutes. The goal of the certification is to achieve a 70% or higher score.

Azure AI Engineer Associate

The Azure AI Engineer Associate certification includes specific technical tasks such as deploying solutions, integrating AI models into effective solutions, and assessing solution requirements. Like Azure AI Fundamentals, this exam consists of 40-60 questions of the same length and a minimum score for a passing grade.

International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC)

  • Artificial Intelligence Foundation (AIF)
  • Certified Machine Learning Associate (CMLA)
  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert (CAIE)
  • Certified Deep Learning Expert (CDLE )
  • Certified Natural Language Processing Expert (CNLPE)
  • Artificial Intelligence Certified Executive (AICE )
  • Certified Computer Vision Expert (CCVE )

IABAC Artificial Intelligence Foundation

The AI Foundation Certification is designed to provide learners with a complete understanding of the principles, methodologies, and advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It serves as a crucial milestone for individuals aspiring to establish a successful career in AI.

IABAC Certified Machine Learning Associate

The Certified Machine Learning Associate certification acknowledges the candidate’s expertise in the core principles of Machine Learning. This certification is beneficial for individuals at all levels, from novices to seasoned professionals, seeking to establish a strong presence in the Data Science domain.

IABAC Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert 

The Certified Artificial Intelligence Expert recognizes the need for individuals to possess specialized skills and knowledge in order to succeed in the field of Artificial Intelligence. A deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence, advanced algorithms, and Machine Learning techniques is essential for this role.

IABAC Certified Deep Learning Expert

The Certified Deep Learning Expert exhibits a comprehensive comprehension of profound learning concepts, methodologies, and resources. You will acquire a mastery of the foundational principles of deep learning, encompassing neural networks, recurrent neural networks, convolutional networks, and generative adversarial networks. Besides, you will have the opportunity to gain practical expertise in the development and training of models.

IABAC Certified Natural Language Processing Expert

The certification for Certified Natural Language Processing Expert serves as evidence of your expertise in NLP techniques, algorithms, and their various applications. You will possess a comprehensive understanding of text classification, named sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and language generation.

IABAC Certified Artificial Intelligence Executive

The Certified Artificial Intelligence Executive Certification caters to driven AI professionals seeking to make a significant impact in the industry. This comprehensive program equips participants with the requisite expertise and abilities to proficiently navigate the intricate AI landscape and develop impactful AI strategies for their organizations.

IABAC Certified Computer Vision Expert

The Certified Computer Vision Expert certification serves as a testament to the candidates’ proficiency in the field of computer vision.

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Placement Session & Job Opportunities after completing Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad

Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad with Placement Support

The demand for Artificial Intelligence has surged with the rise of technology in the contemporary world. The market of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence as well as deep learning is stretching out at a swift rate. It has proved to be a significant driving force for the next generation of computers. Keeping in view the success rate of Artificial Intelligence and its huge demand in the market, the FITA Academy endeavoured to bring up the Artificial Intelligence course for the aspirants of this field. After successful completion of the AI Courses in Hyderabad at FITA Academy, the trainees will be opened up to numerous prominent as well as demanding job positions in AI. “100% placement assistance and training is provided to students by the end of the Artificial Intelligence Course.”

The most prevalent among all is the Big data engineer, who holds the responsibility of developing a suitable ecosystem for the business systems to interact successfully. The fundamental and major duty of a big data engineer is to construct and manage the big data of an organization. Another demanding job position in this field is of machine learning engineers who manifest their involvement in the development and maintenance self running software, which renders the initiatives of machine learning. FITA Academy ensures our students make full advantage of these huge demands for these jobs after completion of the course at our AI Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

They will be expected to handle areas of AI entailing image and spree recognition, prevention of frauds, customer rights as well as management of risks. The trainees can even strive to become a research scientist, they conduct initiatives in conducting extensive research dealing with applications of machine learning and machine Intelligence. The wide range of renowned IT companies that recruit AI engineers and aspirants includes Amazon, Apple, Google, DataVisor, Anki, Facebook, Clarifai, Deepmind and other prominent IT companies. As the job prospects of Artificial Intelligence are tremendously high, it has become mandatory for the aspirants to inculcate the required industry-relevant skills and knowledge. The professional experts of FITA Academy in Hyderabad will endeavour to make our trainees industry-ready and transform them into highly proficient AI experts by training them with mock interviews and Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers.

Success Story of Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad


Akash Gangahar

The training oriented course of artificial intelligence in Hyderabad at FITA Academy has stood out as a best platform to attain industry relevant knowledge and practices. The course furnished my skills of artificial intelligence and helped me to grab a valuable job position in the market.


Palak Sinha

I am currently working as an AI engineer in Microsoft. I completed my artificial intelligence course in Hyderabad at FITA Academy which facilitated immense placement support. The faculty is highly professional and instructive possessing knowledge lining with current industry standards.


Somya sharma

The Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad at FITA Academy covers mathematics behind machine learning and hands on experience of every concept. The assignment evaluation and query solving team is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this course to people who aspire to create a career in the field of Artificial intelligence.

Our Students Work at

Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad Reviews

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad

No specific prerequisites are required by FITA Academy to join the Artificial Intelligence Course at FITA Academy. However, the students should possess the fundamental knowledge of computers and software along with a certification in mathematics.

The Artificial Intelligence course entails crucial principles and techniques of AI, its fundamental issues, Machine Learning models for simulation and analysis, development of software applications using AI language, and learning the practical implementation of AI tools.

After successfully completing the Artificial Intelligence Course Hyderabad at FITA Academy, the students will be eligible for numerous job positions like data analytics, User Experience, big data engineering, business Intelligence development, data science, machine learning engineering, research scientist, AI Data analyst, product manager, and robotics scientist. FITA Academy ensures they are ready by providing them with Interview Tips and training.

FITA Academy provides online as well as offline sessions on both weekdays and weekends. The trainees can choose either of the sessions which align with their convenience and time availability.
Yes, FITA Academy provides the liberty of altering or modifying the class schedule for the AI Training in Hyderabad by opting for self paced classes.
FITA Academy conducts multilevel hiring procedures in order to recruit the finest trainers for our students. A minimum requirement of 10 years of experience in a wide range of industries, along with necessary educational qualifications, is mandatory. Moreover, the candidate goes through multiple interviews and evaluations in order to get hired as a permanent professional expert at FITA Academy.
Yes, FITA Academy provides interactive sessions online as well as offline mode on weekdays and weekends for its Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad. Students can opt for weekend training to enable convenient learning.

The remuneration of a fresher varies according to the job position and the standards of the company. In the initial years AI Engineer Salary For Freshers will be around 4,00,000 per annum to Rs. 5,00,000 per annum. On the contrary, a professional holding a decade of experience can expect a remittance between 6,00,000 per annum to Rs. 8,00,000 per annum. The remuneration will keep increasing as more experienced will be acquired. You are also likely to get a higher remuneration if you upskill yourself by enrolling in FITA Academy’s AI Training in Hyderabad.

FITA Academy provides an assistance team to all of our trainees. Our students can put across their queries regarding the missed classes. The assistance team will manage the required number of classes for you as soon as possible.
FITA Academy has its own established website where students can look up our helpline number or even place a request for a callback. The representatives of our super team will get back to you as soon as possible.

General Q & A about Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad

Who is eligible for AI course?

Learning AI does not require any prerequisites, making it accessible to individuals with a genuine interest in learning AI.

What is the duration of AI course?

The length of Artificial Intelligence courses can vary depending on the institution, the curriculum, and other factors. Generally, an AI course typically spans a duration of approximately 6 to 9 months.

Does AI require math?

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence encompasses various numerical principles, making it an indispensable component within the realm of AI education.

Is the AI course difficult?

Artificial Intelligence can be challenging to learn, but with the right amount of passion, determination and effort, you can learn it quickly.

What is the fees structure of Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad?

The price range for Artificial Intelligence Courses may differ across different educational institutions. Generally, the average cost of an AI course falls within the range of Rs 10,000 - 50,000.

Can I learn AI in 3 months?

Learning Artificial Intelligence may present challenges, but by dedicating oneself with passion, resolve, and considerable commitment, one can acquire proficiency swiftly.

What is the best AI salary?

Some of the top-paying jobs in AI are as follows

  • AI engineer 
  • AI researcher 
  • Machine learning engineer 
  • Robotics engineer 
  • Software engineer
  • Data scientist

Which company pays most to AI engineer?

Some of the top-paying companies for AI engineers include

  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • Microsoft
  • OpenAI

Which institute is best for Artificial Intelligence in Hyderabad?

The caliber of an Artificial Intelligence Institute is determined by various elements, such as the curriculum offered, the expertise of the instructors, the availability of practical training opportunities, and the prospects for professional placement. In this regard, FITA Academy offers top-notch AI Coaching in Hyderabad that encompass all of these essential components.

Is AI still in demand?

Certainly, the anticipated surge in the utilization of Artificial Intelligence is directly linked to the rapid proliferation of chatbots and automation across various sectors.

Which country has more scope for AI?

The United States and Germany are at the forefront among nations that excel in Artificial Intelligence, boasting significant opportunities and potential in this field.

What are the skills required for Artificial Intelligence?

  • Programming Languages
  • Data Engineering
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision

You can learn those above skills by enrolling in quality AI courses or studying through good Artificial Intelligence Books.

What is the salary per month for an AI engineer in India?

The average monthly salary for AI engineers in India is approximately Rs 60K, derived from salary data collected from 406 AI engineers across the nation.

What is the salary of AI engineer in Google?

In Google, the compensation for AI Engineers typically falls within the range of Rs 6 - 120 LPA, with an average salary of Rs 58 LPA.

What is the salary of AI engineer in Apple?

Apple offers an average annual salary of Rs 65 LPA, with salary packages ranging from Rs 23 LPA to Rs 150 LPA.

Does AI require coding?

Indeed, a comprehensive understanding of coding is necessary when working with AI. Experts in the field of AI commonly possess knowledge and skill in programming languages such as R, Python, Java, and others.

Is a career in AI good?

Artificial Intelligence is currently one of the most promising fields of work due to its significant expansion and development over the past years. Based on a survey conducted by Access Partnership, it has been found that 42% of employers are actively searching for individuals possessing AI development qualifications. This percentage is projected to rise to 51% within the upcoming five-year period. FITA Academy makes sure students flourish in this promising field through its AI Training in Hyderabad.

Which country pays highest salary for AI engineer?

The United States of America (USA) offers the most generous remuneration for AI engineers globally, with an average annual salary ranging from $132K to $136K.

Which subject is for AI?

Some of the subjects commonly covered in Artificial Intelligence include

  • Python Fundamentals
  • Machine Learning
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Statistics
  • Tensorflow
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning

Can Artificial Intelligence engineers work from home?

Indeed, numerous companies provide the opportunity for AI engineers to work remotely, thereby ensuring their comfort and convenience.
Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad

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