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If you are looking for a challenging job profile in the IT sector with a handsome salary, then R Training in Bangalore will be the perfect choice for both fresher's and experienced professionals.


FITA has gained popularity amidst immense training institutes spread across the city due to its high-profiled faculties. They give equal importance to theoretical and real-time exposure for making the students capable to experience the interview fearlessly. R Analytics Training in Bangalore will be a great course for building up your career.

We provide students with 100% placement assistance along with the curriculum for the betterment of them. In addition, we have signed up with over 550+ companies for benefit of our students. Thus, enroll yourself in our R Coaching in Bangalore and mark your presence in the IT sector.

Course Description

There are many programming languages in the IT sector and language R is more populous when compared with the other languages. It is beneficial in many ways for any developer and some among them are data visualization, forecast analysis, data manipulation, and statistical analysis. Get your job secured by enrolling yourself into our R Training Language in Bangalore. Its usage has been witnessed in the world's top most companies namely Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Students and professionals can chase R Training in Bangalore who are looking to get into the following fields:

Business Analytics
Business Analytics tools Vs R
R and it's applications

R Coaching in Bangalore is filled with the real-time scenarios that will enable to solve various issues in the industry. This can be hooked up with many data management such as Oracle, SQL server, excel that doubles its power for the resolving of issues.


Rmarkdown is a kind of reporting tool provided by R. It is used for the creation of high quality reports. The various output format of RMarkdown are:

  • WORD
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • No license restrictions
  • Graphical capabilities of R are good.
  • It is used for managing and manipulating of data.
  • Free and open source software.
  • and different hardware and also run on 32 & 64 bit processors etc.
  • runs on various OS.
  • Quick Sort
  • Bubble Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Bucket Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Themes layer
  • Geometry layer
  • Data layer
  • Co-ordinate layer
  • Aesthetics layer
  • Facet layer
  • Arules
  • table
  • Forecast
  • rpart and caret
  • GGplot
  • tm