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Even though there is an enormous number of courses available, Informatica Training in Bangalore is gaining a firm ground amidst the students and professionals. Our faculties maintain the perfect balance between theory and practical sessions so that it won’t be much difficult for the students once they enter the industry.

The popularity of Informatica tools is kept on increasing in recent times. Therefore, many top companies such as Allianz, EMC, Samsung, Western Union, Siemens, Asian Paints are investing in this technological evolution. Thus, the job openings related to Informatica Classes in Bangalore is immense.

Some of the key roles expected to be done by the students trained in Informatica Training Center in Bangalore are:

Providing assistance in coding, testing, documentation.
Understanding business requirements
Coordination with people both on-site and offshore.
Creation of technical documents.

Course Description

In the past the importance of data maintenance and storage was not as crucial as these days in the market. FITA tops the chart for institute offering the Best Informatica Course in Bangalore.

There are certain pre-requisites expected to be fulfilled in order to join Informatica Institutes in Bangalore. It includes functions, joins, SQL knowledge and many more. A little bit of familiarity in data storage systems we add to make your learning easy. When comparison arises between the various ETL tools, available Informatica always tops the list.

The following can pursue this course for their betterment in career:

Analytics Professionals
Software Developers
Mainframe Architects
DW Professionals
Mainframe developers

There are many advantages for you by choosing Informatica Course in Bangalore as your career:

It is simple for anyone to learn.
As demand for candidates with this skill are in demand in the market.
Coding knowledge is not necessary for this course.


Basics of Data Warehousing
Fundamentals of ETL and Reporting
Fact and Dimensions
Power Center Components
Informatica basics
Informatica Sources and Targets
Flat File – Indirect Loading
Target Load Order
Workflow Manager
Parameter And Variables
Performance Tuning
Concurrent Workflows
Worklet and Mapplet
Setting Dependency between Tasks
Scheduling Workflow
Pre Session Commands and Post Session Commands
Monitoring and Error Fixing
Administration Activities


  • Task Designer
  • Task Developer
  • Workflow Designer
  • Relational or flat file lookup
  • Pipeline lookup.
  • Connected or unconnected lookup
  • Cached or un-cached lookup.
  • Un- cached lookup
  • Cached Lookup
  • Mapplet, Mappings
  • Target definition
  • Source definition
  • Transformations
  • It is possible to write SQL override on un-cached lookup
  • It can be configured as an active transformation
  • Controlling the size of your session log is possible.