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Interested to learn Google Adwords? Join FITA Academy for Google Adwords Training in Bangalore to gain in-depth knowledge in the Paid Marketing services offered by Google and help businesses reach their targets and potential customers. Learn the basic terms like Keywords, Bidding, Quality Score, Ad rank, Cost Per Click, and Conversion, and also the Google Ads process to get familiarised with Google’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising platform through which you can assist businesses in their ranking.

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Course Highlights and Why Google Adwords Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy?

Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Learning the definition of Google Adwords and its types.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Understanding Google Adwords pricing model, PPC cost calculations, and Ad Rank.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Comprehending Billing and Payments of Adwords, Adwords User Interface, and Keyword control.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Getting acquainted with Keyword Planner tools, Creating Ad campaigns, and creating Text Ads.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Getting familiarised with Creating Ad Groups and Building Content for CPC.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Knowledge of PPC Ad Campaigns for Conversion Tracking Code, Designing Image Ads, Understanding Video Ads, and Creating YouTube Video Ads.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Apprehending Remarketing Strategy, Remarketing Audience, Retargeting Ads, Automated rules, and Shared Budget.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Insights on Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube, Campaign and Ad Type, and Targeting methods.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Awareness on how to create Ad Copy, Types of Ad Copy, Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool, Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Diagnose Tool, Search Query Report, and Google Ads Policies.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Understanding Campaign Objective, Type of Conversions, Setup Conversion Tracking, Conversion Source, Conversion Windows, and Attribution model.

Upcoming Batches

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Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Batches

Classroom Training

  • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the FITA Academy branches near you
  • Why Wait? Jump Start your Career by taking the Google Adwords Training in Bangalore!

Instructor-Led Live Online Training

  • Take-up Instructor-led Live Online Training. Get the Recorded Videos of each session.
  • Travelling is a Constraint? Jump Start your Career by taking the Google Ads Online Course!

Trainer Profile

  • FITA Academy’s Google Adwords Trainers are Industry experts who have maximum experience of 10+ years.
  • Google Adwords Trainers provide career-oriented training to help students meet the industry requirements and standards.
  • Interactive and informative sessions are held to enrich students’ knowledge.
  • Trainers are from eminent organizations and corporations.
  • Google Ads trainers have completed training for more than 25 batches of students.

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Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Details

Features of Google Adwords Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

LIVE Project

Get an Opportunity to work in Real-time Projects that will give you a Deep Experience. Showcase your Project Experience & Increase your chance of getting Hired!


Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Fees

At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

Placement Support

Tie-up & MOU with more than 1500+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

Why Learn Google Adwords Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy?

Live Capstone Projects

Real time Industry Experts as Trainers

Placement Support till you get your Dream Job offer!

Free Interview Clearing Workshops

Free Resume Preparation & Aptitude Workshops

Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Certification

Google Ads Certification Training in Bangalore

The Google Adwords Certification course by FITA Academy is an eloquent course teaching the students about PPC Marketing extensively. In the Certification course, students will be comprehensively learning about Online Business, Websites and Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Extensive teaching of Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Analytics will also be taken. Students will also be imparted knowledge on how to apply different business goals and the most relevant campaign types for Advertising. Students will also be proficient in researching and analyzing before setting up the right campaign type. The Certification course will also help them to understand the platform-specific options, tools, and how to use them effectively. They will be able to comprehend the user behavior and optimizing the landing page experience. Moreover Setting up tracking, reporting, learning to monitor the campaign, understanding client communication and finally establishing myself as an expert in marketing and advertising. The Google Ads Training in Bangalore by FITA Academy will make you attain expertise in the Google Online PPC platform where you can largely apply your learned skills to help businesses achieve their targets.

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Placement Session & Job Opportunities after completing Google Adwords Training in Bangalore

Google Adwords Training in Bangalore with Placement Support

Google Adwords is one of the digital marketing strategies to promote a business or a website. It is a type of paid advertising promoted on the online advertising platform(SERPs) otherwise called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising where advertisers pay Google whenever their ad is clicked. The whole process is based on “Keyword Search”. Advertisers bid for a particular keyword that is often used by consumers to search for a particular product or service. It is not necessary that the highest bid wins to rank at the top or bottom of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Google places its ad at the top only if its content is relevant to the keyword search. Google Adwords is displayed on two main networks. One is the Search network and the other is the Display network. On the Search network, the Ads are displayed on the first page of the SERPs either at the top or at the bottom with a small “Ad” icon next to it. On the Display network, the Ads are displayed on one of Google’s partnered websites.

This is the gist of how Google Ads works. Coming to the job opportunities listed are the positions offered for the Google Ads certified professionals by Digital marketing agencies or IT companies.

  • Paid Media Account Specialist
  • Paid Media Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Account Associate
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Advertising Specialist
  • Digital Ads Manager
  • Paid Social Manager

The average salary of Google Adwords Professionals in India is Rs. 2.7 lakhs per annum. Entry-level professionals earn around 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum.

Join FITA Academy’s Google Adwords Training in Bangalore and earn your digital marketing skills straightaway.

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Success Story of Google Adwords Training in Bangalore


Saindhavi R

Learning the Google Adwords Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy was enriching. I gained adequate knowledge about Google Adwords marketing and the process. Surely FITA Academy is a go-to place for the Google Adwords Training and to learn broadly about online paid marketing.


Saasha K

The Google Ads PPC Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy was educational as well as informative. The trainers taught the course in a comprehensive way. Also, it was easy to understand and at the same time able to gain a thorough knowledge on the subject.


Manish L

I learned a lot about online Google Adwords marketing through the Google Ads Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy. Thanks to my trainers who taught me well about the process and the concepts involved in it. The training boosted my confidence about working in the process and also imparted me the knowledge to work efficiently.


Dheeraj P

After studying Google Adwords Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy, I now possess good knowledge on the subject. The training was very enlightening about online paid marketing and helped me to understand the process completely. Thanks to my trainer for efficiently teaching the subject.

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Google Adwords Training in Bangalore Reviews

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Google Adwords Training in Bangalore

Google Ads PPC Certification is one of the certifications through which you can acquire online marketing skills to promote a company or its website. It is called PPC certification because the marketing is based on the Pay-Per-Click method where advertisers will be paying Google whenever their ad is clicked.
Following are the different types of Google Ads Certifications.
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification
  • Google Ads Apps Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification
  • FITA Academy recruits only industry professionals as trainers.
  • FITA Academy has been in the training field for over a decade.
  • More than 75,000+ students have been successfully trained at FITA Academy.
  • Over 1000+ expert trainers to assist students to have an established career.
  • Tie-ups with more than 1500+ companies to assist students in their placement.
  • Affordable fees.
  • Interview tips and placement training.
  • 100% Placement Support.
Yes, Students can avail themselves of the weekend classes for learning the Google Ads Training in Bangalore.
No, FITA Academy hasn't set any eligibility criteria either for students or working professionals of any credentials to learn the Google Adwords Training in Bangalore.
Students can either contact our support team by contacting the number provided for your city or can request a call back by selecting the option “Request a Call Back”.
Yes, FITA Academy provides 100% placement support for all the students enrolling in the Google Ads PPC Training in Bangalore. We have an active placement cell, whose members will be sharing all the details regarding your field.
Students can either contact the support team or place a request to them in person. The support team members will promptly arrange the classes that you have missed.
Google Adwords Training in Bangalore

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform where advertisers have to pay each time when their ad is clicked. It is also called as Google Adwords PPC advertising platform.

How does Google Ads work?

  • Learn a few basic terms like Keywords, Bid, Quality Score, Ad Rank, Cost Per Click, and Conversion.
  • Organize your Account
  • Set your Budget
  • Pick your Keywords
  • Set your keyword match types
  • Set your Landing pages
  • Decide which devices to show up on
  • Write your ads
  • Connect your account to Google Analytics
  • Hit go and Check back in

Why should we use Google Ads?

  • Google is popular – The main reason to use Google Adwords is that it is from Tech Giant Google itself. Google is already popular beyond words. Google has become the go-to search engine for all kinds of queries. So what happens if Google has listed your website at the top of the search result page? Chances are the consumer might click on your website and prefer you over your competitors 99% of the time and why anyone would want to miss that. Google Adwords boost businesses’ chance to consistently rank at the top and give them the space to prove that they have valid and relevant content to serve to their customers.
  • You get high-quality traffic resources – Google is mainly popular due to the efficient and relevant results it shows to the consumers. Google largely believes in providing customers with relevant and high-quality content in turn it provides business high-quality traffic and leads.
  • You can know about your market – The main advantage of using Google Adwords is you can find out where you stand in the current trend. From the number of leads and traffic you get, you can assess the quality of your content and your marketing strategies in acquiring customers.
  • You see “RESULTS” – Generating more traffic and transforming them into leads and finally, customers are the main objective of any business. Google extensively helps us to achieve that. By using Google Adwords, and even though it is paid marketing, you get good organic high-quality leads and a rise in your customer base thereby seeing good results for your efforts.
  • High ROI – As you can see, all the benefits are interconnected. When you get high-quality leads, you are moving one step forward in your business. When you transform those leads into customers, that is making them buy your product, you are actually achieving your business goal. Google Adwords exactly does that by multiplying the customers for your business. When your customer base extends, you earn a high ROI thus seeing a big profit. The Google Ads Training in Bangalore will be one of the good careers providing courses for you to have an established career.
  • Things to consider before launching a Google Ad

    • Who are we targeting?
    • The first major step we should consider before deploying the Google Ads for business is to know who we are targeting. That is, knowing our exact customers to whom we are selling our products. Analyzing our costumes and their location will help us in framing the correct keywords to launch our Google Ads.

    • What kind of services are we pushing?
    • It is essential to jot down what kind of services we are exactly pushing through the Google Ads. Whether it is Long tail keywords like “Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore” or short-tail keywords like just “Digital Marketing Course”, it is essential to frame the exact keywords for the services that we are pushing.

    • Keyword Research
    • Once you are done with your Customer and Keyword planning, the next step is to frame your keywords, targeting your exact customers and for the services you are trying to push. Using Google’s Keyword Planner, you can frame your keywords that have high popularity in search and accordingly use it for your Ads.

    • Prepare your Website
    • Before signing up for Google Ads, make sure your website is user-friendly, which means it is compatible with all kinds of browsers and platforms. This way you can reduce the click cost for Google Ads at the same time provide your users a better seamless experience.

    • Set Up Conversion Tracking
    • Installing Google Analytics or any other tracking system would help in tracking the number of people who turned customers from visitors will also be helpful in knowing our conversion rate.

    • Competitive Research
    • Make sure you follow what your competitors are doing. We can also learn from them what works and what doesn’t work for the business you are doing.

      FITA Academy’s Google Ads PPC Training in Bangalore will help you achieve skills in online marketing as well as paid marketing process thus making you a proficient Google Ads professional.

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