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Are you looking for a different career in the IT sector then UiPath Training in Bangalore will be the right place for you consult.


FITA offers a wide range of courses for students who are willing to set a career with an additional skill. The scope of UiPath tool in the Robotic industry is far greater than imagination. Thus, if you are well versed with the technology, then the chances of you to be placed in the leading company is high.

Thus, it will be a wise choice to enroll yourself into UiPath Course in Bangalore. Our faculties bring out the best from you to prepare for the real-time projects.

Course Description

Humans have always welcomed automation process as it reduces time, money with accurate results. In addition, the upcoming technology related to the automation industry is RPA, which has various tools involved in it. Thus, UiPath Training in Bangalore has gained tremendous popularity in the market.

The usage of RPA has been increasing since its invention due to various reasons and some are listed below:

It reduces the number of error rates
Management of repetitive tasks is quite easy.
There is improvisation in the standard of workflow.
It minimizes the requirement of multiple system.

The platform for UiPath is very vast, which opens up new career path for you overall. Hence, join our UiPath Classes in Bangalore to get your career more bright.


UiPath is a type of Robotic Process Automation tool, used for the automation process. There are various paths available in UiPath:

  • UiPath Orchestrator
  • UiPath Robot
  • Uipath studio

Element in UiPath is used for the identification during execution.

  • Data entry works
  • Email Sharing
  • Human activity on a regular basis
  • Report Generation
  • Can automate daily

In UiPath a folder had to be created with name and then location has to be selected.

The role of selector is to generate selection with the use of wildcraft. Wildcraft is used for the replacement of strings.

Screen scraping solution: It works with application such as Java, .Net, Flash.

Hosting: hosting is not restricted to any particular place as it can be done in cloud environments.

Compatibility of application: It offers high range of applications.

Security: Offers features of auto login.

Centralized repository system: This feature aids in the handling of robots by the users.

Reliable tool: It offers excellence in automation with the aid of model business processes.