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The Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy is a customized program that aids the learners of the Koltin Course to have a better apprehension of the Kotlin programming language & its application in the Android App development process. During this Kotlin Training program, you will comprehend clearly how to build a completely functional app using the Koltin programming language and how to deploy them on the Google Play Store like a Pro.

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Course Highlights and Why Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy?

Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore The Kotlin Coursewares at FITA Academy is devised in sync with the global industry standards
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore The Kotlin Course curriculum is curated by Specialized Kotlin Experts with the intent to make you build the robust Mobile Applications
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Able to comprehend the concepts of Kotlin language and the methods to integrate with Java
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore In-depth knowledge of Variables, Collections, Classes, Lambda Expressions, Strings, & Inheritance
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore A wider understanding of Data Structures like Arrays, Collections, and ArrayLists
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Know-how interoperate the Java and Kotlin programs
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Capable of using the Koltin with the Android SDK
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Capable of developing, designing, supporting, testing, and deploying the web, mobile, and desktop applications using Kotlin
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Demonstrable knowledge of intents, activity life cycle, and context
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Get acquainted with third-party libraries such as RETROFIT, DEXTER, GSON, and Google Places

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Classroom Training

  • Get trained by Industry Experts via Classroom Training at any of the FITA Academy branches near you
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Trainer Profile

  • The Kotlin Tutors at FITA Academy are Koltin Programming Specialized Professionals with 10+ years of Expertise in the Mobile App Development field.
  • The Kotlin Tutors at FITA Academy have worked on above 25+ Kotlin based projects and workshops.
  • The Kotlin Trainers at FITA Academy provides holistic training on the Kotlin programming concepts. 
  • The Kotlin Trainers at FITA Academy equips the participants of the Kotlin Course efficiently on how to differentiate Java and Kotlin. 
  • The Kotlin Mentors at FITA Academy enrich the knowledge and skillsets of the students with the required technical competence.
  • The Kotlin Mentors at FITA Academy bestows the students with required individual focus.
  • The Kotlin Tutors at FITA Academy assist and guide the trainees of the Kotlin Course with numerous industrial insights and tips.

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Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Details

Features of Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

At FITA Academy, You will Learn from the Experts from industry who are Passionate in sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

LIVE Project

Get an Opportunity to work in Real-time Projects that will give you a Deep Experience. Showcase your Project Experience & Increase your chance of getting Hired!


Get Certified by FITA Academy. Also, get Equipped to Clear Global Certifications. 72% FITA Academy Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Fees

At FITA Academy, Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Quality Training at an Affordable Price is our Motto.


At FITA Academy, you get Ultimate Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evenings? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the Best.

Placement Support

Tie-up & MOU with more than 1500+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start & Step-up your Career.

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Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Certification

Kotlin Certification Course in Bangalore

On the successful completion of the Kotlin Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy the trainees of the Kotlin Course will be bestowed with a course accomplishment certificate. This certificate states that the corresponding candidate has obtained in-depth knowledge of the Kotlin Programming Language and its application in the Android App Development process. Demonstrating this Kotlin Course accomplishment certificate to your Prospective Employer or Professional Network aids in boosting your skills and technical competence. Apart from gaining FITA Academy’s Kotlin Certificate, obtaining any of the industry certifications would help you enhance your career potentials. The Kotlin Trainers at FITA Academy supports and assists you in clearing the global certification exam – Associate Android Developer for Kotlin thus broaden your career scope.

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Placement Session & Job Opportunities after completing Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore

Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore with Placement Support

With Google’s official backup, Kotlin has turned out to be the commonly used language for the Android app development process. The robustness and simplicity of the Kotlin indicate that both novice and proficient developers could debug and write the application with it easily. Usually, the Kotlin needs only lesser ceremonies or steps for writing the code and this altogether simplifies the entire process of the app development process. Kotlin has more concise class declarations owing to its primary properties and constructors. It has a Robust type of interface and it evades the need to repeat the same types again and again. Also, the Function parameters with the default values commonly take care of delegating the overloads. Kotlin takes the redefined approach in the programming aspects to extricate numerous complicated workflows that the developers would face while using Java. In the meantime, Kotlin’s less verbose coding reduces the time taken for enhancing and coding the readability and thus reducing the instances of bugs or errors. While writing lesser code, the developers could reduce the total number of the boilerplate codes, and thus it enhances productivity and averts the tediousness.

The primary aim of Kotlin is to be productive and pragmatic and in the meantime trying to serve as the general-purpose language that is highly compatible with Java. 

Because of its compactness, the Kotlin is immensely popular among the Android App Development community. It beacons all the restrictions of Java with its complete interoperability and the existing ecosystem of code and libraries. These are the reasons that have covered the developers of many numbers in the Android App development to choose this over Java. To cohere with the above statement it is mentioned that Kotlin is the 4th most popular and preferred programming language across the globe based on the survey report submitted by Stackoverflow. Also, it is stated from 2017 the overall jo posting for the Kotlin Developer has increased above 1400% times according to the report submitted by Dice.com.

The top-notch websites that were developed using the Kotlin programming language are Twitter, Slack, Uber, Trello, Pinterest, Evernote, and Reddit. The general job profiles that are offered to the professionals in the organizational setups are Kotlin Android Developer, Kotlin Developer, Lead Kotlin Android Developer, and Senior Kotlin Developer. The median package offered for the entry-level candidate is Rs. 4,75,000 to Rs. 5,75,000 yearly. Globally, a Kotlin Android Developer gets a pay of $113,000 to $147,000 per annum. Also, from the collated statistics of the popular job portal sites of India, it is mentioned that only in India there are above 5,000+ job openings for the Kotlin Developers.

The Kotlin Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy is rendered by Expert Kotlin Developer with hands-on learning practices. The Kotlin Trainers at FITA Academy incorporate the in-demand technical and professionals skills that are highly sought in the app development domain.

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Success Story of Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore


Harish R

I did my Kotlin Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy. I truly liked the training program. I am a Java Developer by profession. I thought of enhancing my career prospect and thus I enrolled in this course. The course had very good coverage of the Kotlin programming logic and conditions. Also, all my doubts were clarified then and there! Overall excellent work FITA Academy!


Dipti Hedge

The Kotlin Course in Bangalore @ FITA Academy is an extensive program that had broader coverage on the Kotlin programming concepts. My Kotlin Instructor was so efficient and shared with us numerous experiences that he encountered during his projects with Kotlin. Also, this training program supported us with necessary Career guidance. I am glad I took choose FITA Academy for Kotlin Training!


Ashish Mehta

It was a good experience for me @ FITA Academy for the Kotlin Training program. A wider coverage on the Kotlin cycle and Data Structures were given at FITA Academy. I was often confused with the Java language however my trainer explained the differences so deeply that even now I have clarity over it. Heartfelt thanks to My Kotlin Trainer. Good Work FITA Academy! Well done!


Edith Wilson

Completed Kotlin Android Developer Training at FITA Academy! This was the best Training ever I have experienced. FITA Academy had a good amount of practice and assessment sessions. For a fresher like me, it helped a lot to understand the concepts. Also, they were highly convenient in aligning the classes. The Support team ensured that we did not miss any of the training session and that good focus were given for every participant in the Kotlin training.

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Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore Reviews

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore

The Koltin is a statically typed and open-source programming language that can transpile the Java bytecode for running the Android or JVM to merge the functional programming and object-oriented features. The Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language, it could be used in numerous ways right from cross-platform mobile applications, JavaScript, Android, and Server-side development. Furthermore, Kotlin supports multi-platform application development that allows you to share the code among the apps on various platforms.
The Kotlin is the statically-typed language and this is easier to write and read. Also, the Kotlin programs do not need any semicolons in its program and it makes the code easier to read. The Kotlin permits the language to transfer the use of information from Java in numerous other ways. Also, Kotlin can co-exist with the Java language in the same project. Lastly, it takes lesser time to write the new code in Kotlin. Also, it is easier for deploying the Kotlin code and maintaining them at the scale.
Today, Kotlin is considered to be one of the popular and widely used programming languages in the recent past. A prominent number of developers across the globe prefer Kotlin for Data Science, Cloud Development, and Server-side Development projects. Currently, there is an increased surge for skilled Kotlin Developers in the industry and this is the right time, to begin with, Kotlin. The average package offered for a Kotlin Developer in India is Rs4,70,000 to Rs.5,20,000 yearly. Globally, the Kotlin Developer is paid around $111,300 yearly.
We at FITA Academy do not ask for any specific prerequisites for Kotlin Training in Bangalore.
The Koltin Course in Banglaore at FITA Academy is devised with the intent that can opt by any fresher or experienced candidate to enhance their knowledge with the Kotlin concepts.
Yes, at FITA Academy you have the option of picking only weekend classes for the Kotlin Training in Bangalore.
By any chance, if you missed any of your Kotlin Classes in Bangalore at FITA Academy you can also contact our help desk or co-ordinator to reschedule the missed classes.
FITA Academy renders Kotlin Training in various modes the students can opt for the training format that caters to their best needs. We offer both Kotlin Android Developer Online and Offline Training.
The Kotlin Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy offers training at different time formats. The students of the Kotlin Training program can choose the learning format that suites them. We provide Weekday, Weekend, and FastTrack Kotlin Classes.
The Kotlin Tutors at FITA Academy are recruited only after undergoing a rigorous interview and profiling process. We at FITA Academy ensure that we only assign you the Kotlin Trainers who have at least who has 8+ years of work experience in the Mobile App development domain.
  • Yes, FITA Academy assures you that it provides the necessary Career Assistance to all participants of the Kotlin Training program
  • FITA Academy has a Placement Network with above 1,200+ Enterprises of a broader range
  • We also have a special Placement Officer who assists the students with Placement requirements
  • Also, we proudly state that we have supported and helped above 75,000+ students to choose their desired career path in the IT domain
Kotlin Android Developer Training in Bangalore

The Kotlin is the Statically typed programming language that especially runs on the JVM and it can be compiled with the JavaScript source code and as well as the LLVM compiler infrastructure. The Kotlin is the open-source and general-purpose programming language for JVM and Android and this fuses the feature of both the object-oriented and functional programming language. The main reason behind Kotlin’s popularity is its simplicity. And this helped Kotlin to survive the competition also helped to bag the name as the best alternative of Java for Android App Development Further, Google announced Kotlin as its official programming language for writing Android apps which further multiplied the popularity of Kotlin language. 

Android 3.0’s support is included in building new Kotlin files and it helps in the conversion of Java to Kotlin. Also, Google helps in placing the importance on Kotlin’s foundation and this programming language shall support different features which are presently not supported by Java. Some of the features that are supported by Kotlin which Java could not offer are No Raw Types, NullSafety, Function Types, Invariant Types, Exceptions, Data Classes, Singletons, and Smart Casts. Let us see in detail what Kotlin has addressed.

No Raw Types: The Kotlin was created by keeping Java’s interoperability in the mind. This is done to call the existing Java code by the Kotlin in a more efficient method. Also, it permits calling the Java code from the Kotlin. 

NullSafety: The question here is the name provided for the danger of the null references in the code. Kotlin’s type system is focused on excluding the danger of the null references. The Null References has been one of the major setbacks of Java and other programming languages as well. 

Function Types: Generally, in Kotlin, the anonymous or lambda expression shall access the variables that are declared in the outer scope. Which actually opposes Java’s SAM-Conversions and the Kotlin has correct function types. 

Invariant Types: The basic types that are used in the Kotlin are Arrays, Characters, Strings, and Numbers. However, in Java the arrays in the programming language are invariant and it means that the Kotlin need not allow the users to assign the Array <String> to the Array <Any> It prevents the possible Runtime failure, and this one of the issues that are often encountered in the Java

Exceptions: The Kotlin need not have any of the checked exceptions in specific as all these exception classes in this language are mainly the descendants of the Throwable class. Also, every exception has its stack trace, optional cause, and message. 

Data Classes: The main intent of creating this class is to hold the data and in few classes i.e, the standard functionality along with the utility function could be derived mechanically from that particular data. It is also called the Data Class in the Kotlin. Usually, these classes consist of some of the old boilerplate code in the method of equals(), setters, hashcode(), toString(), and getters. The Kotlin’s Data classes are more similar to the regular classes however it has some additional functionality in it. 

Singletons:  At times the user needs to build the object with less modification of the same class however it can explicitly declare the new subclass to it. Java handles this case with the anonymous inner classes however, Kotlin concludes the same concept using the declarations and object expressions. How the anonymous inner classes are in Java, the code in the object expression could access the variables right from the enclosing scope. However, in Kotlin, it is not restricted to the final variables as they are in Java. 

Further Kotlin is user-friendly with enhanced versatility with the best IDE support for its users. These are the key features that have been set right in the Kotlin Programming language. And this has mandated the Developer of a wider range to opt for this language over Java for the Android App development process. The Kotlin Course Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy is delivered by Expert Kotlin professionals. The Kotlin Trainers at FITA Academy enhances the knowledge of the students of the Kotlin training program with a wider understanding of the Kotlin programming scripts and codes. This Kotlin Training program helps you instill all the skills and technical knowledge that are required for building an Android Application.

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